Advances in Energy Science and Equipment Engineering II Volume 1 : Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Energy Equipment Science and Engineering (ICEESE 2016), November 12-14, 2016, Guangzhou, China book cover
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Advances in Energy Science and Equipment Engineering II Volume 1
Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Energy Equipment Science and Engineering (ICEESE 2016), November 12-14, 2016, Guangzhou, China

ISBN 9781138056824
Published April 20, 2017 by CRC Press
834 Pages

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Book Description

The 2016 2nd International Conference on Energy Equipment Science and Engineering (ICEESE 2016) was held on November 12-14, 2016 in Guangzhou, China. ICEESE 2016 and brought together innovative academics and industrial experts in the field of energy equipment science and engineering to a common forum. The primary goal of the conference is to promote research and developmental activities in energy equipment science and engineering and another goal is to promote scientific information interchange between researchers, developers, engineers, students, and practitioners working all around the world. The conference will be held every year to make it an ideal platform for people to share views and experiences in energy equipment science and engineering and related areas. Volume one of the two-volume set of proceedings covers Energy and Environmental Engineering topics and Mechanical Engineering contributions.

Table of Contents


Energy and environmental engineering

A study on the usage of activated semi-coke for COD removal in waste water treatment
L. Jing & M.L. Du

Research on the spontaneous combustion index of cooking oil tar in fog discharge pipes
Z.W. Xie, Z.P. Jiang & S.F. Gong

Determination of tetracycline-resistant bacteria and resistance genes in soils from Tianjin
Y.K. Zhao, N. Wu, L. Jin, F. Yang, X.M. Wang, F.H. Liang & M. Zeng

Differences of auxin transport inhibitor treatment on several development processes between different Nicotiana varieties seedlings
L.J. Zhou, X.L. Zhang, X.Y. Li, W.J. Liu, J.Q. Wu & Y.H. Pang

Cellulose refining of biobutanol
R.J. Chen

A study on microbial enhanced oil recovery with the synergy of organic matter CX
D.H. Li, Y.H. Suo, W. Li, X.L. Wu, Q. Luo, Z.W. Hou, R. Jin & R. Wang

A novel method for status diagnosis of power equipment based on feature correlation
J.-C. Huang

Utilization of comprehensive methods to evaluate the amount of geothermal resources in Dongqianhu area of Ningbo, Zhejiang province
X.J. Cao, B.H. Li & Y. Dong

Effects of storage temperatures on the nutrition quality of Macadamia nuts during long-term storage
L.-Q. Du, X.-H. Tu, Q. Fu, X.-X. Shuai, M. Zhang & F.-Y. Ma

Experimental research on the bubble behavior of the sub-cooled pool boiling process under microgravity
Y.Y. Jie, H.Y. Yong, C.X. Qian & L.G. Yu

Dynamic changes in NDVI and their relationship with precipitation in Ningxia, NW of China
T. Wang

Simulation analysis of photovoltaic inverter under the condition of different solar radiation
M.X. Chen, S.L. Ma, L. Huang, J.W. Wu & P. Wang

Understanding Chinese environmental pollution based on the dialectics of nature
P. Gu & W. Teng

Suppression of spontaneous combustion based on “three zones” division and anti-fire control of a large-scale coal mining space
Z.H. Lu, Y.Z. Zhang, P.F. Shan, C.H. Zhao & X.J. Yue

Flow field analysis of the transmission line surface in wind and sand environments based on Fluent
G.R. Hua & W.H. Li

An analysis of the domestic tourists’ consumption structure and the behavioral characteristics in tourism resources destination—based on a domestic tourism sampling survey in Huangshan city in 2015
Y.R. He & J.H. Lu

An analysis of the power grid development level based on cluster analysis
J. Li, D. Peng, H. Li & J.F. Shi

A study on farmers’ behavior game evolution of the scale pig breeding ecological energy system
B.-B. Leng, Q. Hu, W.-B. Zhang & J.-L. Liu

