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Advances in Materials Sciences, Energy Technology and Environmental Engineering
Proceedings of the International Conference on Materials Science, Energy Technology and Environmental Engineering, MSETEE 2016, Zhuhai, China, May 28-29, 2016

ISBN 9781138196681
Published November 28, 2016 by CRC Press
472 Pages

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Book Description

The 2016 International Conference on Materials Science, Energy Technology and Environmental Engineering (MSETEE 2016) took place May 28-29, 2016 in Zhuhai City, China. MSETEE 2016 brought together academics and industrial experts in the field of materials science, energy technology and environmental engineering. The primary goal of the conference was to promote research and developmental activities in these research areas and to promote scientific information interchange between researchers, developers, engineers, students, and practitioners working around the world. The conference will be held every year serving as platform for researchers to share views and experience in materials science, energy technology and environmental engineering and related areas.

Table of Contents

Electrical and electronic engineering

Research on the friction vibration feature extraction based on the norm-coupling method in a running-in process
T. Liu, G.B. Li & H.J. Wei

Fault diagnosis of a converter transformer based on the FOA-LSSVM
Y. Sun, Q. Long, G. Lv, D.K. Huang, Y. Li & Y.P. Fan

Study of the milling experiment and cutting parameter optimization of HT250
Y.L. Wang, S. Li, Y. Zhang & S.Z. Li

Light exoskeleton for civil use: A pragmatic carrying assistive apparatus
P.Z. Zhu & F.L. Han

Screw extruder control system design and simulation using MATLAB
Y.L. Gao, L. Wang & J.L. Zheng

Study on the optimizing design of a screw extruder system
Y.L. Gao, L. Wang & J.L. Zheng

Constant speed control system of a test-bed for a hydraulic energy recovery turbine
G.Q. Yang

Isolated RS485 communication interface for the metal working fluids monitoring system
T. Škulavík & K. Gerulová

Theoretical modeling and simulation analysis of ultra-precision turning of ZnSe crystals
S.P. Li, Y. Zhang, Q.M. Xie & W.Q. Zhang

Site-preference effects in proton conductors of BaCe1-XEuXO3-δ
J.X. Wang, L.F. Lai, J.W. Jian & F.A. Li

Parameter analysis of the spiral generator of rotary stream for sand reclamation equipment based on FLUENT
W.L. Lu, S. Li & Q. Chen

Designing of an adjustment device for a semi-feeding peanut picking roller
X.R. Lv, X.L. Lv, X.Q. Zhang & W. Wang

Research on an intelligent algorithm diagnosis system
B.M. Chen, X.P. Fan, X.R. Li, H.W. Zhou & Z.M. Zhou

Image restoration based on structure and texture decomposition
Q. Zhang, M.F. Shen & B. Li

Preparing the FE model update of a rolling stock car body under servicing conditions based on profile plate equivalence
X.J. Deng, Q. Li & Y.J. Zhao

Description of the spatial effect of ground motion on multi-support excitation
B.C. Yu & J.S. Wang

Study on the development process of a vehicle chassis
L.X. Jing, L.G. Wu, F. Li & M.H. Liu

Study on the thermal expansion coefficient of athermalization infrared lens’ thermal compensation element
F. Zhu, Y. Zhang & Z.W. Wang

Study on the dynamics of the electronic equipment in a self-propelled artillery system
J. Gao, B. Li, S.X. Wang, Q. Wang & S. Li

Bending testing apparatus with a welding plate
C.J. Li, H. Zhao, H.R. Wang, S.J. Su & J.T. Liu

An inexact smoothing Newton algorithm for NCP based on a new smoothing approximation function
C.L. Shang, Z.Y. Tian & L. Liu

Research on measuring method for the groove parameters of the shaft washer of steering bearing
Z.Z. He, J.H. Wu & X.N. Lu

A self-adaptive density re-initialization method for SPH techniques
S. Chai, G.P. Miao & Y. Yang

Design and analysis of an EDM machine tool
Y. Li & S.F. Wang

Plasma etching fabrication and graphene lubrication of IRBRR based on a multi-wafer MEMS
H. Liu, Y.J. Cheng & S.S. Wang

Research on the real-time scheduling strategy of a sensor layer node in CPS
B.H. Zhou, L.M. Liu & L.B. Xu

Fault early warning of a wind turbine pitch system based on the least square method
J.P. Yang, W.Y. Yao & J.M. Wang

Research on the swirling flow effect of the combustor–turbine interaction on vane film cooling
S. Liu & H. Yin

Adsorption isotherms of aliphatic-based superplasticizer in CFBC ash-Portland cement paste
J.X. Liu, L.T. Ma, H.Y. Wang, J.W. Liu, J.Y. Yan & Y.Y. Wang

Energy science and environmental engineering

Situation division for the high-temperature zone based on the utility function
X.F. Ma

Network security risk assessment model based on temperature
Y.P. Jiang, C.C. Cao, X. Mei & H. Guo

