Advances in Power and Energy Engineering : Proceedings of the 8th Asia-Pacific Power and Energy Engineering Conference, Suzhou, China, April 15-17, 2016 book cover
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Advances in Power and Energy Engineering
Proceedings of the 8th Asia-Pacific Power and Energy Engineering Conference, Suzhou, China, April 15-17, 2016

ISBN 9781138028463
Published April 5, 2016 by CRC Press
710 Pages

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Book Description

Energy and power are playing pivotal roles in social and economic developments of the modern world. Energy and power engineers and technologists have made our lives much more comfortable and affordable. However, due to the demands of the global population on resources and the environment, innovations of more reliable and sustainable energy resources/management with reduced impact on the environment are being increasingly demanded. The Asia-Pacific Power and Energy Engineering Conference (APPEEC) is an annual International Conference that has been held ever since 2009, and the last seven APPEECs attracted many scientists, engineers and technologists from all around the world to attend, providing ideal forums for them to exchange their new ideas and findings. The 8th APPEEC (APPEEC 2016), which is sponsored by Wuhan University and the 1000 Think Tank, was held from April 15 to 17, 2016 in Suzhou, China. “Advances in Power and Energy Engineering: Proceedings of APPEEC 2016” provides cutting-edge scientific and engineering papers of energy and power presented by leading experts in their specialties, and is indeed an excellent reference for energy managers, researchers, engineers/technologists and policy makers to keep up with the latest developments in the fields of Power and Energy Engineering.

Table of Contents



New energy and technologies

Research on the DFIG wind generation comprehensive control
M.X. Shangguan & J.X. Zhao

Economic analysis of supporting policies for residential solar Photovoltaic in Massachusetts, USA: A case from Boston
S. Qiu & S. Ghosh

Fuzzy control based self-adaptive illumination system
C.K. Zhang, Z.Y. Li, Q.L. Zhang, W.H. Zhou & F.Z. Yu

PSO-Hammerstein model identification on MGT-based LiBr absorption chiller system
D.C. Zhao, L. Pan & J.L. Zhang

ERGA-SVD method based decoupled controller design for Micro Gas Turbine Combined Cooling Heating and Power system
Y.X. Liu, F. Zhang, J.L. Zhang, X. Zhou & J. Shen

Auto-tuning model predicting the control of Micro Gas Turbine Combined with Cooling Heating and Power systems
X.F. Liang, X. Wu, Y.G. Li, J.L. Zhang & J. Shen

Research on the master-slave control method for the multi-inverters of the micro-grid
S.F. Wen & S.T. Wang

Coordinated economic dispatch of interconnected microgrids based on rolling optimization
Y. Du & W. Pei

Research on a novel power control method of Distributed Generators in the micro grid
L. Peng, S. Su, Z.Y. Zhang, X.N. Lin & X.S. Li

Positive feedback voltage drift island detection based on droop control
T. Yan, Z.Z. Qu, Z.B. Liu & G.W. Zhu

Coordinated control strategy of AC/DC hybrid distribution system
X. Zhang, W. Deng, W. Pei, T. Yu & T.J. Pu

Optimal protection coordination based on dual directional over-current relays for ring network distribution power systems
X.Y. Wang, X.G. Wang, D.H. Chen, S. Su & X.N. Lin

Analysis on water requirement of Concentrating Solar Power plant in western China
X.Y. Wang, L.Z. Zhu, L. Zhang & R.Y. Yu

Island operation control strategy for battery micro-grid based on RT-LAB
T. Yan, Z.Z. Qu, G.W. Zhu & Z.B. Liu

A review of the Energy Storage Systems applied in power grids
B. Han, S.F. Lu, L. Jiang & Y. Du

Modeling and simulation on regenerative braking of the electric vehicle
W. Shi, Y.Q. Zhang & G.Z. Song

Probabilistic power flow calculation of large scale Photovoltaic grid-connected power generation system
H. Fan, L.H. Zuo & D.F. Wang

Study on the mechanism and mitigation of SSI phenomena in large-scale wind farms with DFIGs
Y. Huang, X.T. Wang, H.J. Yu, K.M. Chen, G.L. Wang & Y.M. Huang

Research on the design of the power quality control equipment testing platform
Z.F. Liu, L.X. Wu, R.K. He, M. Ma & B.Y. Xu

Optimal operation strategy of power systems with renewable generations via coordinated control of hydrogen consumption
W. Wang & S.R. Wang

DC bus current reconstruction of 3L NPC dual PWM converter based on feed-forward control
W.J. Wu, W.X. Wang & X.Y. Li

Control strategy of the hybrid three terminal HVDC system for wind power transmission
Y. Zhang, X.T. Wang, Y. Huang & Z.B. Wang

Review of solar thermal energy storage materials
C. Peng, M.Y. Li, Y.Y. Li, X.M. Chen & G.M. Yu

