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Advances in Energy, Environment and Materials Science
Proceedings of the International Conference on Energy, Environment and Materials Science (EEMS 2015), Guanghzou, P.R. China, August 25-26, 2015

ISBN 9781138029316
Published January 27, 2016 by CRC Press
874 Pages

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The International Conference on Energy, Environment and Materials Science (EEMS2015) was held in Guangzhou, China, from August 25 - 26, 2015. EEMS2015 provided a platform for academic scientists, researchers and scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research results within the fields of energy science, energy technology, environmental science, environmental engineering, motivation, automation and electrical engineering, material science and engineering, the discovery or development of energy, and environment and materials science.

Table of Contents

Energy science and technology

A reactive power control method of reducing wind farm power loss
G.F. Zhang, J.J. Sun, Y.Y. Ge, S.H. Li, F. Sun & C.J. Xie

Research on the construction of information service platforms for electricity market large data
J.M. Wang, M. Chao, G. Lin, C.C. Gao & D.N. Liu

Application of fieldbus control system on AC/DC microgrid
Y.H. Zhang & J. Chang

The regulate and control method research of wind acceptance regarding power peak adjustment
T. Zhang, J.J. Sun, C. Wang, Q. Zhang & G. Wang

A research on wind and thermal power joint ancillary service market behaviors
A. Li, L. Wang & X.G. Zhao

Research on peak-regulation pricing and compensation mechanism of wind power in China
D. Zhao, L. Wang & X.G. Zhao

A method to extend fast charging lead-acid battery cycle life for electric vehicles
Y.Z. Zhang, H.J. Wang, L. Wang & X.G. Zhao

Study of solar energy technology applied in oil fields
W. Qiu, H. Huang, X. Xu & R. Wang

Research on energy storage optimal configuration of renewable energy generation under different control objectives
B. Liu, Y. Meng, S.Y. Zhou & T. Lin

A new electric power emergency command system for electric grid
X.M. Jin, X.D. Chen, T. Li, S. Jiang, Y.H. Cui, W.T. Sun & J. Zhang

Experimental study on the performance of 15 kW OTEC system
F.Y. Chen, L. Zhang, W.M. Liu, L. Liu & J.P. Peng

Construction solutions on data center of PV power systems of Qinghai Province based on big data technologies
Y. Yun

Dynamic simulation on a micro-grid system consisting of photovoltaic power, gas combined heat-and-power and battery
H. Kuronuma, N. Kobayashi & H.Y. Huang

Numerical simulation analysis on the tower foundation deformation of the high voltage transmission line caused by iron ore mining and filling
B.S. Xu, C. Chen, Q. Yan, S. Dong & S.W. Liu

Application on the some nuclear power engineering of the hydro-fracturing technique
X.B. Wang & M. Zhang

Improvements on frequency capture range and stability of multi-phase output charge pump Phase-Locked Loop
J. Xiao, Y. Chen & Y.Z. Qiu

Research on deployment scheme of the power synchronization network management system
Z.C. Xing, L. Teng, Q. Gao, M.X. Wang & Y. Wang

Study on the key identification technologies of 360° full-range intelligent inspection in electric power communication equipment room
S.Z. Yang & H.L. Zeng

Environmental analysis and monitoring

Correlations between enzymes and nutrients in soils from the Rosa sterilis S.D. Shi planting bases located in karst areas of Guizhou Plateau, China
J.L. Li, H. Yang, X.D. Shi, M.Y. Fan, L.Y. Li, J.W. Hu & C.C. Li

Progress on the combined effects of PPCP residues in drinking water
H.-h. Gao, L.-t. Qin, L.-l. Huang, Y.-p. Liang, L.-Y. Mo & H.-h. Zeng

The progress of constructed wetland soil organic carbon mineralization
X.F. Li, Y.L. Ding, S.Y. Bai, L. Sun & J.J. You

The economic analysis of the household Combined Heat and Power system
X. Zhou, W.Q. Xu, Y. Shi, J. Wang & X. Wu

