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Advances in Energy and Environment Research
Proceedings of the International Conference on Advances in Energy and Environment Research (ICAEER2016), Guangzhou City, China, August 12-14, 2016

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Bachir Achour


Qiyan Wu

ISBN 9781138626829
Published January 25, 2017 by CRC Press
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Book Description

The 2016 International Conference on Advances in Energy and Environment Research (ICAEER 2016) took place on August 12-14, 2016 in Guangzhou, China. ICAEER 2016 has been a meeting place for innovative academics and industrial experts in the field of energy and environment research. The primary goal of the conference is to promote research and developmental activities in energy and environment research and further to promote scientific information exchange between researchers, developers, engineers, students, and practitioners working all around the world. The conference will be organized every year making it an ideal platform for people to share views and experiences in energy and environment research and related areas.

ICAEER 2016 is dedicated to presenting and publishing novel and fundamental advances in energy and environment research fields. Scholars and specialists on ICAEER 2016, originating from over 10 countries or regions, have shared their knowledge and interesting research results. During the conference, an international stage was prepared for the participants to present their theoretical studies and practical applications.

Table of Contents

Energy science and energy technology

A flashover voltage forecasting model of a polluted UHV insulator based on an RBF network
Y. Shi, G. Hu & Y. Chen

Exploration and discussion on electricity consumption demand forecasting theories and methods
F.X. Ma

Load prediction based on support vector regression with genetic algorithms
M. Zou

Short-term electricity demand forecasting by using a MATLAB-based ANFIS model
A. Balin, M. Sert & I. Besirli

Use of concentrating solar technology on short solar chimney power plant
O. Motsamai & K. Kebaitse

LiDFOB in sulfolane-carbonate solvents for high-voltage lithium-ion batteries
L. Dong, L.C. Huang, F.X. Liang & C.H. Li

The depth load cycling operation characteristic and energy-saving optimization control system of a power plant
N. Zhao & Y.M. Chen

Fabrication and mechanical properties of zirconium–yttrium hydrides
J.Q. Peng, Y. Chen, G.Q. Yan, M. Wu, J.D. Zhang, L.J. Wang, J.S. Li & Z.C. Guo

Carbon paper electrode coated with TiO2 nanorod arrays for electro-assisted photocatalytic degradation of Cr (VI) and methylene blue
H. Li, Z. Lin & D. Fu

Inversion of the sound velocity profile in a multibeam survey based on the simulated annealing algorithm
Z.W. Zhang, J.Y. Bao & F.M. Xiao

Thermoelectric cooling in downhole measuring tools
R. Weerasinghe

Measurement and analysis of SH-CCT curves of HD15Ni1MnMoNbCu steel
J.L. Zhang, G.G. Wang, F.Y. Zhang, Z.B. Chen, S.H. Yin & Y.S. Lv

Research on the interface of a digital measurement device in a smart substation and its calibration method
H. Chen, H.Y. Chen, L.M. Shen, R. Huang, F.S. Chen, L.M. Bu, X. He, K. Li, X.Y. Xu & W.N. Wang

Textured silicon wafer prepared by reactive ion etching for anti-reflection in Si solar cells
X.G. Zhang & M.Z. Shao

Environmental science and environmental engineering

Parametric analysis of a single basin solar still with a point-focus Fresnel lens in Shenzhen
J. Dong, X.H. Xu & S.Y. Zhang

China’s rare earth markets: Value chain and the implications
B.L. Zhou, Z.X. Li, Y.Q. Zhao & C.C. Chen

Research on the sensitivity of the marine industry to climate change
H. Kong & W. Yang

Research on the efficiency of regional environmental pollution abatement with consideration of centralized disposal pollution source in China—an analysis based on a model of undesirable outputs
F.B. Kong & Y.J. Yuan

Preparation of phosphonic acid-functionalized silica magnetic microspheres for uranium(VI) adsorption from aqueous solutions
L.M. Zhou, H.B. Zou, J.Y. Jin, Z.R. Liu & T.A. Luo

A new scenario for enhancing phosphorus removal in SBRS-AA and SBRS-AO systems during the winter season
S.A.-A. Al-Khalil & A.Z. Hamody

