Advances in Stochastic Structural Dynamics : Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Stochastic Structural Dynamics-SSD '03, Hangzhou, China, May 26-28, 2003 book cover
1st Edition

Advances in Stochastic Structural Dynamics
Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Stochastic Structural Dynamics-SSD '03, Hangzhou, China, May 26-28, 2003

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ISBN 9780849316647
Published May 13, 2003 by CRC Press
624 Pages

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Book Description

Collection of technical papers presented at the 5th International Conference on Stochastic Structural Dynamics (SSD03) in Hangzhou, China during May 26-28, 2003. Topics include direct transfer substructure method for random response analysis, generation of bounded stochastic processes, and sample path behavior of Gaussian processes. For scientists and researchers.

Table of Contents

Direct Transfer Substructure Method for Random Response Analysis /Changqing Bai and Qingyu Xu -- Dynamic Stiffness Method for Free Vibration Analysis of a Two-Part -- Beam-Mass System /J. Ranjan Banerjee and Huijuan Su -- Singular Conditioning of Processes and the Random Decrement Method /Pierre Bernard -- Generation of Bounded Stochastic Processes /Guo-Qiang Cai -- Recursive Expression for Nonstationary Responses of Structures Excited by Evolutionary White Noises /Kui-fu Chen, Sen-wen Zhang and Su-qing Huang -- On the Approximation of Invariant Measures of Stochastic Dynamical Systems under Multiplicative Noise /Martin G. Cichon and Walter V. Wedig -- On Using Non-Gaussian Distributions to Perform Statistical Linearization /Stephen H. Crandall -- Bifurcations with Slow Parametric Variation Controlled by Noise /Huw G. Davies -- Stability Analysis of Vibro-Impact Systems with Stochastic Parameters /Wangcai Ding and Jianhua Xie -- Wavelets Based Representation of Stochastic Processes with Evolutionary Spectra /Giuseppe Failla and Pol D. Spanos -- On the Unified Approach to Evolutionary Random Response Problems /Tong Fang, Xiao-Lei Leng, Jun-Qiang Li, Tian-Shu Zhang, Mu-Nan Sun and Huai-Jiang Su -- Parametric Bifurcations in Nonlinear Time Delay Systems /Mustapha S. Fofana and Brendan Powers -- Stochastic Stability of a Delay Version of the Duffing Equation /Mustapha S. Fofana, Yang Yong and Brendan Powers -- Performance-Based Design and Seismic Reliability Using Designed Experiments and Neural Networks /Ricardo O. Foschi and Jiansen Zhang -- Partial-Average Based Studies of Benchmark Incompressible Ihrbulent Flows /Ge Gao and Yan Yong -- Numerical Approaches to the First Passage Probability in Bridge Buffeting Response /Yaojun Ge, Lin Zhao and Quanshun Ding -- Stochastic Buckling Analysis of a Joined-Wing /Debraj Ghosh, Roger Ghanem and Chris Pettit -- The Integer Multiple Spiking in Autonomous Experiments on Neural Pacemaker: -- Is It Caused by Autonomous Stochastic Resonance or Chaos? /Huaguang Gu, Zhiqiang Liu, Minghao Yang, Li Li and Wei Ren -- A VR-Based Test and Simulation System—with Application in Non-Destructive Evaluation /Tian-Tai Guo, Xiao-Jun Zhou and Gen-Xing Zhu -- The Assessment of Ride Comfort of Moving Road Vehicles under Crosswind /Wen-Hun Guo and You-Lin Xu -- Stochastic Model of Contact System /Hua He and Qi Feng -- Redundancy Index for Mitigation Measures to Lifeline Seismic Risk /Masaru Hoshiya, Kinya Yamamoto and Haruo Ohno -- A Stochastic Model for Localized Disturbances and Its Applications /Zhikun Hou and Adriana Hera -- Random Stability Analysis of a Slender Beam Undergoing a Large Linear Motion of Basement Subject to Narrow-Band Random Parametric Excitation /Hai-Yan Hu and Zhi-Hua Feng -- Wind-Induced Vibration Control of High-Rise Building with Random Parameters /Bin Huang and Weilian Qu -- Stochastic HOPF Bifurcation of Four-Wheel-Steering System /Dong-Wei Huang, Hong-Li Wang, Yu Qiao and Zhi-Wen Zhu -- Jump and Bifurcation of Coupled Duffing-van der Pol Oscillators under Combined Harmonic and White Noise Excitations /Zhi-Long Huang, Li-Xia Gao and Wei-Qiu Zhu -- Exact and Approximate Stationary Responses of Multi-Degree-of-Freedom Vibro-Impact Systems Subject to White Noise Excitations /Zhi-Long Huang, Zhong-Hua Liu and Wei-Qiu Zhu -- A Time-Domain Reliability Assessment Technique for Nonlinear Structures /Jungwon Huh and Achintya Haidar -- Linear Dynamical Systems under Random Trains of Non-Overlapping, Arbitrary-Shape Pulses with Erlang Durations and Time Gaps /Radoslaw Iwankiewicz and Soeren R.K. Nielsen -- Stochastic Response Estimation of Wind-Excited