Isolation and identification of biphenyl-biodegrading strain
W.J. Liang, M.F. Niu, H. Liu & Y. Yan

Study on the eliminating outburst technology and effect with increasing permeability and forced gas drainage by drilling hole cross the seam in outburst seam
B.Q. Yuan & Y.G. Zhang

Hydrocarbon expulsion threshold from lacustrine mudstone and shale: a case study from Dongying Depression, China
Z.H. Chen, M. Zha & C.X. Jiang

Research progress on purification of oil spill coast based on slow release fertilizers
J. Meng & X.L. Zheng

Improved design and experimental research on sampling pipes for inductive environmental gas monitoring
Y.L. Jiang & G. Li

Investigation and evaluation of water quality in the Qingshitan reservoir in Guilin city
L.Y. Liang, Y.P. Liang & H.H. Zeng

Investigation and evaluation of water quality of Qingshitan reservoir surrounding agricultural wetland
Z.J. Wu, Y.P. Liang & H.H. Zeng

Effect of nitrogen fertilizer on the adsorption of cadimum in typical Chinese soils
X.H. Li & R.C. Guo

Effects of nano-devices on growth and major elements absorption of hydroponic lettuce
Y.J. Wang, R.Y. Chen, H.C. Liu, S.W. Song, W. Su & G.W. Sun

Induced sysmatic resistance of potato to common scab by MeJA
G.B. Deng, Q. Deng, G.S. Zhang, E.J. Chen & X.L. Chen

Research on soil moisture dynamic under negative pressure irrigation
X.D. Shi, Q.Y. Zhou, Y. Wang, C.Y. Cao, G.Y. Jin & Y.F. Liu

Analysis and research on the mixed problem of oil field sewage
Z.Y. Tao, R.S. Zhao, G.M. Li & S. Zhao

Effect of different potassium levels on the growth and photosynthesis of sweet sorghum seedlings under salt stress
H. Fan, J. Zhang, X.K. Liu, K. Dong, Y.P. Xu & L. Li

The trend and relationship analysis of precipitation and relative humidity under the climate change in Haihe River Basin from 1961 to 2010
M.J. Yang, Z.Y. Yang, S.Y. Zhang, Y.D. Yu, Z.L. Yu, D.M. Yan & S.N. Li

Chaotic characterization of multiphase mixing effects by computational homology and the 0–1 test for chaos
J.W. Huang, J.X. Xu, S.B. Wang & J.H. Hu

Application effects of reclaimed water reuse technology on pharmaceutical wastewater
W.J. Liang & Y. Yan

Pesticide usage and environmental protection
G.E. Khachatryan & N.I. Mkrtchyan

Review of the mechanisms of low pressure non-Darcy phenomena of shale gas
Y.X. Cui, Z.M. Hu & Q. Li

Numerical study of biofouling effects on the flow dynamic characteristics of blade sections
T. Zhang, S.-s. Min & F. Peng

The practical application of AHP to select a zone of population evacuation—take Xinzhou District of Wuhan as an example
J. Qin

Research on technical reforms of nitrogen and phosphorus removal process in T Sewage Company
H.X. Shen

The development status of medical waste category, management and disposal in China
Z.B. Bao, H.J. Teng, D.C. Jin, F. Yang, X.Y. Liu & Y. Li

Accessing LUCC and ecosystem service value in Weigan River Basin
X.N. Qiao, Y.J. Yang & H.B. Zhang

Comparing different kinds of materials for adsorption of pollutants in wastewater
P. Wang & J.R. Chen

The classification of medical waste and its disposal technology
Z.B. Bao, H.J. Teng, D.C. Jin, J.X. Peng, N. Wu & L. Yang

Experimental analysis on the mechanical characteristic of single-fractured rock masses under the freeze–thaw condition
Y.N. Lu, X.P. Li & X.H. Wu

Effect of irrigation frequency on crop water productivity and economic benefit of oasis jerusalem artichoke (Helianthus Tuberosus. L)
Z.Y. Bao, H.J. Zhang & S.X. Chai

Numerical study of Zhuanghe coastal water using a two-dimensional finite volume method
Y.Y. Xu, M.L. Zhang & Y. Qiao

