1st Edition

African Perspectives to the Question of Life's Meaning

Edited By Aribiah D. Attoe Copyright 2024

    This insightful book is the first edited book volume in the literature to concern itself, primarily, with the question of life’s meaning from the, largely under-explored, African perspective.

    In this collection, the authors have undertaken to answer this question, and other related questions, by showing some of the possible conceptions of life’s meaning that can be derived from traditional African perspectives.

    African Perspectives to the Question of Life's Meaning will be a key resource for academics, researchers, and advanced students of philosophy, African studies, psychology, and religion. This book was originally published as a special issue of South African Journal of Philosophy.

    Introduction: African perspectives to the question of life’s meaning
    Aribiah D. Attoe

    1. The African vital force theory of meaning in life
         Ada Agada

    2. African theories of meaning in life: A critical assessment
        Thaddeus Metz

    3. A systematic account of African conceptions of the meaning of/in life
        Aribiah D. Attoe

    4. An African response to absurdism
        Yoliswa Mlungwana 

    5. An African approach to the meaning of life
        Yolanda Mlungwana

    6. The traditional Yorùbá conception of a meaningful life
        Oladele Abiodun Balogun

    7An Afrocentric conceptualisation of life and immortality of values: A critical investigation on the paranormal and human dignity in southern Africa
        Felix Murove

    8. Personhood and a meaningful life in African philosophy
        Motsamai Molefe

    9. Living as a person until death: An African ethical perspective on meaning in life
        Charles Nkem Okolie

    10. Situational ambivalence of the meaning of life in Yorùbá thought
          Benjamin Timi Olujohungbe


    Aribiah D. Attoe is Lecturer at the University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa and a member of the prestigious Conversational School of Philosophy. His interests include: African Metaphysics, Philosophy of Religion, Ethics, and Social and Political Philosophy. He is currently working on his forthcoming book The Question of Life’s Meaning: An African Perspective.