1st Edition

Africa in Search of Democracy

By K. A. Busia Copyright 1967

    Originally published in 1967, reissued now with a new introduction, Africa in Search of Democracy in the author’s words was ‘a humble contribution to Africa’s search for political wisdom whereby to avoid destruction’. Written by the author during his time in voluntary exile, he was leader of the Parliamentary Opposition and of the United Party in Ghana which opposed the tyrannical rule of Nkrumah and his Convention People’s Party. In this book he proposed to examine the problems facing contemporary Africa within the context of the search for democracy; that is, for the establishment of societies which provide the best possible conditions for individual as well as social development within the widest measure of democratic freedom. The burning questions of nation building, of modernization, of raising standards of living, of achieving African unity, or harmonizing race relations and world peace, are discussed in relation to the quest for democracy.

    A Note on K. A. Busia on Africa: An Anniversary Set.  New Introduction.  Preface.  1. The Religious Heritage  2. The Political Heritage  3. Colonialism  4. Communist Prescriptions for Democracy  5. African Concepts of Socialism  6. The Ingredients of Democracy  7. Tribalism  8. Democracy and One-party Systems  9. The Search for Union and World Brotherhood  10. Democracy is a Way of Life.  References.  Index.


    K. A. Busia