Spatial analysis of drought in Haihe River Basin from 1961 to 2010 based on PDECI and SPI
M.J. Yang, Z.Y. Yang, Y.D. Yu, G.Q. Dong & Z.L. Yu

The ground surface displacement of shallow buried circular cavity in a soft layered half-space impacted by SH wave
Y.B. Zhao, H. Qi, X.H. Ding & D.D. Zhao

Discussion on the design of steel skeleton of great span greenhouse in cold region
L. Zhai & D.-h. Liu

Research on spatiotemporal changes of water level corresponding to different flood frequency to ENSO in the Pearl River Delta
H.Y. Qiao, Q. Jia & Y. Xu

Effect of large flood in 2012 on river planform change in the Inner Mongolia reaches of the Yellow River
S. Yu, K. Wang & L. Shi

Test of hysteretic freezing characteristics of clay during freezing and thawing
D.Y. Li & B. Liu

Color/Turbidity detection of water supply pipeline cleaning and its application
X.L. Xu

Study on the influence of ecological protection measures on water conservation capacity in the Sanjiangyuan Region
J.Q. Zhai, Y. Zhao, H.H. Li, Q.M. Wang & K.N. Chen

Study on the ground subsidence caused by pipe jacking
X.K. Bao, C.H. Huang & H.H. Liu

Experimental study of cyclic loading history influence on small strain shear modulus of saturated clays in Wenzhou
X.B. Li, C. Gu, X.Q. Hu & G.Q. Fu

Application on geophysical monitoring technology of geological structure detection in Jinfeng coal mine
Z.H. Lu, X.P. Lai, Y.Z. Zhang, P.F. Shan & X.J. Yue

Architectural environment and equipment engineering

Stress monitoring in the ARMA model of Changchun subway construction applications
X.-Q. Zhang, J.-K. Zhang, M.-S. Wang & G.-D. Yang

Simulating analysis and research on transformer winding deformation fault
Y. Chen, Q. Peng, J. Tang & Y.H. Yin

Study on the equipment maintenance support efficiency evaluation based on the gray correlation analysis method
X. Zhao, M. Guo & Y.J. Ruan

Effect of polyurea reinforced masonry walls for blast loads
J.G. Wang, H.Q. Ren, X.Y. Wu & C.L. Cai

Development and optimization of an improved vacuum assisted conventional extraction process of epigoitrin from Radix Isatdis using orthogonal test design
Y.Q. Wang, Z.F. Wu, J.P. Lan, X. Wang & M. Yang

Calculation of key parameters on laser penetrating projectile steel
G.F. Song, L.C. Li, S.G. Wang & F.J. Xia

The research on temperature control of mass concrete
J. Deng, Y.B. Li & S.L. Wu

The heat-insulating property evaluation and application of high permeability-high strength concrete materials
Y.-z. Tan, Y.-x. Liu & P.-y. Wang

Research on the injection characteristics of biogas engine
Z.H. Fang, K. Wang, Y. Sun & G.J. Guo

Study on relationship of land use & landscape pattern and water quality in Dahuofang reservoir watershed
R.C. Guo & X.H. Li

Theoretical and experimental study of volumetric heat transfer coefficient for Direct-Contact Heat Exchanger
J.W. Huang, S.B. Wang & J.H. Hu

Research on dynamic analysis of pod vibration based on ANSYS/LS-DYNA
J.Y. Jiang & S.M. Li

The Influence of different testing feed velocity on the dynamic modulus of elasticity of lumber
P.F. Zhang, W. Zhang, Q.W. Zhang, H.L. He & Z. Jin

The mechanism of residents’ participation of architectural heritage conservation
X.Y. Ma

Analysis of displacements and temperature increments of the half space subjected to a flat cylindrical heat source
J.C.-C. Lu, W.-C. Lin & F.-T. Lin

Research on high-rise residential district environment landscape problems and countermeasures
Y. Sun & G.L. Gao

Regulation mode analysis and selection of power plant boiler fan
Y.F. Li, J. Zhao, S.G. Hu & H.L. Jia

