1st Edition

American Literature as an Expression of the National Mind

By Russell Blankenship Copyright 1931
    782 Pages
    by Routledge

    American Literature as an Expression of the National Mind (1931) is a remarkable work that traces not only the history and development of literature in the United States, but also the national characteristics that have arisen out of America’s unique background. By linking the two, the author provides great insight into the psychology of America and its great literary heritage.

    Part 1. The Background  1. The Physical Background  2. The Racial Background  3. The Intellectual Background  Part 2. The Mind of Colonial America  4. The Beginnings of the American Mind  5. The Flowering of the Colonial Mind  6. Revolution and Reaction  Part 3. Romanticism in America  7. American Romanticism  8. The Romantic Movement in Virginia  9. The West  10. Charleston and Southern Culture  11. Philadelphia  12. New York, the Cosmopolitan City  13. The New England Renaissance  14. Walt Whitman  15. Development of the American Novel to 1860  Part 4. The Triumph of Realism  16. The Industrialization of the United States  17. Three Critics of the Gilded Age  18. The Twilight of Romanticism  19. Western Humor  20. Lost in the Gilded Age  21. The Rise of Realism  22. Naturalism  23. Romance and Sociology  24. The New Poetry  25. The Battle of the Village  26. The New Romance  27. The Drama in America  28. In Conclusion


    Russell Blankenship