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Advances in Future Manufacturing Engineering
Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on Future Manufacturing Engineering (ICFME 2014), Hong Kong, December 10-11, 2014

ISBN 9781138028173
Published June 11, 2015 by CRC Press
528 Pages

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Book Description

The International Conference on Future Manufacturing Engineering (ICFME 2014) was held in Hong Kong, December 10-11, 2014. It gathered academics, industry managers and experts, manufacturing engineers, university students all interested or proficient in the field of manufacturing engineering, including research, design and development of systems, processes, machines, tools and equipment. The manufacturing engineer’s primary focus is to turn raw materials into a new or updated product in the most economic, efficient and effective way possible. This field also deals with the integration of different facilities and systems for producing quality products (with optimal expenditure) by applying the principles of physics and the results of manufacturing systems studies, such as Design and Manufacturing, Materials Science and Materials Processing Technology, Computer-aid Manufacturing, Mechanics.

Manufacturing engineers develop and create physical artifacts, production processes, and technology, a very broad area which includes the design and development of products. The manufacturing engineering discipline has very strong overlaps with mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, production engineering, electrical engineering, electronic engineering, computer science, materials management, and operations management. Manufacturing engineers’ success or failure directly impacts the advancement of technology and the spread of innovation.

This proceedings aims to assess the state of scientific research in various areas of Manufacturing Engineering and will be an interesting source of information for the international engineering scientific community.

About the Series:
Studies in Materials Science and Mechanical Engineering (SMSME) publishes lecture materials and proceedings volumes of conferences sponsored by the International Materials Science Society (IMSS). Volumes present cutting edge research as well as new perspectives on and developments in all areas of Materials Science and Mechanical Engineering. The audience for the books published in the SMSME series consists of advanced level students, researchers, and industry professionals working at the forefront of Materials Science and Mechanical Engineering.

Table of Contents

Organizing committee x

Physics and electrical energy

Autotransformer-fed railway power supply model using MATLAB/SIMULINK
S. Kaewpoung, C. Sumpavakup & T. Kulworawanichpong

Optimization of energy consumption in Electric Railways System using hit-and-run algorithm
K.A. Greyson & T. Kulworawanichpong

Power dependent on supercontinuum generation in the photonic crystal fiber
Y.F. Wei & F.L. Zhao

Determination of the interface electronic structure of L-cysteine/Ag(111) by Ultraviolet Photoelectron Spectroscopy and Photoelectron Yield Spectroscopy
K.R. Koswattage, K. Hiroumi, Y. Nakayama & H. Ishii

Maximum Power Point Tracking method based on gray BP neural network photovoltaic power generation system
J. Hao & L.Q. Zeng

Research and development of high-performance informatization management and control system of power enterprises
J. Wu, D. Su & W. Li

Study on the integration problem of snow depth monitoring system based on laser ranging and video detection
X.Q. Cheng, Y. Qin, Z.Y. Xing & X.H. Wang

Background correction algorithm for Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy
B. Zhang, L.X. Sun & H.B. Yu

Research on thermal dissipation of electric bicycle lithium ion battery pack based on the microencapsulated PCMs thermal management system
S.H. Li, W.S. Dai, K.J. Bi, Y.Z. Deng, C. Cai, J. Chen & G.Y. Tang

The application of wavelet analysis in signal detection to vehicle Anisotropic Magnetoresistance sensor
T. Lin, P. Wu, F.M. Gao, L.H. Wang & Y. Yu

A fault diagnosis model of power transformer using Imperialistic Competitive Algorithm and Support Vector Machine
Y.Y. Zhang, Z.H. Zhong, H.B. Zheng, C. Tang & Y. Sun

Evaluating the efficiency of Renewable Energy technologies by DEA and TOPSIS method with interval data
X.G. Qi & B. Guo

A new equipment of induction power supply at high voltage
H.K. Guo

Analysis on the changing tendency of China’s energy structure
J. Yao, Y.X. Chen & J.S. Li

Study on characteristics of grounding impedance of large grounding grid
B.P. Xie & Y.L. Wang

The research on active distribution network reconfiguration method based on OPF
B. Shu, K. Zhang, X.X. Gong & Q.H. Lou

Melting curve of Mo under high pressure
C.E. Hu, Z.Y. Zeng & J.J. Tan

The study and application of power supply reliability forecasting based on wavelet neural network
L.L. Yang, X.D. Xu, Z.Y. Liu, Q. Wang & J.Y. Gao

Improved time series business expansion combination forecasting model
X.D. Xu, Z.Y. Liu, J. Wang, L. Li & X. Song

Experimental studies on pipe stress testing based on inverse magnetostriction effect
S.X. Yuan, H.M. Guo & R. Deng

Research on synthesis and electrochemical properties of cathode materials for lithium ion batteries based on LiFePO4
L.J. Meng, J.F. Gao, Z.K. Xuan, J.Y. Liu, Y. Wang, L.S. Jiao & H.L. Chen