Optimization of the matching performances between pump and valve in the boom converging loop of a PFC excavator
W.H. Jia, D.S. Zhu, C.B. Yin & H. Liu

The role of micro/nano-structure in the complex wettability of butterfly wing
G. Sun & Y. Fang

Reinforcement simulation for ramp bridge
Y. Li & B. Pan

Single-variable model for a dynamic soil structure
X. Chen, Y.X. Yan & X.J. Hou

Study of influencing factors on the strain localization formation of saturated clay under the plane strain condition
X.Y. Gu & T.Q. Zhou

The experiment and study of concrete inorganic protective preparation in cold regions
S.Z. Wang

Research on the effect of the durability of arch foot concrete of the Xixihe bridge as the reinforcement corrosion
K. Li

Factors affecting the rapid excavation speed of rock roadways based on the blasting method
G.-h. Li, J. Li, X. Wu & J.-p. Wu

Effect of high strength reinforced steel and axial compression ratio on the hysteretic behavior of rectangular bridge piers
X. Rong, D.D. Xu & P. Liu

The application on fuzzy neural control in boiler liquid level control system
H.X. Cheng, G.Q. Zhang, J. Li, L. Cheng & L.L. Kong

Simulation on hydraulic fracturing propagation using extended finite element method
D.X. Wang, B. Zhou & S.F. Xue

Experimental study of the pre-split crack effect on the stress wave propagation caused by explosive
J.J. Shi, X. Wei, H.M. An & H.L. Meng

Research on ultimate strength of confined concrete with circular stirrups
M.Y. Lu & D.S. Gu

Ground motion of half space with ellipse inclusion and interfacial crack for SH waves
X.H. Ding, H. Qi, Y.B. Zhao & D.D. Zhao

The performance study of notch-stud connections of Timber-Concrete Composite beam
G.J. He, H.Z. Xiao, L.P. Chen & L. Li

Vibration test and finite element analysis of a timber construction with curbwall
F.F. Qian, W.D. Lu, W.Q. Liu, X.W. Cheng, D.P. Lv & X.X. Liu

Studies on internal forces of shield lining segments with different design models
K.W. Ding & Y.G. Wang

Constitutive relationship of super high-strength concrete filled steel box
X.M. Chen, J. Duan & Y.G. Li

Offshore wind turbine aerodynamic damping analysis and apply in semi-integrated analysis method
B. Wang, W.H. Wang, X. Li & Y. Li

Interaction gesture recognition for highway 3D space alignment design
L.D. Long, X.S. Fu, H.L. Zhu & Y.Q. Wang

Research on the united tension formulas of short bridge suspenders for two typical kinds of boundary conditions
J.B. Liao, H.L. Liu & G.W. Tang

Application of Probabilistic Fracture Mechanics in fatigue life evaluation of crane beam
G. Xue & Y.T. Meng

Failure analysis of large, low head water pump units
B.Y. Qiu, J.Y. Cao & Y.Z. Yang

Study for seismic behavior of dovetail mortise-tenon joints with gap damaged
K. Feng, K. Kang, X.J. Meng, J. Hou & T.Y. Li

Finite element analysis of the flange sealing of pipes under the condition of vibration
Z.R. Yang, D.Y. Zhang, L. Sun & G.J. Wang

A method for parameter optimization of locking dowel base on the orthogonal experiment
S.-t. Chen, W.-x. Zhang, X.-l. Du & Y.-h. Zhang

Research on crack propagation process of concrete using photoelastic coatings
H.B. Gao, D.S. Song & S.J. Ouyang

Environmental materials

Synthesis and adsorption of OMMT/AHL grafted PAA superabsorbent composite
Y.F. Xu, H.X. Zhao, G.P. Chen, E.X. Lian & Y.L. Ma

Distribution characteristics of saturated hydrocarbon and UCM, organic matter sources and oil-gas indicative significance of core P7327 in the Chukchi Sea
Q.Y. Zhao, R.H. Chen, H.S. Zhang & B. Lu

