1st Edition

Agricultural Water Management

By A. L. Van Wijk, Wesseling J. Copyright 1986

    This book is an outcome of the symposium on agricultural water management in Netherlands and discusses the methods that leads to cost effective but environmentally acceptable techniques. The book covers following topics: drainage and reclamation of soil and effect of drainage on agriculture.

    Session 1: Drainage and reclamation of soils with low permeability 1. Characterization of flow processes during drainage in some Dutch heavy clay soils 2. Factors influencing mole drainage channel stability 3. Effective disruption is a major factor in the drainage of impermeable soils 4. Discussion Session 1 Session 2: Effects of drainage and/or irrigation on agriculture 5. Twenty years of drainage and irrigation research 6. Irrigation demand and utilization of irrigation water on sandy soils in Denmark 7. Effect of irrigation on agriculture: Water availability and crop yield 8. Discussion Session 2.1 9. Drainage of clay lands for grassland production: Problems, effects, benefits 10. Effects of saturation on pasture production on a clay loam pseudogley soil 11. Discussion Session 2.2 12. Simulating effects of soil type and drainage on arable crop yield 13. Modelling the yield of winter wheat under limiting water conditions 14. Water balance and crop production 15. Discussion Session 2.3 Session 3: Installation and maintenance of drainage systems 16. Soil invasion into drain pipes 17. Common lines in research on drainage envelopes in France and in the Netherlands 18. Use of hydrographs to survey subsurface drainage: Networks ageing and hydraulic operating 19. Design, installation and maintenance of drainage systems 20. The effect of maintenance on the performance of tube drains 21. Discussion Session 3 Session 4: Regional and local water management systems 22. Models for the assessment of sedimentation in reservoirs as a tool for correct management and lifetime estimate in the project phase 23. Hydrological and economical effects of manipulating water levels in open water conduits — A case study 24. The flow rate of water at the level of a moving water table 25. Discussion Session 4 Session 5: Effects of agriculture on its environment 26. Leaching of ferrous iron after drainage of pyrite-rich soils and means of preventing pollution of streams 27. Nitrogen balance in crop production and groundwater quality 28. Nitrate load and water management of agricultural land 29. Discussion Session 5


    A. L. Van Wijk (Author) , Wesseling J. (Author)