1st Edition

American Commercial Banks in Corporate Finance, 1929-1941 A Study in Banking Concentrations

By Go Tian Kang Copyright 1999

    First published in 1999. The present study does not challenge the argument that a managerial revolution occurred. It does modify the significance of the change by presenting evidence—for the first time—of the extent to which corporate managers themselves were beholden to major players in the financial sector—especially a small group of New York banks which served as the main suppliers of term loans (loans with maturity of 1-10 years) to industrial corporations.

    PART ONE THE EVOLUTION OF TERM LOAN Chapter 1 Emergence of Term Loans Chapter 2 Concentration of Term Loans Chapter 3 Re-institutionalization of Corporate Debt Issues PART TWO THE BIG THREE Chapter 4 Morgan-First National Group Chapter 5 Chase National Bank (Rockefeller Group) Chapter 6 National City Bank PART THREE THE SECONDARY POWERS Chapter 7 The Secondary Powers in New York Chapter 8 The Regional Powers


    Go Tian-Kang

    "...he has done a tour de force of source work. He has mined the financial periodicals and other sources to an extraordinary degree. EH.Net ."