Structures with Uncertain Parameters /Wei-Liang Jin and Zhi-Gang Song -- A Study on Stochastic Resonance of Two-Dimensional Brownian Motion in a Bistable Potential /Yan-Mei Kang, Jian-Xue Xu and Yong Xie -- An Efficient Method for Calculation of Reliability Integrals /Lambros Katajygiotis and Joseph Sai Hung Cheung -- Wedge Simulation Method for Calculation of Reliability of Linear Systems Subjected to Gaussian Random Excitations /Lambros Katajygiotis and Joseph Sai Hung Cheung -- Stochastic Predictive Control of Structures Using ARMA Models /Ali Keyhani -- Stochastic Active Walks and Positive-Feedback Systems /Lui Lam -- Stochastic Perturbation Analysis for Evolutionary Random Response Problems of Random Structures /Xiao-Lei Leng, Tong Fang, Chang-Qing Song and Jun-Qiang Li -- Probability Distribution of the Maximum Elastoplastic Story Drift of Steel Frames Subjected to Earthquake Load /Gang Li and Gengdong Cheng -- Probability Density Evolution Method for Dynamic Response Analysis of Stochastic Structures /Jie Li and Jian-Bing Chen -- Dynamical Modeling and Application of Complex Viscoelastic Structure /Ning Li, Jinghui Zhang and Xinong Zhang -- Random Vibration Analysis of Tall Buildings /Qiusheng Li, Yahui Zhang, Jiurong Wu and Jiahao Lin -- Identification of Hysteretic Structural Systems with Slip by Bayesian Method -- and Bootstrap Filter /Shujin Li, Yoshiyuki Suzuki and Mohammad Noori -- Nonlinear Frequency-Domain Analysis of Jack-Up Platforms /Chih Young Liaw and Xiang Yuan Zheng -- An Innovative Algorithm for Random Vibration Analysis of Complex Structures /Jia-Hao Lin, Ya-Hui Zhang and Yan Zhao -- Sample Path Behavior of Gaussian Processes /Zheng-Yan Lin -- Noise Control Technology of Liquid-Filled Piping Systems /Xue-Jun Lu, Kai-He Wang, Wei Xu and Ming-Lin Sui -- Semi-Active Control of Randomly Wind-Excited Tall Building Structures -- Using MR-TLCDs /Yi-Qing Ni, Zu-Guang Ting, Jian-Ti Wang, Jan-Ming Ko, and Bill F. Spencer, Jr. -- Structural Reliability Analysis of Active Control Based on Ground Velocity /Miao Pang and Kevin K.F. Wong -- Unified Representation of Gaussian Random Fields /Fabrice Poirion and Benedicte Puig -- Excursion Probabilities of Linear and Nonlinear Systems /Helmut J. Pradlwarter and Gerhart /. Schueller -- Different Effects of Noise on Two Kinds of Bifurcations in Experimental -- Neural Pacemakers /Wei Ren, Huaguang Gu, Minghao Yang, Li Li and Zhiqiang Liu -- A New Approach for Approximation Solutions of FPK Equations /Haiwu Rong, Xiangdong Wang, Guang Meng, Wei Xu and Tong Fang -- The Robustness of an Efficient Probabilistic Data-Based Tool for Simulating -- the Nonstationary Response of Nonlinear Systems /Andrew W. Smyth and Sami F. Masri -- Random Uncertainties Modeling for the Medium-Frequency Dynamics /Christian Soize -- Monte Carlo Simulation of Global Supply Chain Management Systems /Prapoj Srinuwattiwong and Chingping Han -- Exact and Equivalent Solutions of Two-Degree-of-Freedom Nonlinear Systems under Stationary White Noise Excitations /Cho W.S. To -- Some Advances in Nonlinear Stochastic Evolution Models of Neuron Population /Rubin Wang and Zhikang Zhang -- Simulation of Nonstationary Random Processes Based on Hilbert-Huang Transform /Ti-Kwei Wen and Ping Gu -- Transient Behaviors of Linear and Nonlinear Systems under Stationary Non-Gaussian Random Excitation /Changfu Wu and Guo-Qiang Cai -- Study of Stochastic Fatigue Crack Growth Models and Their Experimental Verification /Wen-Fang Wu and Chi-Chung Ni -- Truss Topology Optimization Subjected to Stochastic Excitation /Bin Xu and Jie-Sheng Jiang -- The Applications of Parameter-lining Stochastic Resonance in Signal Processing /Bo-Hou Xu, Hua-Feng Li, Fa-Bing Duan and Jian-Long Li -- Global Analysis of Stochastic Bifurcation in UEDA System /Wei Xu, Qun He, Haiwu Rong and Tong Fang -- Damage Identification of Linear and Nonlinear Structures Based on a Tracking Approach /Jann N. Yang, Silian Lin and Shuwen Pan -- Numerical Path Integration of a Nonlinear Oscillator Subject to Both Sinusoidal and White Noise Excitations /Jinshou Yu and Yukweng Lin -- Stochastic Resonance of a Pitchfork Bifurcation System /Guang-Jun Zhang and Jian-Xue Xu -- Detecting and Quantifying Nonlinear Site Amplification from Earthquake Recordings /Ray Ruichong Zhang, Lance VanDemark, Jianwen Liang and Yuxian Hu -- Spectral Moments and Reliability of Elastic-Viscoelastic Systems under Random Excitations /Tianshu Zhang, Zhi Ran and Tong Fang -- Statistical Performance Analysis of a Semi-Activ

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