Research on estimation of Electric Vehicles real-time schedulable capacity
X.B. Ju, C.Y. He, X.W. Zhang, J.R. Xia, H.H. Sun, C. Wang & C. Zhang

Research on wind-storage system participating in frequency regulation for energy internet
Q. Fan, W. Gu, Y. Xiao, C.H. Lin, X.K. Wen, J.G. Chen, M.M. Xu, Y.T. Xu, Y.Y. Chen & Y. He

Research on modeling and simulation of a kind of AC/DC power distribution device
P. Ye, Y.N. Hu, Z.F. Teng, L. Liu, Q. Gao, G.M. Zhang & Q. Liu

Power generation—conventional and renewable

Bioethanol production from the co-fermentation and co-culture fermentation of glucose and xylose by Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Pichia stipitis ATCC 58785 in a stirred tank bioreactor
F.J. Shalsh, N.A. Ibrahim, M. Arifullah & A.S. Mero Hussin

Implication of crystallites nucleation in petroleum based transformer oil in electric power system
L.L. Kaanagbara, H.I. Inyang, Jy. Wu, V.P. Lukic & D. Young

Research on pressure fluctuation of Francis turbine based on CFD
L. Fu, P.G. Kou & Y.G. Cheng

Dynamic behavior of synchronous generator during a sudden change in input torque using MATLAB/SIMULINK
M.A. Hassan Ibraheem

On-load capacity regulation design of distribution transformer
L.C. Ma & F.Y. Chang

Numerical Study of acoustic characteristics of gas-liquid coaxial injectors
H.H. An & W.S. Nie

Low Voltage Ride Through characteristics of large-scale grid-connected Photovoltaic power stations
W. Li, F. Wu, W.Y. Kong & Z.J. Meng

Optimal sizing of Photovoltaic and battery for residential house using genetic algorithms
J. Li & J.H. Braslavsky

Research on thermal and power characteristics of conventional solar cells with auxiliary equipment
X. Guo, E.C. Xin, H.W. Yuan, J.X. Lv, L.M. Zhou & Z. Ma

Preliminary analysis of AP1000 PCCS and its enhanced performance
C. Li, L. Li & Y.J. Zhang

Application of the Particle Swarm Optimization method in rectangular flue gas ducts
Q.C. Niu, B. Yan, X.K. Fan, Y. Yuan & D.M. Wu

Software redevelopment for rectangular flue gas ducts based on ABAQUS
X.K. Fan, B. Yan, Q.C. Niu, Y. Yuan & D.M. Wu

Research on the calculation of reversed flow of coal slime pastes in long-distance pipeline transportation
Y.Y. Liu, Y.B. Yang, J. Gao, X.D. Hao & M. Wu

Wind speed probability function in the coast of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil
M.A. Aredes & M. Aredes

An optimal and real-time control strategy for energy storage system
L.B. Yang, Y.L. Gao, Y. Niu, F. Zhang & T. Du

A voltage control strategy of Wind Farms Cluster for Steady State Voltage Stability improvement
S. Yang, W.S. Wang, C. Liu, Y.H. Huang, J. Wang & T.F. Guo

Dynamic security assessment method of wind power farm
Y.F. He, Y.X. Zhuo, X.N. Lin, Z.X. Wang & C.G. Tu

Study on dynamic model with feedback from flexible structure of wind turbine
H.T. Li, Z.J. Li & S. Shen

A new completing method of wind power data based on back propagation neural network
S.Y. Ye, Q. Tang, H. Feng, Y. Lu & X.R. Wang

Parallel computing strategy of power grid risk early warning system considering wind farm integration
W. Zhang, L.Y. Xu, Y.X. Zhuo, C. Chen, X. Zhou, Y.F. He

Development of Fast Reactor power plant and its economic analysis
L. Liu & S.P. Qi

Power system management

Seamless switching control method of micro grid based on master-slave configuration
L. Wang, K. Jiang, Z.X. Wang, B.F. Lu & C. Zhang

Influence of fluctuating load on distribution network voltage stability
Y.H. Huo, L.X. Zhang, Q.L. Zhang, S.Y. Li & J.T. Gui

Pole assignment design of the Power System Stabilizer by phase compensation method
C. Lv, T. Littler & W. Du

Stochastic stability of power system with asynchronous wind turbines
B. Yuan & J. Zong

A novel control strategy for UPQC applied to large scale industrial enterprises
S. Liu, Y. Liang, J.Q. Wang, Y. Liu, L.M. Tu, J. Xiao, Y.C. Wang & C.X. Mao

An active power regulation model for wind farms considering Static Voltage Stability margin
Y. Qi, X.D. Wang, N.S. Chen, X.J. Ge, M.X. Liu & M.S. Wang

