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Advances in Civil, Architectural, Structural and Constructional Engineering
Proceedings of the International Conference on Civil, Architectural, Structural and Constructional Engineering, Dong-A University, Busan, South Korea, August 21-23, 2015

ISBN 9781138028494
Published March 6, 2016 by CRC Press
422 Pages

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Book Description

The ICCASCE 2015 conference covers a wide range of fields in science and engineering innovation and aims to bring together engineering technology expertise. Scientists, scholars, engineers and students from universities, research institutes and industries all around the world gathered to present on-going research activities. This proceedings volume consists of papers covering a range of topics in Civil, Architectural, Structural and Constructional Engineering and Advanced Materials and Mechanics, a hot topic in engineering in the last decades. Recent trends show that the application of nanotechnology and environmental science together with advanced materials and mechanics are playing an increasingly important role in different engineering applications. Covering this trend, this volume provides both theoretical and practical applications in the advanced engineering analysis of materials for the Civil, Architectural, Structural and Constructional branches, incorporating these along with the latest analytical techniques, instrumentation, and regulations. This book covers various topics such as advanced construction materials, smart materials in manufacturing and materials science, smart structures and systems, vibration and noise control, informational technology of materials, power conversion and intelligent control and fluid dynamics among others. Furthermore, the authors provide guidelines to researchers and engineers, enabling them to prepare and understand the materials and construction responses and analyses. The analytical methods presented in engineering applications and analysis for materials will be useful to anyone who produces, uses, or evaluates construction data, and will be a valuable tool in advanced engineering education and training programs.

Table of Contents

Advances material properties and applications

Hardened properties of sawdust-crete containing pre-coated sawdust with nano-silica
B.S. Mohammed, M.F. Nuruddin & N.H. Ishak

Chloride resistance of PVA cement-based materials
J.F. Shao, Y.F. Fan & S.Y. Zhang

The interpretation of Norman Forster・s ecological works
P.J. Yu

Wettability and surface tension of liquid aluminium-copper alloys on graphite at 1273 K
W.J. Mao & N. Shinozaki

A piezoelectric micro-vibration testbed and its calibration method
J.J. Dong, W. Cheng & Y.M. Li

Effect of high volume fly ash on the chloride penetration resistance of Self-Compacting Concrete (SCC)
S.A. Kristiawan, S. As・ad, Wibowo, B.S. Gan & D.P. Sitompul

Characterization of watermelon rind as a biosorbent in removing zinc and lead
N. Othman, A.A. Kadir, R.M.S. Mohamed, M.F.H. Azizul-Rahman, R. Hamdan & T.C. Chay

Moisture content assessment of heat-treated Malaysian hardwood timber: The case of Kapur (Dryobalanops spp.) and PauhKijang (Ir-vingiamalayanaOliv spp.)
N.I.F. Md Noh & Z. Ahmad

Deformation behavior of the closed-cell aluminum foam based on a three-dimensional model
H.X. Wang, Z.Y. Wang & K. Yu

Mechanical and management engineering

Research of the relationship between industrial structure and spatial layout in Valley economy・Cherry Valley in Shanhaiguan as an example
W. Wang & H.W. Li

Implementation of European parliament and council directive 2012/27/EU into the Czech environment
E.W. Berankova, F. Kuda & S. Endel

Barrier-free use of structures in transport infrastructure within Czech standards environment
R. Zdařilová

Barrier-free use of transport interchanges
A. Bílková, B. Niemiec, D. Orsáková & R. Zdařilová

Qualitative parameters of a public place and their analysis using a case study of the complex of the former bituminous coal mine of Karolina in Ostrava
A. Bílková, B. Niemiec, D. Orsáková & R. Zdařilová

Analysis of optimal forms of shallow shells of revolution
L.U. Stupishin, A.G. Kolesnikov & T.A. Tolmacheva

Earth architecture: An eco-compatible solution for future green buildings
D. Benghida

Introduction of thermal sharpening technique for improving classification accuracy in Landsat-8
S.B. Lee, M.H. Lee, Y.D. Eo, S.W. Kim & W.Y. Park

The control and simulation of MRAC based on Popov hyperstability theory in real-time substructure testing
L. Deng & W. Fan

3D design support and software compensation for rapid virtual prototyping of tractor rockshaft arm
A.K. Matta, D.R. Raju & K.N.S. Suman

Research on defining green road project management operating scope by the application of PDRI
A.P. Chang

The conservation and revitalization of the historic district of Taizhou, Zhejiang Province
X. Chen & P. Zhang

Industrial engineering methods to improve administrative processes
L. Šťastná & M. Šimon