Surface runoff harvesting in redirecting sustainable water conditions in the UPNM campus
M. Vikneswaran & M. Azhar

Leveling marine magnetic survey data using the wavelet multi-scale analysis
Q. Liu, X.D. Yin, G. Bian & J.S. Zhao

Risk assessment of surface water quality in the Beijing mountainous area
W.W. Zhang & H. Li

Numerical simulation of an internal flow field in a biomass high efficiency hot blast stove
G.J. Li & C.Y. Gu

Simulation research of the effect on gas drainage caused by the diameter of drilling in coalbeds
J.J. Liu, D. Wang & A. Liu

A study on the compensation mechanisms for cultivated land protection in China
Y.F. Yang & J.Q. Xie

Application of a high-precision magnetic survey to the investigation of mineral resources in Huotuolewusu area, Inner Mongolia
Q. Liu & R.M. Peng

A statistical analysis of rainstorm-flood events and disasters in changing environments in China
S.M. Liu, H. Wang, D.H. Yan & W.L. Shi

Determination of soil parameters and initial values in numerical calculations by using experimental results
B.B. Xu

The longitudinal evaluation of scale pig breeding carrying capacity
B.-B. Leng, Q. Hu & Y.-Y. Duan

A study on the scale pig breeding trend and technical efficiency
B.-B. Leng, Y.-F. Xu & J.-L. Liu

A study on entropy generation in laminar free convection flow along a vertical surface with uniform heat flux
L. Tian, W.H. Wang, F.Z. Wu & Z.X. Cai

Analysis of a Chinese titanium sponge enterprise’s energy usage
H.X. Pang, W.H. Wang, F.Z. Wu & Z.C. Wang

Risk management of carbon emission rights
Q. Hong

Study on new energy vehicles application strategies in transportation industry
L.Y. Gong

Study on the theories and strategies for transportation service in China
L.Y. Gong

Mechanical engineering

A tracked robot system for inner surface scanning of industrial pipelines
H. Zhong, Z. Ling, W. Tan & W. Guo

The influence of the fuel supply rate on the power performance of the vehicle diesel engine
H. Yuan & J. Jin

Multi-phase flow simulation of CO2 leakage through minor faults
X.L. Liu, X.C. Li & Q. Chen

Application of staged fracturing technology by using a ball injection sliding sleeve for horizontal wells’ open-hole completion in Block Ma 131
K. Ding, J.M. Li, N. Cheng, H.Y. Zhao, S.Z. Shi & L.R. Wang

Numerical analysis of a suitable number of rigid ribs in the hollow torsion test
B.B. Xu

The mechanism of the micro-EDM process
S.Y. Liu, Z.H. Han & Y.H. Zhu

Preparation and performance optimization of phosphorescence materials in white light OLED devices
H.J. Zheng, Q. Jiang, Y.D. Jiang & Z. Ruan

A three-dimensional positioning system based on fingerprint positioning algorithm
Y.P. Ni, J.P. Chai, Y.X. Bai & J.B. Liu

A study on the electrical conductivity of electrospun MWNTs/PMIA nanofiber mats
B. He, T. Liu, C. Liu & D. Tan

Research on Changjiang river waterway maintenance vessels’ spare parts and materials information coding
Q. Wen

Research on the airborne monitoring semi-physical simulation system based on beidou
Y.G. Sun & S.X. Wang

A study on CFD simulation of flow rate, sand concentration, and erosion rate in double cluster hydraulic ejectors on fracturing
S.K. Tong, Z.W. Wang, Y.H. Dou & Z.G. Wang

Influence of geometry and operating parameters on the flow field in a cyclone furnace
J.X. Guo, D.Q. Cang, L.L. Zhang, D. Wang & H.F. Yin

A study on the temperature field simulation of turbocharger turbines
F. Cao, S.R. Wang, G.Q. Wang, P.Q. Guo & X.S. Wang

An obstacle-avoiding path planning method for robots based on improved artificial potential field
B. Zhang, J. Wang, C. Tang & Q. Wang

