Advances in Ergonomics Modeling and Usability Evaluation  book cover
1st Edition

Advances in Ergonomics Modeling and Usability Evaluation

ISBN 9781439835036
Published June 23, 2010 by CRC Press
658 Pages 50 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

Taking the field of human factors and ergonomics beyond state of the art, this volume focuses on advances in the use of ergonomics modeling and on the evaluation of usability, which is a critical aspect of any human-technology system. The research described in the book's 70 chapters is an outcome of dedicated research by academics and practitioners from around the world, and across disciplines. The chapters are organized under five sections:

I. Models and Methods
II. Vision and Visual Displays ,
III. Product Design and User Interfaces
IV. Input Devices and Computer Based Systems
V. Individual and Environmental Technology Related Issues.

This work provides an invaluable resource for evaluating products and environments and designing future ones that are intuitive, safe, and easy to use. Seven other titles in the Advances in Human Factors and Ergonomics Series are:

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Table of Contents

Models and Methods
Modeling Operator Performance Under Stress and Fatigue: What Can a Cognitive Architectural Model Tell Us? J.W. Kim and P. Hancock
Interactive-Consumer Design & Evaluation (I-CODE): A New Method to Investigate Cognitive Structures of User’s on Automotive Functionalities, K. Bengler, J. Coughlin, B. Reimer, and B. Niedermaier
Using TRIZ for Human Factors Design, M. Helander
Graphical User Interface Model Based on Human Error Using Analytic Hierarchy Process, S. Yamada, T. Nonaka, and T. Hase
Computerised Link Analysis, Y. Zhao, S. Hignett, and N. Mansfield
A Methodology for Evaluating Multiple Aspects of Learnability: Testing an Early Prototype of the New BMW iDrive, B. Reimer, B. Niedermaier, K. Bengler, B. Mehler, and J. Coughlin
The Method for Risk Assessment of Accident Caused by Technological Process, Human Factor and Environment, M. Grozdanovic, E. Stojiljkovic, and D. Grozdanovic
Methodology for Tests Execution in Usability Laboratory Considering Cross-Platform Devices, C. Tambascia and R. Duarte
The Study of Sizing System with 3D Measurement Data for Preschool Children in Central Taiwan, Y. C. Lin and J. S. Chen
Perception of Pressure on Foot, A. Rodrigo, R. Goonetilleke, and S. Xiong
Development of Methodology to Gather Seated Anthropometry Data in a Microgravity Environment, K. Young, M. Mesloh, and S. Rajulu
Human Factors Engineering Availability and Suitability Verification for Human-System Interface in Nuclear Power Plants, J. Ra
Using Performance Measures to Assess the Effect of Visual Aesthetic on Usability, A. Altaboli, Y. Lin, M. Ali, and Y. Alterhony
Development of an Objective Evaluation System for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Based on Subjective Criteria - Demonstrated by the Example of ACC, B. Strasser, H. Bubb, K.-H. Siedersberger, and M. Maurer
Modeling of Environmental Factors towards Workers' Productivity for Automotive Assembly Line, A.R. Ismail, M.H.M. Haniff, B.M. Deros, N.K. Makhtar, and Z.K.M. Makhbul
Toward a Unified Social Robot Taxonomy Based on Human Perceptions, B. Tay and T. Park

Vision and Visual Displays
Automated Analysis of Eye-Tracking Data for the Evaluation of Driver Information Systems According to EN ISO 15007-and ISO/TS 15007-, R. Spies, W. Hamberger, A. Blattner, H. Bubb, and K. Bengler
Analysis of Glance Movements in Critical Intersection Scenarios, M. Plavsic, K. Bengler, and H. Bubb
Contact Analog Information in the Head-Up Display: How Much Information Supports the Driver? B. Israel, M. Seitz, H. Bubb, and B. Senner
Usability of Approximated 3D Target Objects for Mission Preparation, M. Kleiber and C. Winkelholz
Compensatory Tracking of a 3D Object Using 3D Technology, J. Gallimore, G. Reis, J. Warren, M. Fendley, and J. Naga
Design and Evaluation Approach for Increasing Compatibility and Performance of Digital Painter in Screen Drawing Tasks, F.-G. Wu, C.-H. Chen, and L.-R. Lai
Designing Small Touch-Screen Devices: The Impact of Display Size on Pointing Performance, M. Oehl and F. Siebert
Usability of Integrated Display Groupware in Collaborative Work, T.Y. Lim, H. Khalid, and A. Yeo
Beauty and the Beast: Predicting Web Page Visual Appeal, C. Dudek, G. Lindgaard, and S. Pineau
Testing Measures of Aviation Display Clutter for Predicting Pilot Perceptions and Flight Performance, K. Kaufmann, D. Kaber, A. Alexander, S.-H. Kim, and J.T. Naylor
Operator Display Issues: Examples from Hydrocracking, J. Gallimore, J. Shinkle, and S. Understood
Automatic Generation of Graphical User Interface Using Genetic Algorithm, T. Mori, T. Nonaka, and T. Hase
A First Step towards an Integrated Warning Approach, K. Maier, H. Sacher, and J. Hellbruck
Product Design and User Interfaces Citarasa Engineering for Modeling Affective Product Design, H. Khalid
Modeling Mobile Devices for the Elderly, M. Ziefle
Exploring What Young Consumers Want in Cell Phones, F. Calisir and C.A. Gumussoy
Tactile Buttons Used in Non-Visual Cell Phone, N.-F. Chen, F.-G. Wu, and C.-H. Ho
Ergonomic Evaluation of Brazilian Interfaces of Mobile Banking Sites Developed for iPhone, V. Kupczik and S. Padovani
Design comparison of commercial TV remote controls, H. Beauchamp and Y. S. Ryu, USA
Can "Tactile Kiosk" Attract Potential Users in Public? Y. Yasuma, M. Nakanishi and Y. Okada
The Improvement of Beijing Digital Information Booth Interface Design, P.-L. Rau and Y. Sun
Emotions Invoked by Overall Shape of Robot, J. Hwang, W. Hwang, and T. Park
User-Centered Smarter Robotic Medical Systems, T. Ahram, W. Karwowski, B. Amaba, and C. Andrzejczak
Development and Pilot Test of a Usability Evaluation Protocol for an Ergonomic Device in a Hospital, P.T.W. So, S.W.C. Cheng, H.P.So, and A.H.S. Chan
Design of Hand Operated Trowel: An Ergonomic Approach, M. Khidiya and A. Bhardwaj
Modeling Precision Agriculture Device for Palm Oil Industry, M.F. Yahaya and S.-L. Choong
An Expert System for Risk Assessment of Work-Related Musculo-Skeletal Disorders, S. Pavlovic-Veselinovic, A. Hedge, and M. Grozdanovic
Towards More Humane Calendar Applications, S. Engemand and S. Keates
User Interface with Bird’s Eye View Function, T. Nonaka, K. Oishi, and T. Hase

