1st Edition

Alcoholism Causes, Symptoms, Effects and Treatment

Edited By Vinod K. Shanwal, B.S. Chhikara Copyright 2022
    274 Pages 17 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    The book includes research on multi-dimensional aspects of problems related to alcohol. The chapters cover a wide range of topics on the theme of Alcoholism, ranging from reasons and factors that induce alcoholism, to health risks and finally possible medical, psychological and alternative remedial measures. Various factors such as genetics, childhood influences, antisocial behaviour, and personality traits contribute to this menace of alcoholism. Cultural values, beliefs, and childhood experiences to govern thought process are indirectly related to earlier stages of alcohol addiction. Family history and life stress have implications on an individual's susceptibility to alcohol addiction. Personality traits influence the addiction in individuals. The treatment of alcoholism involves different therapies besides medicines for comprehensive and smooth recovery of the person. The important inducing factors, impact on society, individual, brain, family, nutritional deficiency and possible therapies such as body psychotherapies, herbal and natural therapy have been covered in the book in hope of a comprehensive solution.
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    1. Is it the Personality or the Alcohol that Makes one an Addict? 
    Karishma, Nisha Phakey and Krishan Kumar 
    2. Impact of Alcohol on Family Functioning 
    Narendra Kumar Singh and Dipanjan Bhattacharjee 
    3. The Effects of Alcoholism on the Brain 
    Ram Singh, Geetanjali and Deepak Mishra 
    4. Nutritional Deficiencies and Diseases Associated with Alcoholism 
    Lakshna Mahajan and Ram Singh 
    5. Alcohol De-addiction: Application of Body Psychotherapies 
    Suhas Shetgovekar 
    6. Understanding the Role of Probiotics as a Possible Treatment Strategy for Alcoholism Induced Liver Dysfunction 
    Sriram Seshadri 
    7. Herbal and Natural Medicines for Treatment of Alcoholism and Associated Diseases 
    Jyoti Singh 
    8. Psychopharmacotherapy for Alcoholism: Challenges in Novel Approaches 
    Rahmat Bano and Ravinder Singh 
    9. Substance Abuse Disorder and its Management 
    Gauri Shanker Kaloiya and Mohit Kumar 
    10. Prohibition in India: A Study of the Historical & Contemporary Aspects 
    11. Patterns of Alcohol Abuse Among Urban Slums & Substandard Settlements: Review of Indian Literature
    Towards Implications for Policy Interventions 
    Sushil Kumar and Gurpreet Kaur 
    12. Alcoholism: Popular Culture and Narrative Therapy Interventions 
    13. Alcoholism Among Adolescents and Juvenile Delinquency 
    Annie Khanam (Singh) and Subhasis Bhadra 
    14. Impact of Alcoholism on Various Aspects of Wealth Management 
    Shweta Anand 
    15. Chemical Therapeutics for the Treatment of Alcoholism  
    Brijesh Rathi and Poonam 
    16. Alcoholism: A Health and Social Evil  
    Dharam Pal Singh and Meenakshi Sindoliya 


    Vinod K. Shanwal, Head, Department of Education and Training, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Gautam Buddha University, Greater Noida.

    B.S. Chhikara, Department of Chemistry, Aditi Mahavidyalaya, University of Delhi.

    "This book reviews a wide variety of issues covering the biological and psychosocial contributors to alcoholism, public health and policy perspectives, as well as various medical and non-medical treatment approaches. Most of the information is covered in a general manner. The editors and contributing authors are from universities in India; therefore, some of the chapters give a unique perspective on different issues, such as the chapter on herbal and
    natural medicines, which will not be found in most texts on this topic."

    • Michael Easton, MD, Rush University Medical Center