Influencing factors analysis of the testing system for the fire detection and fire alarm system
T.T. Wang

Study on differential games for discrete-time stochastic control systems with Markov jump and multiplicative noise
Y.L. Liu, M. Li & S.M. Ge

A testifying method for the instructing efficiency of information security courses with statistical probability models
X.M. Jia

Influence of the shear retention factor on the fracture behavior of fiber reinforced concrete
X.Y. Zhang & D. Wang

Study on primary recrystallisation annealing of 3% Si low temperature nitriding HiB steel
J.W. Gao, G. Zhao, G. Tang, Y. Xu & T. Xiong

Research and application of e-waste resourcing LCSA model
Q.L. Han & C.X. Zhu

Influence of particle size on seepage of water and sediment in fractured rock
Y. Liu, X. Zhang, J. Bai, X.L. Cai & Z.H. Si

Establishment of an evaluation system of “green level” of scale inhibitors for water treatment
L. Zhu, N. Wang & L.M. Sun

Effects of leaf area and biomass on different seasons for individual eucalyptus trees
X.P. Cheng, L.Q. Dong & S.H. Wang

Study on the coal seam gas migration law with numerical simulation under the condition of extraction
G. Xu & C. Liu

Effect of rotational excitation on the reaction Li + DF(v = 0, j = 0 – 5)
X.F. Yue

Thermal simulation and analysis of high-power white LED light
Y.Z. Zhang, C.X. Li, Y. Wang & L.L. Ran

Optimization of the blending process for ABS/PMMA/EMA via response surface methodology
J. Ding, Z.M. Yue, J. Sun & J. Gao

Enhanced synchronous treatment of wastewater and solid pollution by hydrolysis acidification technology
Y.Y. Zhang & J.H. Cui

An evaluation model of soft foundation treatment based on the analytic hierarchy process and gray theory
Y.L. Liu, X. Fu, X.L. Liu & L.G. Bai

Research on biotrickling filters for wastewater and odor treatment
J.H. Cui & Y.Y. Zhang

Diffraction imaging based on the plane-wave record
X. Kong, Y. Teng, X. Zhang & Y.Y. Shi

Screening of fosfomycin-degrading bacteria and its practical application in the CASS
S.Y. Liu, L.F. Zhao & W.C. Zhao

Regulations on low sulfur and revisions of marine fuel oil Standard GB/T 17411-2012
S. Ye & W.W. Feng

Flexible nanoimprint mold based on a commercial SEBS thermoplastic elastomer
H.T. Chen, D. Trefilov, Y.S. Cui, C.S. Yuan, H.X. Ge, X. Hu & B. Cui

Construction of an urban water source management system and application of phenol paroxysmal pollution
X.L. Meng, X.Q. Ye, L. Zhang & J.H. Qu

Harvesting of microalgae Chlorella pyrenoidosa cultivated in municipal wastewater by electroflocculation
R.J. Tu, W.B. Jin, S.F. Han & W. Jiang

Economic and environmental benefit analysis of energy performance contracting for a solar hot water system in Chinese universities
H.T. Yuan, K. Yang, X.T. Yan, Q. Li, H. Guo, T. Mwamulima & C.S. Peng

Enhancement of the lipid production of Scenedesmus obliquus cultivated in municipal wastewater by light optimization outdoors
S.F. Han, W.B. Jin, R.J. Tu & X.Y. Wang

High Cu sedimentation locations in the Jiaozhou Bay
D.F. Yang, H.Z. He, F.Y. Wang, S.X. Zhu & M. Wang

Seasonal variations of Pb sources in the Jiaozhou Bay during 1979–1983
D.F. Yang, D.F. Yang, Y.J. Zhang, X.C. Qu & Y. Chen

Spatial-temporal variations of Pb sources in the Jiaozhou Bay during 1979–1983
D.F. Yang, Y.J. Zhang, X.C. Qu, D.F. Yang & Y. Chen

Materials science and materials processing

Study on the surface roughness prediction model of TC4 titanium alloy
M.M. Hu, Y. Zhang & S.W. Yuan

Observation of a nickel aluminum bronze corrosion morphology
Z.H. Chen, X.F. Sun & Y.L. Huang

Effect of deposition conditions on electrical properties of NiCr thin film
L.F. Lai, J.X. Wang & Y.N. Qiu

Research on the cutting deformation of TC4 titanium alloy with simulation and experimental
F. Kang, C.K. Hu, J. Lin, X.S. Xia & Y.B. Wang

Assessment of zirconium species distributions in Zr-F-H aqueous solution based on thermodynamics
D.W. Mi & C.Z. Yang

Performance of piperazine-urea-N-(2-hydroxyethyl) piperazine ternary system on simultaneous desulfurization and denitration
M. Jin, G.X. Yu & P. Lu

The antioxidant activitives and application of miracle fruit leaves
Y.-G. Liu, X.-M. Zhang, F.-Y. Ma & Q. Fu