A comparative analysis of the industrialization of residential building performance
standards・based on South Korea, Japan and Canada
S.J. Woo & E.K. Hwang

Analysis of overseas cases of determining construction supervision cost
E.K. Hwang & E.Y. Kim

The effect of finger-joint profile and orientation on the strength properties of timber beam for selected Malaysian timber species
Z. Ahmad, L.W. Chen, M.A. Razlan & N.I.F. Md Noh

Integrity assessment of railway components using ultrasonic testing technology
J.G. Kim

Analysis of kitchen hood noise characteristics in apartment houses
H.K. Shin, K.W. Kim, J.O. Yeon & K.S. Yang

Analysis on the correlation between bang machine and rubber ball
K.W. Kim, J.O. Yeon, H.K. Shin & K.S. Yang

Economic feasibility of fan-assisted hybrid ventilation system in apartment housings in Korea
Y.M. Kim, J.E. Lee & G.S. Choi

Numerical analysis of the fire accident at Happy Song KTV in Taipei City
C.S. Lin, J.P. Hsu & S.C. Hsu

The comprehensive utilization of building material waste based on the green building system
H.Y. Zhao & W.M. Guo

The influence of nutrient medium and growth regulators on in vitro morphogenesis of Thuja occidentalis L.
D. Zontikov, S. Zontikova, R. Sergeev & A. Shurgin

Exploring the suitability of a survey instrument to measure the walkability of streets in Doha
K. Shaaban & D. Muley

New method of examination room desks region segmentation based on template matching
Y. Ding, Y.H. Li & B. Li

Structures, building performance study and power energy

Study on the elastic dynamic buckling behavior of the plane frame under marine environment
Y.Y. Liu, Y.F. Fan, Q.Y. Wang & Z.J. Han

Analysis of residential characteristics and energy saving
Y.L.X. Li

Carbon footprint reduction in building construction by less usage of ore-based materials
A. Malakahmad, J.H. Kok & S.S.S. Gardezi

Comparison of in-hole electric potential method and electric resistivity imaging in Polymer Cut-off Wall quality testing
R. Wang & X. Lou

A novel Reliability Based Design Optimization method for truss and frame structural systems
C.L. Yu, Z.T. Chen, C. Chen & J.S. Lee

Stresses in the concrete cylinder subjected to radiation exposures
V.I. Andreev

Thermal and dynamic analyses of the Siraf city・s wind tower: Construction of a half-scale model at Lyon university, France
G.R.D. Kamaragi, M. Pinon & A. Hocine

Energy-saving clustering algorithm based on improved PSO for WSNs
Z.Y. Sun & C. Zhou

Investigation of the shell・s stability using the mixed finite element method
L.U. Stupishin & K.E. Nikitin

Mode II stress intensity factor determination for cracked timber beams
L. Stupishin, V. Kabanov & A. Masalov

Modular eco-wall solution for african rehousing programs
M.P. Amado & I. Ramalhete

Effect of patching thickness on the flexural performance of patched reinforced concrete beams
S.A. Kristiawan, A. Supriyadi & M.K. Muktamirin

Analysis of reliable project overheads during the construction stage
N.M. Jaya

Experimental evaluation on UHPFRC-wide beams under bending loads
Y. Hor, T. Wee & D.K. Kim

Pullout strength of ring-shaped waste bottle fiber concrete
J.M. Irwan, S.K. Faisal, N. Othman & M.H. Wan Ibrahim

Empirical filtering method for natural frequencies evaluation of low rise reinforced concrete school building using ambient vibration approach
A.F. Kamarudin, M.E. Daud, A. Ibrahim & Z. Ibrahim

Dynamic behavior of kart bodies on curved sections
Y.J. Choi & J.S. Lee

Diagonal compression behavior of wallets constructed using wood-wool cement composite panel
M.S. Md Noh, Z. Ahmad, A. Ibrahim & P. Walker

Conceptual design automation: Consideration of building materials impact at early stages of AEC design
S. Abrishami

Measurement of the static and dynamic characteristics of the cable-stayed crossing gas pipe bridge over the Fu-Jiang river
C.J. Liu, Z.L. Zheng, Y.X. Zeng & X. Zheng

Experimental testing of Solidification Products containing hazardous waste-Neutralization Sludge with aim of material utilization
J. Hodul, R. Drochytka & B. Dohnálková

Exo-type damping system with isotropic dampers
Y.S. Chun & M.W. Hur

Behaviour of concrete cylinders confined by Steel-BFRP Hybrid Stirrup (SBHS)
A. Ishag, W. Gang, Z. Sun & Z. Wu

Influence of span-length on seismic vulnerability of reinforced concrete buildings based on their fragility curves
M.P. Cripstyani, S.A. Kristiawan & E. Purwanto

