Advances in Deep Foundations : International Workshop on Recent Advances of Deep Foundations (IWDPF07) 1–2 February 2007, Port and Airport Research Institute, Yokosuka, Japan book cover
1st Edition

Advances in Deep Foundations
International Workshop on Recent Advances of Deep Foundations (IWDPF07) 1–2 February 2007, Port and Airport Research Institute, Yokosuka, Japan

ISBN 9780415436298
Published June 19, 2007 by CRC Press
437 Pages

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Book Description

Civil Engineering has recently seen enormous progress in the core field of the construction of deep foundations. This book is the result of the International Workshop on Recent Advances in Deep Foundations (IWDPF07), which was held in Yokosuka, Japan from the 1st to the 2nd of February, 2007. Topics under discussion in this book include recent research achievements and case histories; and current advances in the applied aspects of deep foundations, such as reliability-based design, field tests and experimental field work. The book also features the latest numerical simulation methods and theoretical findings. There are nine keynote lectures, focusing on foundation engineering in different parts of the world, and thirty-three state-of-the-art papers from eminent international experts. The techniques covered include sheet piles, piles, pile-ground improvement and ground improvement, while dynamic aspects and design are also discussed.. This book is intended for an international audience of researchers and professionals in soil and foundation engineering.

Table of Contents

Keynote Lectures

1. C. Vrettos

2. C.F. Leung: Centrifuge modelling of pile foundation

3. C. Vipulanandan: Recent advances in designing, monitoring, modeling and testing deep foundations in north America

4. D.J. White & A.D. Deeks: Recent research into the behaviour of jacked foundation piles

5. B.M. Lehane, J.A. Schneider & X. Xu: CPT-based design of displacement piles in siliceous sands

6. Maosong Huang, Fa-yun Liang & Zao Li: Recent advances in the analysis of pile foundation in China

7. Rodrigo Salgado, Monica Prezzi & Hoyoung Seo: Advanced modeling tools for the analysis of axially loaded piles


Sheet piles

1. Development of three-dimensional frame analysis method for H-joint Steel Pipe Sheet Pile foundation system, Makoto Kimura, Koichi Isobe, Yoshikazu Nishiyama

2. Development of Sheet-Pile Foundation Combining Footing with Sheet-Piles, Hidetoshi Nishioka, Masayuki Koda

3. Recent technology development of steel pipe sheet pile foundation in Japan, Takeshi Katayama


4. Numerical prediction for long-term displacements of pile foundation, Koichiro Danno, Koichi Isobe, Makoto Kimura

5. Seismic performance of a group-pile foundation with inclined steel piles, Katsunori Ookawa,H.Kamei, Zhang Feng, Makoto Kimura

6. Evaluation of vertical and lateral bearing capacity mechanisms of pile foundations using X-ray CT, K.Morita, J.Otani, T. Mukunoki, Junichi Hironaka, K. D. Pham

7. Load transfer and failure mechanisms in the reinforced ground beyond vertically loaded pile, Junichi Hironaka, T. Hirai, Yoishi Watanabe, Jun Otani

8. Development of design method for a soft landing breakwater with piles, Yoshiaki Kikuchi

9. Vertical bearing capacity of large diameter steel pipe piles, Yoshiaki Kikuchi, Yamashita

10. BCH Method applicable to the construction under overhead restrictions, Shinichi Tajima, T. Yoshikawa, S. Saito, H. Kotaki, M. Koda

11. Centrifuge tests on pile foundation-structure systems affected by liquefaction-induced soil flow after quay wall failure, T. Tazoh, M. Sato, G. Gazetas, J. Jang

12. Centrifuge modelling of the base response of closed-ended jacked piles, Andrew Deeks, David White

13. Back analysis of Tokyo port bay bridge pipe pile load tests using piezocone data, J.A. Schneider, D.J. White, Y. Kikuchi

14. Dynamic and static horizontal load tests on steel pipe piles and their analyses, Pastsakorn Kitiyodom, Tatsunori Matsumoto, Kouichi Tomisawa, Eiji Kojima, Hiromichi Kumagai

15. Application of High-Capacity Micro-piles for Seismic Retrofitting in Japan, Yoshinori Otani, Masaru Hoshiya

16. Vertical bearing capacity of pile installed by base enlarged pre-boring and grouting method for pre-cast pile, Koichi Kobayashi, Hitoshi Ogura

17. Development and execution of soil cement and H-shaped steel composite pile, Osamu Kaneko

18. Development on battered pile by using screwed pile (NS-ECO PILE) method, Akira Komatsu

19. Vertical resistance of piles considering strain levels, Makoto Suzuki, Masahiro Shirato, Shoichi Nakatani, Kenji Matsui

20. Mechanical joint "KASHEEN" for large-diameter pipe piles, Hiroaki Akutagawa, Kimitoshi Takano, Hisakazu Tajika

21. Press-in piling technology: development and current practice, Mineo Motoyama, T.L. Goh

22. Pile foundation design of connecting bridge for New-Kitakyushu airport, H.Ochiai, Noriyuki Yasufuku, Y.Maeda, S.Yasuda

Pile/Ground Improvement

23. Design method of pile foundation in improved ground, Kouichi Tomisawa, Seiichi Miura

24. Settlement and load-sharing of a piled raft foundation combined with grid-form soil-cement walls on soft ground, Kiyoshi Yamashita, Junji Hamada

25. Earthquake resistant reinforcement method for pile foundations using effect of confinement of ground solidification body, Yuji Adachi, Kazuhiko Urano, Tomoaki Takenoshita, Nobuhiko Tanzawa, Makoto Kawamura

Ground Improvement

26. A study of reinforcing methods for existing bridges on soft ground with a solidification improvement, Hisashi Fukada, Koji Kato, Nobuhiro Segawa, Tsutomu Ooya, Yukitake Shioi

27. Bearing capacity and settlement behavior of building on spread foundation of the ground improved by Non- vibratory sand compaction pile method, Yoshitomi Hiroki, Ohnishi Tomoharu, Yoshinari Yutaka, Umeno Takashi

28. Centrifuge model tests on deep mixing column failure under embankment loading, M. Kitazume, K. Maruyama

29. Ground improvement in the second phase construction of Kansai International Airport, Yoshiyuki Morikawa, Tabata Takechiho, Tsuyoshi Emura

Dynamic Aspects

30. Seismic design specifications for Japanese highway bridge deep foundations against large earthquakes, Shirato Masahiro, S. Nakatani

31. Mechanical behaviors of sandy ground during or after liquefaction, Ye Bin, Ye Guanlin, Zhang Feng, Yashima Atsushi


32. Sample design and consultancy services proposal using new technology/methods, Masataka Komatsu


33. Field experiment on penetration of suction foundation, Hiroyuki Yamazaki, Hiroshi Yoshinaga, Kazuhiro Kaneda

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