1st Edition

Advisory Councils and Committees in Education

By Maurice Kogan, Tim Packwood Copyright 1974

    First published in 1974, Advisory Councils and Committees in Education is an analytical account of the role of advisory councils and committees in creating and promulgating educational policies. The book reviews systematically the content of twenty-eight reports starting with the Hadow Report of 1926, in terms of developments in educational philosophy, government and administration, social policy and the economics of education. It also analyses the membership and working of the committees. The study is based on historical and organizational analysis. It is concerned not only with what the councils did but takes up the wider questions of the place of such councils and committees in educational government and their relevance for changing assumptions about other ways in which government is advised. This book will be of interest to students of education, pedagogy and public policy.

    Introduction 1. Advisory committees and their place in the government and education services 2. The origins and workings of committees 3. Membership and methods of working 4. The major councils and committees, 1920 to 1972: their main themes 5. Four major reports 6. The future of advisory systems Appendix 1 Appendix 2 Further reading Sources


    Maurice Kogan and Tim Packwood