Study on low power wireless energy transmission technology
Z.X. Wang & Y.G. Wei

Analysis method of weak point for high voltage distribution network with high density distributed generation
H. Zhao, Z.J. Li & H.R. Yan

Research on off-line quantification method of transient stability
D. Liu, Q.Y. Liu, R.G. Zhao, Q.F. Liu & R.H. Liu

Review and prospect of power system mid-long-term load forecasting methods
L. Xing, D. Yang, Z. Jiang, N. Wu & X. Zhao

Parameter identification of equivalent model of hydro generator units group based on PSO method with distributed computing structure
X. Xia & W. Ni

An improved calculation method for direct transient stability assessment with detailed generator model
Y. Wang, H.S. Sun, X.J. Pan, Y.P. Xu & J.H. Xi

Application of wavelet mutation detection technology in the ultrasonic localization of Partial Discharge in the transformer
Y.W. Dong, Y.Y. Liu, Q. Zou & L.X. Shi

Measurement accuracy analysis of active power under effects of reactive power compensation
S.Q. Li & B.L. Lei

Trip fault study of 500 kV common-tower double-circuit transmission lines based on induced voltage
A.W. Yu, W. Tang & B.C. Feng

Thermal fault diagnosis on power transformer with Grey Relational Analysis
L.F. Li, S.C. Deng, X. Chen & J. Wang

Study of time series clustering based on FCM
X. Guo, H.B. Yuan, J.X. Lv, M. Ling, L.M. Zhou & Z. Ma

Prediction of closing spring’s energy-storing state-based on circuit breaker’s running characteristic parameters
T. Shi, B.W. Guo, S.Q. Bai, W.J. Zhou, W. Dong & P.F. Li

State assessment of circuit breaker’s spring based on fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method
X.Q. Xu, B.W. Guo, J. Yuan, W.J. Zhou, R.F. Wei & S.Y. Zhao

Real-time degradation assessment system for hydropower equipment based on the streaming data processing
W.P. Tan & J. Xiao

Study on the localization technology of reflected pulse in Partial Discharge detection of HV power cables
T. Dong, H. Zhang, B. Zhang, G.K. Yu, X.R. Li, T.S. Hu & D.Z. Xu

Design and realization of the monitoring system of a DC micro-grid experiment and research platform
C.N. Song, F. Li, X.F. Lin & B. Liu

The research and implementation of a new grounding resistance on-line monitoring method of tower transmission system
B. Zhang, J.J. Song, J.B. Zhang, W. Li & M. Xu

An online coordinated optimal control strategy of a wind/photovoltaic/storage hybrid system
D. Yang, P. Sun, W. Ci, L. Xing & T. Zheng

Dynamic Optimal Power Flow and analysis of the active distribution network
W.B. Li, S. Yang, F.M. Meng, Z. Jiang, D.D. Zhang & J.Y. Jiang

Mixed measurement-based power system state estimation with measurement correlation
Z.G. Lu, S.H. Yang, S. Yang & J. Wang

Research on undervoltage problems and coordination strategies of prevention and control in isolated receiving power grid
Z.H. Li, L.H. Wu, Q. Wang, X. Chen & Y.X. Yu

Impact of VSC–HVDC integration on the rotor angle stability of power systems
T.Z. Pan & X.S. Tang

Analysis of the reliability of multi-circuit-on-same-tower power transmission systems
Y.J. Sun, Y.H. Zhang, Y.C. Zhang, X.H. Qin & Q.Y. Zhou

A bus voltage automatic optimization and adjustment method based on AIMMS software
P. Xu, F. Li, Y. Wang, F. Shi & A.A. Ni

Research on Demand Side Management
M.L. Dong, D.H. You, J. Hu, G. Wang, C. Long, F. Zhang, Z. He & L. Dai

An integrated decision-making method for condition assessment of power transformer
L.J. Sun, H.W. Yuan, B.Y. Zhang, W.J. Zuo, Z. Ma & Y.W. Shang

Determination of harmonic responsibilities under the change of background harmonic impedance
J. Chen, T.L. Zang, L. Fu & Z.Y. He

Research and application of power flow diagram automatic generation method based on logical geographic information
W.C. Fang, S.Y. Liang, W. Zhu, R. Hu, T.F. Kang, Y.G. Li & R.P. Zhang

The design of an automatic batch test system for power quality monitoring equipment
R.S. Qin, Z. Xu, X. Wang & J.W. Geng

Transmission line optimization on wind farm considering the effect of wind speed
Z.F. Jiang, C. Ma, X.G. He & Y.L. Zhong

Optimal allocation of STATCOM using improved Harmony Search algorithm
X.Q. Xu, T. Zhang & Y.Q. Liu

The harmonic model and its application to traction power supply system considering high-pass filter
D.D. Li, F.L. Zhou, Q. Liu, P. Zhu & H. Yu