Chaotic analysis of metallogenic element concentration
L. Wan, X.Y. Xiong & J.J. Lai

Test study of the degradation ability of the coated sludge microbe-nanometer iron system on perchlorate
Y.J. Tong, B.G. Liu & T.L. Li

Assessment of the impact of cropland loss on bioenergy potential: The case of Yangtze River Delta, China
F.S. Pei, X.P. Liu, J. Guo, G.R. Xia & C.J. Wu

The sixth technological revolution in construction industry: Noospheric paths
M.V. Shubenkov, S.D. Mityagin & Z.A. Gaevskaya

Database design of the Qingyi River basin for multi-objective and multi-department integrated management
Z.H. Tian, J.J. Peng & X.L. Wang

The design and implementation of the Qingyi River water environment basic information system
H.L. Guo, Y.Y. Wei & X.H. He

Flotation performance measurement and the DFT study of salicylhydroxamic acid as a collector in niobite flotation
H. Ren, Z.H. Wang, L.F. Hu, F.F. Ji, Y.F. Zhang & T.Z. Huang

Study of the preparation of a magnetic recyclable emulsifier
H. Ren, Z.H. Wang, F.F. Ji, Z. Li, Y.F. Zhang & T.Z. Huang

Analysis of the variation of porosity and permeability in different periods of Lamadian Oilfield
L.P. Wang

Research on greenhouse gas carbon emission reduction in the public bicycle service system
D.-X. Cheng, Y.-N. Huang & J. Chen

Three mining ideas put forward by the Chinese and their typical applications in the early 21st century
Q.-F. Chen, Z. Yu, Q.-Y. Zhong, C.-H. Feng & W.-J. Niu

Study on the application of fire-resistant cloth to prevent fire spreading between buildings
X.S. Wu, Z.G. Song & G.Y. Yu

Study on coal-bed methane isothermal adsorption at different temperatures based on the monolayer adsorption theory
T.T. Cai, D. Zhao & Z.C. Feng

Evaluation of carbonate reservoir fracture on Shun Nan district in the northern slope of the central Tarim area
B. Zhao, Y.D. Geng, Y. Wang, P.D. Luo, M.H. Duan & X.W. Lu

Structure and performance of in situ ZrH1.8 coatings in amounts of urea
G.Q. Yan, Y. Chen, M. Wu, J.Q. Peng, J.D. Zhang & L.J. Wang

Glucose biosensor based on glucose oxidase immobilized on branched TiO2 nanorod arrays
S. Liu & D. Fu

Hydrothermal fabrication of hierarchically boron- and lanthanum-modified TiO2 nanowire arrays on FTO glasses
W. Zhang & D. Fu

Spatio-temporal distribution of the heavy metals pollution in the sediments of Minjiang Estuary
Q.Q. Sun, M.X. Luo & H.D. Ji

Carrying capacity and ecological footprint of Taiwan
Y.-J. Lee, C.-M. Tung & S.-C. Lin

Water quality index of various Kuwaiti seas, and methods of purification
K. Chen

Identification of bacterial species in Kuwaiti waters through DNA sequencing
K. Chen

Topographic feature line extraction from point cloud based on SSV and HC-Laplacian smoothing
W. Zhou, R.C. Peng, L.H. Zhang & W.J. Wang

Multi-scale representation of a digital depth model based on the positive direction rolling ball transform algorithm
J. Dong, R.C. Peng, L.H. Zhang & J.S. Yuan

Tectono-stratigraphy evolution of XuanGuang Basin (Anhui, East China) and its implication for shale gas exploration
J.H. Chen

The main factors analyzing the effect of microstructure cell on the mechanical properties of L-CFRP
Y.Y. Yao, X. Wang & R.S. Dou

Structural characteristics of genomic islands associated with RlmH genes in Bacillus
L.W. Su, X. Peng, Q.Z. Zha, S.D. He, M.J. Yang & L. Song

Study of the preparation and application of modified luffa sponges in the pollutant removal process of the eco-pond-ditch system
L.W. Kong, R.W. Mei, S.P. Cheng, Y. Zhang, D. Xu, L. Wang & X. Cui