Absorption kinetics of CO2 in MEA promoted K2CO3 aqueous solutions
W.H. Si, C.L. Mi & D. Fu

Kinetics in Mn (II) ion catalytic ozonation of Papermaking Tobacco Slice wastewater
S.Y. Chen, Y.M. Li & L.R. Lei

Formula optimization of dust coagulation agent for application in open-pit iron ore mine blasting
E.W. Ma, Q.S. Wu, X.Y. Wu, Q.C. Lang & Z.J. Cui

Properties of hemihydrate phosphogypsum and application to solidified material
C.Q. Liu, Q.L. Zhao, K.J. Zhou & J.Q. Li

Study on chemical oxidation of acetone gas
W.X. Zhao, H. Kang & A.L. Ren

The research on the non-isothermal crystallization process of POM fiber
H. Tan, Y. Wang, X.X. Hu, J.Q. Huang & C. Li

Preparation of composite flocculant and its application in urban recycled water treatment
C.G. Xue, F.T. Wang & C.Y. Tong

Effects of cadmium on calcium and manganese uptake, and the activity of tonoplast proton pumps in pakchoi roots
G.W. Sun, Z.J. Zhu & X.Z. Fang

ABA’s antioxidant protection role in salt-stressed cells of bloom-forming cyanobacteria Microcystis aeruginosa
E.J. Chen, H.F. Xue, Y.J. He, X.Q. Zhang, X.L. Chen & G.B. Deng

Synthesis of highly monodisperse Polystyrene microspheres and assembly of the polystyrene colloidal crystals
C. Yang, L.M. Tang, Q.S. Li, L.T. Feng, A.L. Bai, H. Song & Y.M. Yu

Thermogravimetric analysis of Polyoxymethylene fiber used for cement concrete modification
J.H. Huang, Y. Wang, X.X. Hu & C. Li

Synthesis of uniform zirconium oxide colloidal particles by hydrothermal method and the influence factor analysis
A.L. Bai, H. Song, Q.S. Li, Y.Q. Wang, C. Yang & Y.M. Yu

An electro-thermal model for Li-ion battery under different temperatures
P. Chen, F. Sun, H. He & W. Huo

Capacity degradation of commercial LiFePO4 cell at elevated temperature
W.P. Cao, J. Li & Z.B. Wu

Oxygen Reduction Reaction on sulfur doped graphene by density functional study
J.P. Sun & X.D. Liang

Study of thermodynamics on the formation of tetrahydrofuran hydrate by React Calorimeter (RC1e)
X.D. Dai, X.M. Hu, K. Liu, H.Y. Li, Y. Liang & W. Xing

In-situ synthesis of LSCF-GDC composite cathode materials for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
J. Li, Z. Wu, N. Zhang, D. Ni & K. Sun

Ni-Co/AlMgOx catalyzed biodiesel production from Waste Cooking Oil in supercritical CO2
M.Y. Xi, W.Y. Zhang, M.N. Cui, X.B. Chu & C.Y. Xi

Special wettability of locust wing and preparation of biomimetic polymer film by soft lithography
G. Sun & Y. Fang

Novel graphene-based composites for adsorption of organic pollutants in wastewater treatment
M.Y. Zhou & J.R. Chen

Corrosion inhibition of nitrite in existing reinforced concrete structures
J. Liu, J.L. Yan, Y.H. Dai & Y.S. Li

Binding mechanism of chloride ions in mortar
J. Liu, J.L. Yan, Y.H. Dai & Y.S. Li

Computer applications

Multi-channel PM2.5 sampler based on intelligent embedded software control system
D.Z. Hua, W. Huang, Z.H. Liu, X. Cao, H.J. Ye & W.P. Liu

Structure optimization design based on the numerical simulation of subway station deep foundation in open cut
L.L. Tan, M. Li & M.L. Wu

Numerical calculation on Stress Intensity Factor in rock using Extended Finite Element Method
B. Sun, B. Zhou & S.F. Xue

Yinger Learning Dynamic Fuzzy Neural Network algorithm for the three stage inverted pendulum
P. Zhang, G.D. Gao, X. Zhang & W. Chen