Materials processing and analysis

Structural and mechanical features of formation of high-speed surface layers of flame sprayed NiAl
P.O. Rusinov & Zh.M. Blednova

Analysis of factors affecting thermal conductivity of low concentration silver nanofluids prepared by a single step chemical reduction method
M.Z. Zhou, G.D. Xia & C.L. Tian

The thermodynamic characteristics of silica film calculated via Molecular Dynamics method
C. Chen, H. Fang & Z.L. Xia

A new composite nanostructure of [email protected]/AAO
H. Fang, C. Chen & Z.L. Xia

Express measurement of optical material refractive index with using laser beam profiler
V. Kolchinskiy, I. Lo, C.-H. Shih, Y. Kulchin & R. Romashko

Flow cessation mechanism of β phase solidification of titanium aluminium alloy with high niobium content
Z.Q. Gong, L.H. Chai, Z.Y. Chen, F. Zhou, X. Hou & G.F. Yang

The luminescence property of Rhodamine B grafted in different structured channels of mesoporous silicate
M.L. Wang, Y.Z. Li, W. Xu & Z.H. Huang

Mechanical behavior analysis of 2.5D woven composites at elevated temperature based on progressive damage analysis method
J. Song, W.D. Wen, H.T. Cui & Y. Xu

Pd-TiO2/C anodic catalysts for formic acid electrooxidation
W.F. Xu, Y. Gao, B. Wu, L.F. Li & H.Y. Li

Synthesis of 2,3-dibromo-succinic anhydride and application on polyester/cotton blended fabric
L.Y. Lin, X. Zhou & Y.R. Wu

Elastic analysis of nanocontact problems with surface effects
L.Y. Wang & L.J. Wang

Experimental research on structure stability of expanded-diameter conductor
L. Liu, J.C. Wan, J.J. Si & L.H. Jiang

Low pH inhibition on High-loaded Anammox Reactor (HAR) and its recovery
Z.X. Li, L. Zhang, L. Wang & H. Li

Effect of post annealing on the structure of Boron Nitride films
M.Y. Zhan, H.Y. Fang, R.R. Cao, F. Wang, Y.L. Feng, C.J. Li, M. Wang, K. Li, K.L. Zhang & B.H. Yang

Aluminum silicon alloy rolling method and experimental research
S.X. Wang

Research on preparation and properties of manganese oxide Nano materials
J.Y. Liu, L.J. Meng & M.L. Lu

Materials engineering and applications

Establishment of frost resistance model for autoclaved fly ash bricks
S. Lu & Z. Wang

Innovative design and application of woody materials in silver jewelry
X.J. Yang & K.Q. Wang

Building a reasonable path of wall materials industry development under the goals of circular economy
X. Jiang & J.X. Huang

Research and analysis on the laboratory test of frozen rocks from Jurassic strata
H.B. Ma, S. Du & J.H. Chen

Research on structure, properties and advantages of prefabricated environmental protection rubber running track
M. Yang, B.K. Dong & W.D. He

Monitoring and analysis of expansive soil road cutting slope’s pile-plank wall
X. Yang

Study on dynamic character of high-speed railway subgrade in expansive soil
X. Yang

CNC machining and machinery

Longitudinal control law design and flight test for a small UAV based on Eigenstructure Assignment
X.B. Qu, W.G. Zhang & F.Y. Cai

An optimal design on the oil conservation switch for the “6 × 4” train for traction
L. Deng

An analysis of different types of standard basketball stands
C.S. He & W.D. He

Microstructural evolution of AlSi9Mg alloy prepared by the electromagnetic stirring
C.Y. Zhang, S.D. Zhao, Y.F. Wang & P. Dong

Study on the improvement of surface quality through ultrasonic elliptical vibration cutting
W. Li, F.F. Lin & D.Y. Zhang

FPED, a fine-grained parallel edge detection mechanism
Q. Shao & C.H. Ju

Mechanical analysis of RuT300 steel by using modified 3D RVE model
L.F. Sun & R.D. Liao

Accurate positioning foil stamping technology
Q.H. Chen, Y.J. Chen, Y.M. Li, M.G. Su, Y.B. He & W.G. Wu

Research of an LED lamp with quasi-resonant mode driving circuit
Q.H. Chen, L.Q. Chen, F.Y. Ou & Y.J. Chen

Measurements of the LED driver with steady output characteristics
Y. Fan, L.Q. Chen, F.Y. Ou & Y.J. Chen

Microemulsions of Coumarins from Cortex Daphnes for enhanced transdermal permeability: Preparation and in vitro evaluation
L. Ma, Y.F. Wang, X.C. Qu, F. Han, J.L. Deng & X. Feng

The feasibility research of steam flooding assisted by air for heavy oil reservoir
J. Fan & X.F. Li

Research on fault diagnosis system with causal relationship in equipment technical manual’s deep knowledge
L. Wang, Y.L. Qian, T.F. Xu & Y.B. Liu

