Advances in Chemical Propulsion : Science to Technology book cover
1st Edition

Advances in Chemical Propulsion
Science to Technology

Edited By

Gabriel D. Roy

ISBN 9780849311710
Published October 25, 2001 by CRC Press
552 Pages 354 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

Complex, vast, and multidisciplinary, chemical propulsion has been the subject of extensive investigation over the past few decades. Under the leadership of Gabriel Roy, this has been particularly true at the Office of Naval Research (ONR), where his team has focused on the three primary goals of combustion research: improving the efficiency, increasing the range and speed, and reducing the emissions and signatures of combustion systems.

Advances in Chemical Propulsion: Science to Technology reports on the progress achieved by the outstanding team of scientists and engineers participating in the ONR Propulsion Program. Its chapters, each written by the scientists who performed the research, cover all aspects of the combustion process, from chemical synthesis to reaction pathways of the fuel, from combustor performance to the reduction of emissions, from the sooting problem to thrust vectoring, and from diagnostics to control. They discuss the relevant issues, describe the approach used and the results obtained, and show how the findings can be extended to practical applications.

Richly illustrated and carefully edited for clarity, uniformity, and readability, Advances in Chemical Propulsion offers a comprehensive survey of the field, from pre- to post-combustion. It suggests directions for new research efforts and reflects the state-of-the-art technologies and issues that have a direct impact on combustion systems, both present and future.

Table of Contents

Chemical Propulsion: Recent Accomplishments, G.D. Roy
High Energy, High Density, Polycyclic Hydrocarbons and Azido Derivatives , R.M. Moriarty
Synthesis of New High Energy / High Density Hydrocarbon Systems, A.P. Marchand, K.C.V. Ramanaiah, S. Alihodzic, I.N.N. Namboothiri, E.Z. Dong, B.R. Aavula, S.B. Lewis, and S.G. Bott
Decomposition Chemistry of High-Energy-Density Fuels by Flow Tube Mass Spectrometry, Z. Li and S.L. Anderson
Combustion Characteristics of High-Energy-Density Fuels and Solid Gas Interface Analyses, C. Segal, S. Pal, S. Pethe, H.S. Udaykumar, and W. Shyy
Soot Formation in Combustion of High-Energy Fuels, E.J. Gutmark, E.P. Parr, and D.M. Hanson-Parr
Combustion of High-Energy Fuels in an Axisymmetric Ramjet, K. Kailasanath and E. Chang
Combustion of Aluminum with Steam for Underwater Propulsion, J.P. Foote, B.R. Thompson, and J.T. Lineberry
Advances in Analytical Description of Turbulent Reacting Flows, F.A. Jaberi, F. Mashayek, C.K. Madnia, D.B. Taulbee, and P. Givi
Coupled Turbulence, Radiation, and Soot Kinetics Effects in Strongly Radiating Nonpremixed Flames, P.E. DesJardin and S.H. Frankel
Vorticity and Entrainment in a Jet Subjected to Off-Source Volumetric Heating, A.J. Basu and R. Narasimha
Modeling of Confined Flame Stabilization by Bluff Bodies, S.M. Frolov, V.Ya. Basevich, A.A. Belyaev, V.S. Posvianskii, and Yu.B. Radvogin
Vortex Dynamics, Entrainment, and Nonpremixed Combustion in Rectangular Jets, F. Grinstien
Turbulent Combustion of Polydispersed Mixtures, N.N. Smirnov, V.R. Nikitin, and J.C. Legros
Turbulent-Combustion Regime Characteristic of a Taylor-Couette Burner, R.C. Aldredge
Spray Flame Characteristics with Steam-Assisted Atomization, A.K. Gupta, M. Megerle, S.R. Charangudia, and C. Presser
Flame Speed Control Using a Countercurrent Swirl Combustor, S. Lonnes, D. Hofeldt, and P. Strykowski
Countercurrent Shear Layer Control of Premixed Flames, E. Koc-Alkislar, L. Lourenco, and A. Krothapalli
Control of Oscillations in Premixed Gas-Turbine Combustors, R. Bhidayasiri, S. Sivasegaram, and J.H. Whitelaw
Open Loop Control of Swirl-Stabilized Spray Flames, S. Acharya, E. Gutmark, J. Stephens, and J. Li
Liquid-Fueled Active Control for Ramjet Combustors, K.H. Yu, K.J. Wilson, T.P. Parr, and K.C. Schadow
Robust Feedback Control of Combustion Instabilities With Model Uncertainty, V. Yang, B.S. Hong, and A. Ray
Enhancement of Liquid Hydrocarbon Supersonic Combustion Using Effervescent Sprays and Injectors with Noncircular Nozzles, V.A. Sabel'nikov, Yu. Ph. Korontsvit, K. Schadow, V.V. Ivanov, and S.A. Zosimov
Diode Laser Sensors for Combustion Measurements and Control, D.S. Baer and R.K. Hanson
Asymptotic Analysis of Flame Structure Predicting Contaminant Production, F.A. Williams and J.C. Hewson
The Role of Flame Wall Thermal Interactions in Flame Stability and Pollutant Emissions, P. Aghalayam, P.A. Bui, and D.G. Vlachos
Structure and NOx Emission Properties of Partially Premixed Flames , J.P. Gore
An Innovative Method for Reducing Gaseous Emmisions from Power Turbine Combustors, S. Singh and R.E. Peck
Afterburning Characteristics of Passively Excited Supersonic Plumes, K.H. Yu and K.C. Schadow
Chemical Propulsion: What is in the Horizon?, G.D. Roy

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"…covers some of the major issues in propulsion science and technology today in a single volume… topics covered range from the concept of convective Mach number to counterflow fluide thrust vectoring; electrorheological fuels to electromagnetic propulsion; and marine propulsion to aircraft and missile propulsion."
- Applied Mechanics Review, May 2002