Simulation of ET0 based on PSO and LS-SVM methods
B. Ju, H. Liu & D. Hu

Evapotranspiration (ET) prediction based on least square support vector machine
J.P. Liu, W. Wang & J.J. Zhou

A method of high maneuvering target dynamic tracking
J.-p. Yang, W.-t. Liang & J. Wang

A novel semantic data model for big data analysis
Y. Li, K. Li, X.-T. Zhang & S.-B. Wang

Research on the power allocation algorithm in MIMO-OFDM systems
X.C. Lin & Y.X. Zu

Analysis and research of android security system
L. Zheng & Y.J. Liu

Feature fused multi-scale segmentation method for remote sensing imagery
T.Q. Chen, J.H. Liu, Y.H. Wang, F. Zhu, J. Chen & M. Deng

Performance study on PWM rectifier of electric vehicle charger
L.X. Qu

Analysis and research on iOS security system
L. Zheng & D.D. Li

Design and implementation of the anti-cancer diet system based on .net
Q. Li & Z. Xiang

Non-Intrusive Load Identification based on Genetic Algorithm and Support of Vector Machine
Y.L. Ma, B. Yin, X.P. Ji & Y.P. Cong

A fast algorithm combined with SSIM and adjacent coding information for HEVC intra prediction
T. Yan, X.X. Xiao, X.C. Zhang, H. Liu & X.S. Zhang

Persuasive tech in keeping chronic patients’ willingness in health self-management
Y.Y. Guo, M.G. Yang, J. Hu & L.K. Tao

Modeling and simulation of the air fuel ratio controlling the biogas engine based on the fuzzy PID algorithm
Z.H. Fang, Y. Sun, K. Wang, G.J. Guo & J.L. Wang

Evaluation of software realization algorithms of industrial building operation life
Z.T. Vladimirovna & S.P. Nikolaevich

Anomaly detection based on the dynamic feature of network traffic
Y.X. Zhang, S.Y. Jin, Y.Z. Wang & Y.X. Wang

Application of computer simulation in the elastic-plastic seismic response of bottom frame structure
H.Y. Deng & B.T. Sun

The application of simulation method in one dimension pipeline flow based on elastic pipeline
X.D. Xue, P.F. Cao, J. Shao, L.J. Duan, J.N. Zhang & H. Lan

On designing MAC—ROUTE cross layer to support hybrid antennas in wireless ad hoc networks
Y.J. Zhang & Y. Li

Detecting anomalies in outgoing long-wave radiation data by a window average martingale method
J. Zeng & L.P. Chen

Human detection system based on Android
Q. Tian, S. Lin, Y. Wei & W.W. Fei

Research on attack model and security mechanism of RFID system
T. Wang, S.S. Wu, Q. Li, H.F. Luo & R.Q. Liu

Wear feature extraction for diamond abrasives based on image processing techniques
Y.F. Lin, F. Wu & C.F. Fang

Detection the deviation from process target using VP loss chart
C.-M. Yang & S.-F. Yang

Optical rotation calculations on chiral compounds with HF and DFT methods
L.R. Nie, J. Yu, X.X. Dang, W. Zhang, S. Yao & H. Song

Decision-making method of strategy intelligence based on the lifecycle model for technology equipages
N. Ma, L. Zhang, J. Zhao, Y. Xue & H.N. Guo

Logical model of outdoor lighting soft interface TALQ protocol
J. Liang & D.H. Jia

The matlab simulation of the frequency hopping transmission station
N. Wang & Z.G. Song

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Yeping Wang was born in Jiangsu province, China, and obtained a master degree in the mechanics department of Shanghai Jiaotong University in 1986. After graduation, he taught at the School of Mechanical Engineering of Tongji University, where he obtained professorship in 2000. Prof. Wang's main interests are mechanic design and fabrication and tribology. In April 2014, he served as assistant dean and member of the academic committee at the School of Mechanical Engineering, Tongji University. At present, he has published over 100 EI indexed papers and 23 SCI indexed papers.