1st Edition

Aggregate Resources A Global Perspective

Edited By P.T. Bobrowsky Copyright 1998

    Aggregate Resources provides a comprehensive collection of 27 diverse scientific papers on aggregate topics, such as geology of deposits, geophysical exploration techniques, deposit prediction and modeling, land-use case studies, production values and trends, geotechnical properties, legislation politics and others. This diversity in subject matter is further enhanced by relying on contributions from a number of countries including Australia, Belgium, Canada, Lebanon, the Netherlands, Norway, South Africa, the United Kingdom and the United States. The range of topical papers and representative countries, coupled with the global significance of the resources prompted the title Aggregate Resources: A global perspective. The book will appeal to all those involved with aggregate resources: geologists, producers, technicians , construction engineers, developers, land-use planners, legislators, academics and the public consumer, especially since all of us are in some manner, directly dependent or indirectly affected by this resource.

    *Each chapter is a study on a particular area of importance for aggregate producers. Pit & Quarry, April 1998.

    • Aggregate resources in global perspective;
    • Construction aggregates in Canada – An overview;
    • Successful integration of aggregate data in land-use planning: A California Case Study;
    • The state of aggregate resource management in Ontario;
    • The geological conservation of glaciofluvial sand and gravel resources in Northern Ireland: An integrated approach using natural areas;
    • Geomorphic effects of gravel extraction in the Russian River, California;
    • The geology, exploration characteristics and resource potential of sand and gravel deposits in Alberta, Canada;
    • Environmental effects of aggregate extraction from river channels and floodpains;
    • The coarse aggregate resources of South Africa;
    • The utility of Quaternary thematic maps in the exploitation and the preservation of the natural environment;
    • Sand accumulation in a gravel-bed river;
    • Planning for aggregate extraction: Using an integrated resource management approach;
    • Issues affecting development of natural aggregate near St. George and surrounding communities Washington County, Utah, USA;
    • Construction materials in the Netherlands: Resources and policy;
    • Economics of recycled aggregates;
    • Modeling sand and gravel deposits and aggregate resources potential;
    • Aggregate modeling and assessment;
    • Geologic characterization of natural aggregate: A field geologist’s guide to natural resource assessment;
    • Ground penetrating radar: Applications in sand and gravel aggregate exploration;
    • Application of petrography in durability assessment of rock construction materials;
    • Assessing the environmental impacts of sand harvesting from Kenyan rivers;
    • Mineral extraction and the conservation of geotopes – Experiences in the Netherlands;
    • A review of mineral aggregate production and operating conditions in Alberta, Canada;
    • An environmental perspective on quarrying for the construction industry in Lebanon;
    • Aggregate resources of the Greater Vancouver and Lower Mainland market, B.C., Canada: Problems and future outlook;
    • Aggregate resources in Norway and their quality requirements;
    • Ontario’s aggregate resources inventory program;
    • Geologic and geographic aspects of sand and gravel production in Louisiana;

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    Peter Bobrowsky is Head of the Canada Landslide Loss Reduction Program for the Geological Survey of Canada within Natural Resources Canada. His current research interests include Medical Geology in Canada, landslide mapping in British Columbia, slope stability assessment of Machu Picchu, and landslide risk assessment in Italy. . He is a member/fellow of several organizations including: Canadian Geotechnical Society; International Association of Engineering Geology and the Environment; Geological Association of Canada; Geological Society of America; Canadian Quaternary Association; and American Quaternary Association. Peter is author or co-author of over 200 publications.

    *Each chapter is a study on a particular area of importance for aggregate producers. Pit & Quarry, April 1998.

    *Strongly recommended to engineers in the disciplines of mechanical, aerospace & electrical engineering. Structural Engineer,1999.