African American Family Life: Ecological and Cultural Diversity (Paperback) book cover

African American Family Life

Ecological and Cultural Diversity

Edited by Vonnie C. McLoyd, Nancy E. Hill, Kenneth A. Dodge

© 2007 – Guilford Press

348 pages

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About the Book

This volume brings together leading experts from different disciplines to offer new perspectives on contemporary African American families. A wealth of knowledge is presented on the heterogeneity of Black family life today; the challenges and opportunities facing parents, children, and communities; and the impact on health and development of key cultural and social processes. Comprehensive and authoritative, the book critically evaluates current policies and service delivery models and offers cogent recommendations for supporting families' strengths.


"The message of this book is clear and timely: there is no single portrait of the African American family. It highlights the varied ecological circumstances of African American families and the range of historical experiences that continue to produce myriad family types… Deserves a prominent place in the library of all serious students of the contemporary African American family." -Ross D. Parke, PhD, Center for Family Studies and Department of Psychology, University of California, Riverside, USA

"An excellent text for graduate and advanced undergraduate students seeking the most recent data on this racially, culturally, and socioeconomically diverse population. The editors are to be congratulated for assembling this amazing cadre of contributing authors." - Harriette McAdoo, PhD, Department of Family and Child Ecology, Michigan State University, USA

"A very fine book. It brings a fresh approach to the study of African American families… The authors together make it clear that African American families not only grow out of and are shaped by the varied cultural streams in American life, but also make a contribution to the continuing streams of cultural diversity." - Andrew Billingsley, PhD, Department of Sociology and African American Studies Program, University of South Carolina, Columbia, USA

"A 'must have' reference… It has been a handy resource in intervention planning for my individual family intervention program that serves fifty African American families who live in an urban area. I have also used it with good success in a training workshop for behavior management staff who provide school intervention to teens… The material also is relevant to the graduate level family therapy and diversity classes that I teach." - The Family Psychologist

Table of Contents

Part 1. Emergent Issues, Themes, and Conceptualizations. V.C. McLoyd, N.E. Hill, K.A. Dodge, Ecological and Cultural Diversity in African American Family Life. N.E. Hill, V.M. Murry, V.D. Anderson, Sociocultural Contexts of African American Families. V.L. Lamb, K.C. Land, S.O. Meadows, F. Traylor, Trends in African American Child Well-being, 1985–2001. W.A. Darity, Jr., M.J. Nicholson, Racial Wealth Inequality and the Black Family. M.B. Tucker, A.D. James, New Families, New Functions: Postmodern African American Families in Context. Part 2. African American Families in Community Contexts. C.M. Bryant, K.A.S. Wickrama, Marital Relationships of African Americans: A Contextual Approach. V.C. McLoyd, N. Enchautegui-de-Jesýs, Work and African American Family Life. L.M. Burton, S.L. Clark, Homeplace and Housing in the Lives of Low-income Urban African American Families. J.S. Mattis, Religion in African American Family Life. P. Dilworth-Anderson, P.Y. Goodwin, A Model of Extended Family Support: Care of the Elderly in African American Families. Part 3. Socialization Processes in African American Families. O.A. Barbarin, T. McCandies, C. Coleman, N.E. Hill, Family Practices and School Performance of African American Children. K.A. Dodge, V.C. McLoyd, J.E. Lansford, The Cultural Context of Physically Disciplining Children. S.I. Coard, R.M. Sellers, African American Families as a Context for Racial Socialization. E.E. Pinderhughes, B.J. Harden, Beyond the Birth Family: African American Children Reared by Alternative Caregivers. H.C. Stevenson, D.M. Winn, C. Walker-Barnes, S.I. Coard, Style Matters: Toward a Culturally Relevant Framework for Interventions with African American Families.

About the Editors

Vonnie C. McLoyd, University of North Carolina, USA

Nancy E. Hill, Duke University, USA

Kenneth A. Dodge, Duke University, USA

About the Series

Duke Series in Child Development and Public Policy

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