Influence of story number on the Seismic Performance Factors (SPFs) of reinforced concrete frame buildings calculated using FEMA P695 procedure
J.Y. Mattovani, S.A. Kristiawan & A. Supriyadi

Methods to improve BIM-based estimations of major building material quantities in Life Cycle Assessment
S. Roh, S. Tae, S. Shin, C. Chae, S. Suk & G. Ford

Development of logic for building energy consumption calculation program to match operation schedule with individual room per purpose of building
J. Lee, Y. Kim & S. Lee

Durability evaluation of ternary blended concrete based on low-heat cement
J.S. Mun, K.H. Lee & K.H. Yang

Suggestion for new internal transverse ties arrangement method in reinforced concrete columns
W.W. Kim & K.H. Yang

An analysis of heating energy consumption and savings in Multi-Dwelling Units in South Koreausing energy performance certificates
H.K. Jung

A construction of the heat dissipation data base for measuring the heat value of electrical machine and appliance
Y.M. Kim, J.H. Kim & G.S. Choi

Water, irrigation and architectural engineering application

The stress-strain state determination of a large diameter composite rod
during pultrusion process
S.N. Grigoriev, I.A. Kazakov & A.N. Krasnovskii

Effect of ureolytic bacteria on compressive strength and water permeability on bio-concrete
N. Othman, J.M. Irwan, A.F. Alshalif & L.H. Anneza

New deals in urban growing tools, procedures and feasibility strategies
S. Miccoli, R. Murro & F. Finucci

Numerical simulation of multi-stage channels for a specific height-to-depth ratio
J.H. Tang & L. Du

An observation technique and GPS buoy processing strategy for ocean surface monitoring
A. Mohd Salleh & M.E. Daud

The community project in a public urban space
V. Šafářová

Digital diagrams in architecture
K. Soliman & M.A. Mogan

Offshore platform decommissioning cost index: A solution to decommissioning planning
N.A.W.A. Zawawi, A.B. Ahmed & M.S. Liew

Flood simulation using rainfall-runoff for Segamat River Basin

M.S. Adnan, E. Yuliarahmadila, C.A. Norfathiah, H. Kasmin & N. Rosly

Analysis on the effect of Landsat NDVI by atmospheric correction methods

M.H. Lee, S.B. Lee, Y.D. Eo, M.W. Pyeon, K.I. Moon & S.H. Han

Water・to・binder ratios for the equivalent compressive strength of concrete with Fly Ash
H.S. Yoon & K.H. Yang

Design of Information-Measuring and Control Systems for intelligent buildings: Areas for further development
I.Yu. Petrova, V.M. Zaripova, Yu.A. Lezhnina & V.Ya. Svintsov

Study on measuring the thermal conductivity of EVA insulation material used underfloors in residential buildings
Y.-S. Jeong, K.-W. Kim & H.-K. Jung

Application of SWAT and GIS to simulate the river flow of the Sembrong River, Johor, Malaysia
M.S. Adnan, S.N. Rahmat, L.W. Tan, N. Rosly & Y. Shimatani

Flow visualization in a malodor absorption system with porous baffles and a rotating diskdrum via a PIV technique
J.H. Lee, K.W. Kim, H. Ali & C.W. Park

Numerical study to evaluate the human thermal comfort and the buildings energy demand inside the urban canyon
A. Vallati

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Prof. D. Kim, Dong-A University South Korea
Professor Dong-Keon Kim is a tenure-track assistant professor in the department of Architectural Engineering at Dong-A University in the Republic of Korea. Prior to attending Dong-A University, he was a research professor in Hanyang University and senior researcher at Central Research Institute in the KHNP (Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power). He received his MS degree from the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering in Georgia Institute of Technology and his Ph.D degree from department of Civil, Structural, and Environmental Engineering at the University at Buffalo.

Prof. J. Jung, Louisiana State University, USA
Professor Jongwon Jung is a tenure-track assistant professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Louisiana State University in the United States (US). Prior to attending Louisiana State University, he was a post-doctoral fellow in Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and adjunct professor at San Jose State University in US. He received his B.S., two M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering - Geotechnical Engineering from Korea University and Georgia Institute of Technology, respectively. He also worked in Dong-Yang Engineering as an assistant senior engineering during 3 years after receiving B.S.

Prof. J. Seo, South Dakota State University, USA
Professor Junwon Seo completed a Ph.D in Structural Engineering at Pennsylvania State University in 2009. Before that, he completed an undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering at Konyang University, South Korea, and two postgraduate degrees in Structural Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology and Yonsei University, South Korea. He has published several papers in the field of bridge engineering, engineering structures and building materials.