A comprehensive accessibility evaluation method for power network planning
J.Y. Xu, J. Yan, C. Wei, L. Qiao, Y.X. Zhuo, Z.C. Wang, X. Zhou, C. Chen & X.N. Lin

A novel ADP-based method for SCUC with power flow constraints
D.L. Long

Multi-source generation optimal dispatching strategy with significant renewable energy penetration under non-market condition
S. Ma, X.F. Li, Y.P. Xu, Y.F. Wang & J.T. Zhang

Research on the differentiated construction mode of smart distribution network
Z. Huang, S.G. Liu, Y.H. Liu, W. Zhang, W. Liu, L.M. Zhou & Y.M. Hou

Effect analysis of Distributed Generations in the Active Distribution Network
H. Fan, H. Hui, Y.M. Hou, W. Liu, Z. Huang & J. Su

Constructive Heuristic Algorithm for integrated Generation and Transmission Network Expansion Planning
E.B. Cedeno

The electrical properties of polyester materials as insulators
K.B. Ewiss, L.S. Nasrat & R.M. Sharkawy

Power transmission and distribution

Testing and analysis of 220 kV transformer’s abnormal noise
W. Jiang, X.S. Lan & Y.Q. Zhou

Critical line identification of the power system considering network structure and operating state
Z.Y. Qu, Q. Li, J.H. Du & Y.X. Ren

Simulation and experimental study of a state-of-the-art M-STATCOM
S.A. Kamran, J. Muñoz & Y. Chen

DC voltage characteristic analysis of MTDC distribution network
Z.Y. Zhao, B.S. Su & D. Xie

Synchronverter to damp multiple electromechanical oscillations
E.L. van Emmerik, B.W. França, A.R. Castro, G.F. Gontijo, D.S. Oliveira & M. Aredes

Research on power stability of hybrid system with UHVDC Hierarchical Connection to AC grid
Y. Tang, B. Chen, L.L. Zhu, J.C. Pi & C.G. Wang

Electrical breakdown of air gap between conductor and tower covered by insulation sheath
J. Chen, Z. Fan, Z.C. Zhou, Y. Liu, Y.L. Lu & W. Liang

Impulse characteristics of grounding devices of transmission tower based on a simulation experiment in a two-layer soil
L.S. Xiao, Q. Li, Z.Q. Rao, X. Yang & J.R. Huang

Investigation on fault diagnosis of substation grounding grid using distribution of ground potential
W.D. Qu, D. Huang, M. Yang, W.R. Si, Z.B. Xu, X. Guo & F.H. Wang

Study on impulse characteristics of substation grounding grid with experimental analysis
Z.X. Lu, R. Zhou, M.B. Wu, W.R. Si, X. Guo, Z.B. Xu & F.H. Wang

One high sensitive residual current protection apparatus
F. Du, W. Chen, Y. Zhuo & M. Anheuser

The arc model of single phase grounding fault and EMTP/ATP simulation research
Y. Yang & C.M. Li

Study on electric field distribution of 1000 kV AC double-circuit transmission line Y-type insulator string
F. Huo, T. Xu, X.H. Fan, M.T. Wei & C.P. Huang

Study on the power grid structural scheme of the Ultra-High Voltage power delivery system used in large-scale thermal power bases
P. Ji, J.X. Liu, H.T. Yang, W. Tang, Y.T. Song, C. Zheng, L.N. Zhang, X.F. Hu, A. Wang & J.J. Wang

Test research of live working of 1000 kV UHV substation
B. Xiao, K. Liu, T. Wu, T. Liu, Y. Peng, Z.M. Su, P. Tang & X.L. Lei

Smart grid technologies

Application of disconnecting circuit breaker in new generation smart substation
J.B. Li, R. Hu, J. Chen, Y.X. Wen & J.G. Yang

Research of medium voltage flexible DC device locating
Y.Y. Cui, T. Wei, W. Liu & F.X. Hui

Comparative analysis on the economy of coal transportation and electricity transmission
K. Zheng, F.Q. Zhang & Y. Wang

Comprehensive evaluation of regional grid smart level based on key technology
Q.M. Zhao, W.J. Qi, X.J. Li, H.J. Jia, Y.L. Liu, H. Huang & L. Liu

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Prof. Yuanzhang Sun received the B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph.D degrees in electrical engineering from Wuhan University, Electrical Power Research Institute and Tsinghua University of China in 1978, 1982 and 1988 respectively, and then joined Tsinghua University. Now he is currently a chair professor of electrical engineering, associate director of State Key Laboratory of Power System Control and Dynamic Simulation, Wuhan University. And he is currently serving as an associate editor of IFAC Journal on Control Engineering Practice, an associate director of Department of Electricity & Applied Mathematics, CSEE.