Target course estimation for a fixed monostatic passive sonar system
Z. Chen, Y.C. Wang & W.G. Dai

Two-way fluid-structure coupling simulation of oil film characteristics of hollow shaft hydrostatic bearings
W. Sun & X.J. Yu

Design and bench test of the powertrain for series hybrid electric loaders
S.S. Feng

A partial discharge data management platform based on cloud services
Z.X. Pan, H. Chen, H. Fu, Y.Y. Mao & G. Chen

Flow simulation of transmission conductors considering the surface characteristics
P. Li, B. Liu, J.L. Yang, X.Z. Fei, X.P. Zhan, L.C. Zhang, K.P. Ji, B. Zhao & Y.X. Dong

Research and implementation of vehicle control systems
Z. Li

Research on high-frequency isolated interconnection converters and their PWM strategy in AC/DC hybrid microgrids
H.J. Xue & Q.C. Tian

Research on the detecting technology of DC crosstalk with impedance
H. Pang, Q. Yin, Y. Ding, H.-B. Yu, B.-C. Wang & G.-Q. Pei

Research on hybrid electric vehicle power switching speeds based on ADVISOR
J.T. Guo, N. Wang & Z.M. Cao

The design and implementation of PCI express—SPI bus based on FPGA
T.Z. Lv, C.B. Xiang, X.J. Li & F. Wang

A study on the emulsifier fault diagnosis of the BP neural network based on EMD and KPCA
Y.S. Wang, L. Wang & H. Li

Design and experiment of the horizontal banana stalks crushing machine
C. Wang, E.Y. Zhang, X.R. Zhang, Y. Li & D. Liang

Design and implementation of the multi-granularity hierarchical control system of the safe based on the mobile intelligent terminal
Y.H. Cao, D.W. Zhang, W.H. Wang & F.X. Zhou

A financial products’ innovation method based on modularity technology
Z.J. Wang, H. Yin, D. Li & J. Zhang

Research on hybrid electric vehicle power switching control strategy
Z.M. Cao, J.T. Guo & L. Wang

Design of a brightness wireless control system for machine vision LED light sources
X.J. Yan, X.D. Yang, C.Q. Xu, Q. Liu & X.L. Ju

Path planning for the multi-robot system in intelligent warehouse
D.L. Zhang, B. Zheng, S. Fu & X.Y. Sun

Research on non-destructive testing technology for bolt anchoring quality by using the stress wave method
T.Q. Wu, N.C. Xu, B.Y. Zhao, K. Chen & C.F. Li

A study on seat state recognition based on the seating grid
Z.Y. Pang, M.F. Wu, W.F. Yang, H.T. Guan & H.W. Zhao

The influence of suspension parameters on the performance of vehicles
Y.H. Zhao, D.P. Shi & M.M. Dong

On the graph-spectrum of spatial direction relationships between object groups
X.M. Lu, H.W. Yan & Z.H. Wang

Numerical studies on air-decking charge in the fragmentation of concrete
X.-J. Li, J. Yang & B.-Q. Yan

Environmental and architectural engineering

Multi-objective vs. single objective automatic calibration of a conceptual hydrological model
N. Sun, J.Z. Zhou, H.R. Zhang & J. Wu

A study on measuring methods about pulverized coal concentrations in conveying pulverized coal pipelines
J.L. Wang, J. Zhao, R.P. Zhang & S.G. Hu

Optimization design of residential buildings in Guangzhou based on energy consumption simulation
X. Li & X.G. Wu

Design and construction of the key technology of the Hengqin subsea tunnel with geomembrane bags
M.-Y. Li, P.-Y. Jiang & S. Wang

The resolution of lifeline bridges based on the faults position in the perspective of probability: A case study of the Tangshan area
P.W. Cao & J.C. Yu

Construction techniques of the bridge deck pavement of hot-mix and warm-compact asphaltic concrete under low temperature conditions
Z.Q. Cheng, Z.D. Zhao, X. Song & Y. Liu