Design and implementation of remote workpiece detection system
W.W. Gu, M.Y. Huo & Y.M. Liu

Analysis on the water resource balance in project “water conservation and provision increase” of Jarud, Tongliao
Z.Y. Wang, H.L. Jiang, J.W. Zong & F.X. Sun

Study on the application of finite element method and CAE technology in modern mechanical engineering
L.E. Yang

Manuscript digital recognition system of automobile centre console
G.X. Li & K. Huang

Computer science and applications

A novel speech recognition method based on LLE and SVM
J.B. Gao

A novel identification method of two phase flow based on LDA feature extraction and ELM in ERT system
Y.J. Zhang

Vulnerability analysis and improvement of RFID grouping-proof protocols
X. Wei, Z.W. Shi & Y.L. Hao

Computer aided design of continuous Extractive Distillation processes for separating compound m-Diisopropylbenzene and p-Diisopropylbenzene with Dinonyl Phthalate
C.Y. Zhang, J.H. Cheng & C.Z. Zheng

Decision model in wine producer marketing based on analytical hierarchy process
T.K. Gu, Z.Y. Huang & X.M. Lv

IDEF and UML-based enterprise modeling
F. Yang, Y.Q. Cheng & L.D. Fan

The research on the general and efficient method of network download
W.T. Liu

Numerical simulation research about offshore wind lifting ship structural damage in the process of lifting
Z.Q. Yao, Y. Shu & L.X. Bu

Study on navigation radar image fusion denoising algorithm based on multiple wavelet packet bases
W.J. Lang, G.G. Chen, X.L. Tian & C.F. Xin

Simulation analysis on contact stress of new type energy-saving conductor with different structure
J.C. Wan, L. Liu, J.J. Si & L.H. Jiang

SC-cylinder parameterization design based on Pro/Engineer
Y.C. Lin & F.W. He

Design of inverter system based on PID control
Y. Cao

The design and realization of security model for P2P network
Z.M. Wang

The design and implementation of PHP vulnerability protection in e-commerce website
J.Z. Yang

The design of the wireless communication system based on voice and text
Q.S. Zhou

Study on the online monitoring system of instrument and equipment based on wireless multimedia sensor networks
L. Bao

Design of a planar MIMO antenna with high isolation for LTE handsets
Y.T. Zhang & J.F. Wen

Data processing and information management

A kind of QT-Bézier curves and its applications
J. Xie, X.Y. Liu & L. Zou

The application analysis on share management of supply chain information collaboration by using triangular fuzzy TOPSIS decision method
X.D. Deng & W.P. Cao

Research of enterprise work safety information management system construction
Q.Q. Wang

Analysis of provincial domestic tourist arrivals in China: The role of national protected areas
A.P. Zhang, L.S. Zhong & Y. Xu

The Data Acquisition System of the large-scale sliding bearing test rig design and research
D.Q. Ren, W.Z. Zhang, H.Y. Cao & Y. Zhang

Research on the secure of embedded system database
J. Chen

Study on encryption of embedded database system
J. Chen

Multimedia applications

On the strategies of foreign language teaching assisted by the network classes
T.H. Wang & X.Y. Wang

Application of network classes in Sports English
T.H. Wang & X.Y. Wang

A study on the oral test of college English in the multi-media environment
T.H. Wang & X.Y. Wang

Teaching strategies of English listening assisted by multimedia
X.Y. Wang & T.H. Wang

Inter-cultural communication competence training in multimedia-assisted College English teaching
X.Y. Wang & T.H. Wang

English films in multimedia-assisted College English classes
X.Y. Wang & T.H. Wang

Application of network in multimedia-assisted college English reading classes
X.Y. Wang & T.H. Wang

A study on multimedia-assisted college English listening classes
X.Y. Wang & T.H. Wang

Popularity prediction based on ensemble learning in online forums
F. Xiong, Y. Liu, Z.J. Zhang & Y.S. Zhao

Blind persons’ online e-commerce learning influence factors analysis, based on social media
W.Q. Tao & C.H. Ju

The application of virtual simulation technology to information technology training
Q.Y. Xie & H. Qin

Biochemistry and medicine

Automated identification of Fetal Heart Rate acceleration combined with fetal movement
X.D. Li, Y.S. Lu & Z.X. Chen

Study on evaluation of sampling inspection plan for cigarette trademark paper
W. He, L. Cheng, Z.K. Li & G.Y. Liu

Oral ginsenosides-Rb1 supplementation ameliorates physical fatigue
B. Qi & X.J. Li

Prediction of lactic acid from Lactobacillus plantarum LAB-5 in mulberry fruit
J. Zhang, K.X. Wang, J. Wang, J.H. Ma, G.X. Sun, Y.D. Zhang & F.A. Wu

Study of the effect of using CAF process for concentrating sludge
X.T. Guan & F.P. Hu

Study on a SIRS epidemic model with constant input and vaccination treatment
X.Y. Ye

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