Input Devices and Computer Based Systems
Ergonomic Assessment of Pronating-Reducing Mouse Designs: Anatomical Compliance in Three-Dimensional Space, D. Feathers, A. Hedge, and K. Rollings
Ergonomic Comparison of Five Mouse Designs: Performance and Posture Differences, A. Hedge, D. Feathers, and K. Rollings
Five-Key Text Entry: An Empirical Comparison of Nnovice Performance with Three Keyboard Layouts, B. Millet, S. Asfour, J.R. Lewis, and A. Onar-Thomas
Adaptive Haptic Touchpad for Infotainment Interaction in Cars - How Many Information is the Driver Able to Feel?, R. Spies, W. Hamberger, A. Blattner, H. Bubb, and K. Bengler
Design Approach of a Direct-Touch Input for Navigation Techniques Interface of Web Map, H. Lin and F.-G. Wu
Study on a Haptic Interaction with Touch Panel, D. Kobayashi and S. Yamamoto
Universal Communication through Touch Panel, N. Hosono, H. Inoue, H. Miki, M. Suzuki, and Y. Tomita
AV Remote Controller with an Input Device to Recognize Handwritten Characters, M. Yonezawa, T. Nonaka, and T. Hase
AV Remote Controller Using Speech Recognition, S. Sugiyama, T. Nonaka, and T. Hase
Bridging the Disconnect between Back Injuries and Prevention Using Interactive Computer-Based Systems, R.J. Banks and J.A. Hay
Modeling of an Integrated Workstation Environment for Occupational Safety and Health Application, A.R. Omar and I. Halim

Individual and Environmental Technology Related Issues
Technology Acceptance and the Ageing Population: A Review, K. Chen and A.H.S. Chan
Evaluation of Dynamic Touch Using Moment of Joint Inertia, T. Asao, Y. Kumazaki, K. Kawanishi, K. Kotani, and K. Horii
Improvement in Touch Operations by Tactile Feedback, T. Fukui, M. Nakanishi, Y. Okada, and S. Yamamoto
Effective Presentation for Velocity and Direction Information Produced by Using Tactile Actuator, K. Kotani, T. Yu, T Asao, and K. Horii
Driver’s Natural Anticipation Horizon in Deceleration Situations, D. Popiv, K. Bengler, and M. Rakic
Haptic Gear Shifting Indication: Naturalistic Driving Study for Parametrization, Selection of Variants and to Determine the Potential for Fuel Consumption Reduction, C. Lange, A. Arcati, H. Bubb, and K. Bengler
Knowledge Based Shaping of Working Conditions in Industry and Health Care, T. Winkler
Innovation-Based Enhancing Work Conditions in Healthcare Organizations, J. Bartnicka and T. Winkler
Heat Transfer Dynamics in Clothing Exposed to Infrared Radiation, U. Reischl, B. Mijovic, Z. Skenderi, and I. S. Cubric
Innovative Solutions for Adjustment of City Area to Disabled Persons and the Aged with Using Computer Techniques, A.K. Styczeń, J. Bartnicka, and C. Bevilacqua
Ambient Intelligence in the Classroom: An Augmented School Desk, M. Antona, G. Margetis, S. Ntoa, A. Leonidis, M. Korozi, G. Paparoulis, and C. Stephanidis
Cultural Modelling of Remote Communities, A. Yeo, E. Mit, P.-C. Chiu, J. Labadin, and P.-P. Tan
Beyond Usability: Ordering e-Service Quality Factors, S. Prom Tep and A. Dufresne
A Curriculum for Usability Professionals (and Why We Need One), R. Bias

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