A study on the evolution law of the tunnel seepage field in the vicinity of the compressive torsional fault zone
S.Z. Yang & Z. Li

A study on treating nitrilon wastewater with Expanded Granule Sludge Bed (EGSB)
H.L. Li, N. Dang & H.M. Wang

Experimental study and theoretical analysis on mansard steel beam
J.J. Kouadjo Tchekwagep, J. Huang, Z. Zhang & W. Cui

Simulation and visualization of salty soil water and salt migration
L. Chai, J.C. Xie, J.C. Liang, R.G. Jiang & H. Han

Multisource data integration and three-dimensional visualization of the interbasin water transfer project
X. Yu, J.C. Xie, R.G. Jiang, D.F. Yan & J.C. Liang

Numerical simulation for the propagation laws of residual shock wave after protective door destruction in tunnel
Z. Liao, D.G. Tang, Z.Z. Li & R.L. Zheng

Design and treatment of landslide engineering in the Three Gorges Reservoir area
X. Zhang, Z.-Y. Tan & B.-Y. Gao

Infiltration analysis to evaluate the stability of two-layered slopes
J.-D. Huang, H. Tian & Z.-Z. Zhu

Bridge damage pattern identification based on perturbation theory
D. Wu & L.-J. Liu

Characteristics of debris flow in Jian Shan-bao ravine
A. Chen, S.-Y. Xi, R. Tao, K.-W. Liu & R.-J. Ding

Influence of loess property on ancient circumvallation deformation laws induced by metro shield tunnelling
J.L. Qiu, H. Sun & J.X. Lai

Effect of axial direction on the stress state of a circular roadway in highly vertical in situ stress fields
X. Xi, Q.F. Guo & P. Lv

Modeling of hydraulic fracture for concrete gravity dams considering hydromechanical coupling
S. Sha & G.X. Zhang

Overview of experimental studies on the seismic performance of rectangular hollow reinforced concrete bridge piers
H.G. Wu, X.L. Cao, J.S. Fan & Y. Zhao

Deformation analysis and waterproof safety estimation of GINA gaskets in immersed tunnels
L.L. Chai, Y.D. Wang, X.D. Chen, Y.X. Xia & X.B. Han

In situ observation of loess landslide affected by rainfall
G.B. Du & W.K. Ni

Experimental study on parallel strand bamboo lumber beams
Y.L. Li, X.H. Xiong, H.T. Li, K.W. Wu, X.C. Mei, Z.X. Zang, W. Qin, C.W. Wang, Y. Yuan, Y.Q. Xie & Z.W. Yan

Study of the mechanical characteristics of the heavy-haul railway tunnel structure
Z.Q. Li, M.N. Wang & L. Yu

Characteristics of climate change in Aksu River Basin in the last 50 years
Q.Q. Chen, Z. Yuan, K.K. Sun & J. Feng

Study on the influence of tunnel structure on the upper drum deformation of the tunnel bottom structure
Y. Luo, L. Yu, Y. Yu, Z. Yuan, T.Y. Xu & Z.Q. Li

Study on reservoir-induced seismicity in Three Gorges Reservoir
X.X. Zeng, X. Hu, K.Z. Su, T.G. Chang & H.B. Zhu

Water inrush and mud bursting scale prediction of tunnel in water-rich fault
Y.H. Tan, S.C. Li, Q.S. Zhang & Z.Q. Zhou

Incorporation of SiC nanoparticles into coatings formed on magnesium by plasma electrolytic oxidation
Y. Liu, F.W. Yang, D.C. He, J.B. Zhang, B.F. Bai & F. Guo

Study of the FSI characteristics of horizontal axis wind turbine under yaw
X.M. Chen, X.D. Wang, X.Q. Feng, L. Liu & X.C. Hu

Brief discussion on rural landscape design in Chengdu Plain based on the demand investigation of farmers
T. Jiang, S. Li, C.N. Li, J.Z. Li, L.Y. Fan & Q.B. Chen

Study of mechanical characteristics of prestressed concrete polygonal line cable-stayed bridge
Y.-F. Li, L. Liang, H. Zhang & S. Sun