Spatio-temporal distribution of PM2.5 concentration and its correlation with environmental factors in different activity spaces of an urban park
H. Xu, J.H. Hao, H. Li & J.J. Zhao

Effect of leachate concentration on pollutant disposal ratio and electricity production characteristics by a bio-cathode MFC
J.F. Hu, L.J. Xu, Q. Jing, D.W. Qing & M. Xie

Policy orientation and pattern path of sustainable development of modern agriculture in Suzhou City
G.S. Ma & J. Chen

A study on marketization of land element allocation in Beijing
Y.F. Yang & J.Q. Xie

Motivation, automation and electrical engineering

Design and implementation of a PM2.5 remote sensing monitoring system based on Hadoop
L. Wang, S. Xu, F.B. Zheng, Y.D. Si & Q. Ge

A novel design of the MANFIS-PSO PID controller for quadrotors
C.-C. Ko, C.-N. Huang, D.T.W. Lin & J.-K. Kuo

A mechanism study of power grid ancillary service cost change by intermittent power supply incorporated into the power grid
K.J. Wang, G.Y. Wu, Z.D. Du, D.N. Liu & Q. Li

A probabilistic evaluation method of energy-saving benefit for daily generation based on the Monte Carlo stochastic simulation method and wind power and load uncertainties
L. Guo, J.M. Wang, C. Ma, C.C. Gao, D.N. Liu & M. Yang

Research and design of excavation face remote reproduction and remote control systems
C. Liu, J.G. Jiang, W.H. Qu, Z.Z. Zhou, J.J. Li, H. Liu, S. Ye & S.Y. Yao

An automatic electricity sales quota allocation algorithm applied in national companies with branches
S.Q. He & S.Y. Wu

Cooling of oil-filled power equipment
O.S. Dmitrieva & A.V. Dmitriev

Integration of SolidWorks and Simulink models of an open-closed cycle air-fueled Stirling engine
A. Rehman, W.Q. Xu, F. Zakir & M.L. Cai

3D surface MRS method based on variable geometry inversion
Y. Zhao, J. Lin & C.D. Jiang

Hierarchy and development framework of military requirement system
J. Ren & X.L. Zheng

Research on the WRSPM reference model for the development of system requirements
X.L. Zheng & J. Ren

Study and simulation of titanium pipe deformation in the multi-pass backward spinning process
Z.Y. Xue, Y.J. Ren, Y. Ren & W.B. Luo

Nonlinear mechanical analysis for contact between the main shaft and the supporting wheel in a large mine hoist
J.-C. Li, J.-C. Cao, J. Hu & X. He

Dynamic analysis and optimization of the extracting cartridge case system of Breechblock
Y.M. Zhu & L.Y. Ni

Anvil configuration optimization of an underwater pile driving hammer
L.Q. Wang & D.H. Chen

Study on thermo-mechanical coupling characteristics for linear rolling guideway
Y.M. Zhang, S.X. Jia & X.Z. Zhu

Effect of superfine grinding on the physicochemical properties of Moringa leaf powder
Y.P. Cao, N. Liu, W. Zhou, J.H. Li & L.J. Lin

Analysis and discussion of a household heat pump dryer
Z. Yan & L.X. Hou

Fano resonance based on the coupling effect in a metal–insulator–metal nanostructure
X.G. Zhang & M.Z. Shao

Design of a smart grid dispatching operation analysis system based on data mining
J. Li, K.P. Wang, Y.L. Yu, H.D. Tan & Y. Tang

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Prof. Bachir Achour works as a professor in the hydraulic and civil engineering department, University of Biskra Algeria. He is the manager of the research laboratory in subterranean and surface hydraulics (LARHYSS) and a member of the international association of hydraulic research (IAHR). His research is focused on all fields of hydraulic engineering, including environmental, surface hydraulics and pipe-flow problems. He has published widely in these fields.

Prof. Qiyan Wu received his doctorate of Science in Nanjing University on 1999. On August 2000, he promoted to associate professor in Kunming Science and Technology University, and promoted to professor the following year. He transferred to Yunnan University In 2002, and acted as visit professor during 2007-2008 at the University of British Columbia. Qiyan teaches at the School of Geographical Science of Nanjing Normal University since 2010, and has published more than 30 papers in core journals thus far.