Comparison of the determination methods for total flavonoids in Manilkara zapota leaves
H.F. Chen, Q. Fu, X.M. Zhang, Y.G. Liu & F.Y. Ma

Classification and progress of emergency cutting technology based on energetic materials
W.-T. Xin, Y.-H. Liu, L.-M. Sun & X.-M. Cui

Studies on the HPLC fingerprint of a methanolic extract of Schisandra chinensis
J. Bai

Effect of rosemary extracts on the antimicrobial activity and quality of minced pork during refrigerated storage
Y.F. Wang, H. Wang, E.B. Hua, Z.O. Sun, H.L. Wang & H. Wang

Research advances in sorghum awn traits
C.M. Bai, C.G. Tao, X.C. Lu, Y.F. Liu & L.J. Zhang

Experimental study on the mechanical behavior of strain hardening cementitious composites using local ingredients
Z.H. Li, W.K. Chen, X. Zhou & F.Q. Chen

Characteristics of red pitaya wine fermented by different yeast strains
J.W. Yin, Y.J. Li, S.J. Li, X.F. Wang, X. Gong, Y.Y. Liu, L.J. Lin & J.H. Li

Effect of translation energy on the reaction N(2D) + D2(v = 0, j = 0)
X.F. Yue

Adsorption properties of modified powdered activated carbon on salicylic acid wastewater
X. Tan, B. Liu, W. Hong, G.F. Chang & X.F. Zou

Product remanufacturability evaluation based on the theory of LCC
Q.L. Han & B. Hu

Structure-dependent mechanical property of carbon nanotube fibers
J.D. Zhu

In-situ DRIFTS study on photocatalytic reduction of CO2 over Cu2O-P25 composites
C.Y. Yan, W.T. Yi, J. Xiong & J. Ma

Influence of TiO2 on drag reduction and shear degradation resistance of polyolefin in diesel
X.D. Dai, H.R. Liu, Y.Z. Zhang & J.M. Li

Adsorption of aqueous heavy metal ions by a poly(m-phenylenediamine)/attapulgite composite
Y.B. Ding, J.J. Wang & Y.C. Xu

Effect of Mg content on the microstructure and properties of a Zn-Al-Mg alloy
X.D. Hao, C.F. Yue, S.M. Jiang, Q.F. Zhang, Y.N. Bai & L.J. Li

Beam manipulation by a slit film structure containing metal/dielectric composite materials
K. Zhang & Z.J. Wang

Discussion on the mineralogical characteristics and formation causes of Lizhu iron polymetallic ore deposits in Zhejiang Province
D.L. Jia, Y.F. Feng, W.Y. Zhang, X.F. Yao, Y.S. Li & Z.H. Zhang

Effects of biochar pyrolysis temperature on its characteristics and heavy metal adsorption
L.F. Zhao, Q.S. Liu, S.Y. Liu, W.C. Zhao, H.M. Li & B. Han

A hierarchical analysis of performances of powder extinguishing agents
S. Wang

The exploration and control methods of mine dust particles
Z.T. Xu, J.Y. Wang & M.X. Han

Comprehensive treatment of wastewater derived from enzymatic preparation of l-methionine
Y. Mei, C. Hu & J. Zhang

Synthesis of an ESA/AMPS copolymer and evaluation of its scale inhibition performance
Z.F. Liu, Y.L. Xu, L.H. Zhang, H.H. Li & Y.H. Gao

Research on a new polyepoxysuccinic acid copolymer
Y.L. Xu, Z.F. Liu, L.H. Zhang, H.H. Li & Y.H. Gao

High-performance and low-cost SERS substrate on a flexible plastic sheet
Q. Zhang, L. Liu & H.X. Ge

Studies on novel multiferroic materials
D.Y. Wei

Theoretical analysis of the separation of water load magnetic particles in a high-gradient magnetic field
Z.M. Zhu, J.X. Cheng, Y.P. Wu, C.N. Wang, F.T. Zhao, W.W. Wen & J.X. Cheng

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Prof. Aragona Patty is Director of the Research Laboratory in Subterranean and surface Hydraulics at the Portland Community College. She currently leads a research team of the laboratory in the field of waterworks and wastewater treatment and drinking water. Her early research in the fields of hydraulics concerned energy dissipation in stilling basins. During her research, she was responsible for guiding several PhD thesis in the field of hydraulics.

Prof. Peijiang Zhou, graduated in Wuhan University (1996) and received a doctorate degree of physical and chemical sciences. He graduated at Wuhan University to get a post doctoral certificate in biology. He is engaged in environmental pollution and remediation chemistry and biology, environmental health chemistry and toxicology, environmental analysis chemistry, environmental ecological risk assessment and management, as well as environmental protection and resource recycling teaching and research work so far in Environmental Science Department of Wuhan University. He published more than 150 articles in academic journals and academic conference papers (EI, SCI, ISTP), published 3 monographs (first editor), and 1 national invention patent.