Study on the reliability of dynamic evaluation of highway slope stability
Y.F. Li, Z. Guo, Z.W. Liu & S.W. Wang

Architectural form and original research of Keji Hall
L. Chen, L.Y. Lang & J.J. Cheng

Protection and utilization of Guangzhou’s industrial building heritage in the context of urban renewal
C. Jia, L.-P. Zheng & M.-H. Wang

The calculation of the anti-floating ability for uplift piles
M.X. Tang & H. Chen

Polysemous real concepts and practices of traditional commercial blocks
X.N. Hou & L.P. Zheng

Development of early warning criteria for landslide based on internal force calculation method of rigid piles
H.H. Li, W.K. Ni, Y.L. Zhang & Y.H. Wang

Three-dimensional stability analysis of highway embankment in the karst region
Z.M. He, S.Z. Liu & Q.F. Liu

Characteristics of satellite-based vegetation health indices in Shaanxi, China: 1982–2015
R.G. Jiang, J.C. Xie, F.W. Li, H.H. Liu & B. Li

Compression capacity of bolt and screw-connected built-up cold-formed steel stud column section
B.-K. Tan, J.-S. Lim, P.-N. Shek & K.-B.-H. Ahmad

Analysis of multi window spraying merged flame height of buildings based on FDS
H. Hai & J.-W. Zhang

Bearing capacity and inversion analysis of long screw drilling uplift pile
K.-W. Liu, W. Ling, J.-R. Shen & A. Chen

A simplified method of obtaining the seismic damage index of single steel-concrete composite building
S. Wang & Y.B. Liu

Using building information modeling for effective planning of construction workspaces
J.S. Choi & S.M. Paik

Adaptive response of occupants to the thermal environment in air-conditioned buildings in Chongqing, China
H. Liu, Y.X. Wu, Z.X. Wang, D.Y. Tan, Y.X. Xiao & W.S. Zhang

Oscillatory region and effect of the impact factor of memory in a happiness model with commensurate fractional-order derivative
Z.J. Guo & W. Zhang

The principles of road-climatic zoning on the example of Western Siberia
V. Efimenko & S. Efimenko

A study on landscape architecture design based on regional culture—case study of the plan of Wuyishan National Resort Amusement Park
C. Li

Analysis of separation model and current status of the energy consumption of large public buildings in Changchun, China
J.Y. Dong, W. Cheng, K.C. Li, Y.N. Xing & T.L. Tan

Study of the conservation technology of Chinese architecture heritage
X. Chen

Study on the startup and sliding mechanism of landslide using discontinuous deformation analysis method
D.-D. Xu

Technologies of the building information model analysis
E. Ignatova

Innovative negative Poisson’s ratio cable-sensing system and its slope monitoring warning application
Z.G. Tao, C. Zhu & B. Zhang

Congestion analysis of labor crew workspace based on 4D-BIM
Z. Guo, Q.K. Wang & Q.Y. Li

Analysis of moderate–strong earthquake damages of rural residential buildings and seismic inspiration
P. He, T. Wang, Y.-J. Cai & G. Yu

Theoretical analysis and experimental study on a natural ventilation window with functions of purification and sound insulation
J.L. Zhou, C. Ye, P. Nie & H.J. Li

Identification of structural natural frequency based on microtremor test
J.Q. Chen, Y. Sun, X.M. Zhang, N. Yang & H. Wang

Incentive mechanism analysis of energy-saving renovation for existing residential buildings based on EMC
S.Q. Jia, X.P. Feng, C.Y. Bao & Y. Zhu

Regional inequality of population in high-earthquake-risk areas and suggestions, based on Theil index
C. Lang, X.Y. Wu & M.T. Gao

Analysis of the effect of thermal bridges on the average heat transfer coefficient of the external wall of rural building in cold regions
G.C. Sang & Y. Han

The study of the technology of seismic reinforcements and adding layers of the active-duty brickwork buildings
X.L. Cao, M.C. Yue, Y. Yuan, H.G. Wu, J.S. Fan & G.L. Sun

