1st Edition

Ageing, Cognition, and Neuroscience A Special Issue of the European Journal of Cognitive Psychology

    296 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    Developed nations are experiencing enormous increases in the number of elderly people in the population. Ageing is a universal complex multifaceted process that profoundly affects mind and brain of all individuals. Important discoveries are being made at different levels of research on cognitive aging: from the molecular/genetic level, to the cell, the network, and the processing of information at the cognitive level. The aim of this special issue is to examine new breakthroughs of the aging mind and brain and how to use this knowledge to promote interdisciplinary research in normal and pathological aging.

    S. Ballesteros, L.Goran-Nilsson, P. Lemaire, Ageing, Cognition and Neuroscience: An Introduction. P. Andrés, Equivalent Part Set Cueing Effects in Younger and Older Adults. E.A. Kensinger, C.M. Leclerc, Age-related Changes in the Neural Mechanisms Supporting Emotion Processing and Emotional Memory. W.A. Meijer, R.H.M. de Groot, P.W.M. van Gerven, M.P.J. van Boxtel, J. Jolles, Level of Processing and Reaction Time in Young and Middle-aged Adults and the Effect of Education. A.H. Gutchess, D.C. Park, Effects of Ageing on Associative Memory for Related and Unrelated Pictures. V. Gaillard, A. Destrebecqz, S. Michiels, A. Cleeremans, Effects of Age and Practice in Sequence Learning: A Graded Account of Ageing, Learning, and Control. J. Andoni Duñabeitia, A. Marín, A. Avilés, M. Perea, M. Carreiras, Constituent Priming Effects: Evidence for Preserved Morphological Processing in Healthy Old Readers. A. Pansky, M. Goldsmith, A. Koriat, S. Pearlman-Avnion, Memory Accuracy in Old Age: Cognitive, Metacognitive, and Neurocognitive Determinants. A. McKinlay, J.C. Dalrymple-Alford, R.C. Grace, D. Roger, The Effect of Attentional Set-shifting, Working Memory, and Processing Speed on Pragmatic Language Functioning in Parkinson’s Disease. L. Taconnat, N. Raz, C. Toczé, B. Bouazzaoui, H. Sauzéon, S. Fay, M. Isingrini, Ageing and Organisation Strategies in Free Recall: The Role of Cognitive Flexibility. S. Ballesteros, M. González, J. Mayas, B. García-Rodríguez, J. Manuel Reales, Cross-modal Repetition Priming in Young and Old Adults. E. Nilsson, Å. Wahlin, Diabetes and Elevated Glycosylated Haemoglobin: Episodic Memory and Utilisation of Cognitive Support. B. Olk, A. Kingstone, A New Look at Ageing and Performance in the Antisaccade Task: The Impact of Response Selection. B. García-Rodríguez, H. Ellgring, A. Fusari, A. Frank, The Role of Interference in Identification of Emotional Facial Expressions in Normal Ageing and Dementia. E. Borella, C. Delaloye, T. Lecerf, O. Renaud, A. de Ribaupierre, Do Age Differences Between Young and Older Adults in Inhibitory Tasks Depend on the Degree of Activation of Information?


    Soledad Ballesteros, Lars Goran-Nilsson, Patrick Lemaire