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Advances in Fingerprint Technology, Second Edition

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Fingerprints constitute one of the most important categories of physical evidence, and it is among the few that can be truly individualized. During the last two decades, many new and exciting developments have taken place in the field of fingerprint science, particularly in the realm of methods for developing latent prints and in the growth of imaging and AFIS technologies. This fully updated Second Edition of the bestseller, Advances in Fingerprint Technology, covers major developments in latent fingerprint processing, including physical, chemical, instrumental, and combination techniques. Written by a renowned group of leading forensic identification and criminalistic experts, this valuable work presents exciting progress in fingerprint technology.

New in this edition:

  • Latent fingerprint chemistry

  • Techniques directed at lipid-soluble components

  • More succinct treatment of AFIS

  • A new procedure that applies nanocrystal technology to latent fingerprint development

  • A systematic, statistically-based point of view regarding the individuality of fingerprints
  • Table of Contents

    The History and Development of Fingerprinting, John Berry, FFS, BEM, and David A. Stoney, Ph.D.

    Identification of Latent Prints, Robert D. Olsen, Sr., and Henry C. Lee, Ph.D.

    Composition of Latent Print Residue, Robert Ramotowski Methods of Latent Fingerprint Development, Henry C. Lee, Ph.D., and R.E. Gaensslen, Ph.D.

    Fingerprint Development by Ninhydrin and Its Analogues, Joseph Almog, Ph.D.

    Fingerprint Detection with Photoluminescent Nanoparticles, E. Roland Menzel, Ph.D.

    Silver Physical Development of Latent Prints, Antonio Cantu, Ph.D.

    Automated Fingerprint Identification and Imaging Systems, Anil Jain, Ph.D. and Sharath Pankanti, Ph.D.

    Measurement of Fingerprint Individuality, David A. Stoney, Ph.D.

    The Expert Fingerprint Witness, Robert J. Hazen and Clarence

    E. Phillips

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    LAW / Forensic Science