Design and research on sewage source heat pump system of rotary two anti device
L. Xu, R.-H. Wu, X. Wu & Z.-X. Shi

A study on the way of activity rejuvenation of the historic district—taking Zhili Governgeneral-west street historic district in Baoding as an example
Y. Chen & F.X. Fan

A brief analysis on the application of roof greening to buildings in North China
Y.X. Cai

Dependence of tourism development planning of a village on a scenic spot—taking Nan Jiaopo village as an example
S.H. Lin & Y.B. Zhao

Distance measurement on gnomonic projection charts based on equidistant circles
G.X. Li, Y.D. Zheng, X.G. Dong, Z.H. Zhang & G.M. He

A study of college construction engineering project management pattern
X.J. Liu

A study of conservation methodology of architecture heritage—taking Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris as example
X. Chen

Technical and economic analysis of new hollow girderless floor structure with thin-walled bellows
H. Lv, L.B. Huang, D. Lv & F. Yang

Analysis of the phenomenon of affiliated subcontract and illegal subcontracting in the process of construction and their countermeasures
X.J. Liu

Research on industrial planning of sustainable development new town—a case study of Hengshui Lakefront New Town
S.B. Qi & H.W. Li

Artificial bee colony algorithm for the Tianjin port tug scheduling problem
R.H. Yu, Z.C. Yan, W. Li, Q.M. Wang & Z.J. Su

Analysis of landscape and spatial patterns in land use of Pudong New Area, Shanghai
G. Yang & F.Y. Chen

Optimal control of wind-induced vibrations of tall buildings using composite tuned mass dampers
Y.-M. Kim, K.-P. You & J.-Y. You

Study on the rainstorm-flood events and the reservoir engineering system of China under climate change—taking the Huai river basin as an example
S.M. Liu, H. Wang & D.H. Yan

Analysis of the competition of aquatic products’ trade between China and ASEAN: In the background of the 21st-century Maritime Silk Road
X.-F. Luo & Y.-H. Han

The selection of the leading industries in Shanghai Pudong airport economic zone
L.P. Zhu & X.B. Yang

Model of the route choice of passengers in an airport terminal
S.Y. Hou & Y.K. Liu

Influence of fracture energy on the rotating model of fiber-reinforced concrete
X.Y. Zhang & D. Wang

Effect of high-speed railway on the accessibility and spatial pattern around cities
G. Wei, X. Li & Y. Zhao

A new safety culture index system for civil aviation organizations
M.L. Chen, M. Rong & Y.Q. Chen

Thinking about the legislation for multimodal transport of goods in China
J.L. Jiang

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Prof.Shiquan Zhou was born in Inner Mongolia in October 1965. He has long been engaged in the research of oil and gas exploit and sustainable development. He has published more than 50 papers in various domestic and foreign academic journals, 19 of which are published by core academic journals, 3 of which are indexed by EI. As the project leader, he has undertaken 2 Provincial Social Science Projects, 6 Provincial Educational Department Projects and several other projects. He has also won several related research awards.

Prof. Aragona Patty became Director of the Research Laboratory in Subterranean and surface Hydraulics at the Portland Community College in 1981. She currently leads a research team of the laboratory in the field of waterworks and wastewater treatment and drinking water. Her early research in the fields of hydraulics concerned the energy dissipation in the stilling basins. During her research, she was the scientific director of several PhD thesis in the field of hydraulics.

Prof. Shiming Chen is mainly engaged in the fields of steel and concrete composite structure, steel fiber concrete structure, the structure of the seismic appraisal and strengthening of engineering structure. He hosted and participated the research project of the National Natural Science Foundation, Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission, natural science foundation, foundation of the State Education Commission and the Shanghai Municipal Construction Committee of Youth Science Fund. He compiled the work "Seismic Design of Reinforced Concrete and Masonry Structure" and more than 100 papers at home and abroad, which nearly 40 papers included in SCI.