7th Edition

American Urban Politics in a Global Age

Edited By Paul Kantor, Dennis R. Judd Copyright 2012
    412 Pages
    by Routledge

    412 Pages
    by Routledge

    Bringing together a selection of readings that represent some of the most important trends and topics in urban scholarship today, American Urban Politics provides historical context and contemporary commentaries on the economy, politics, culture and identity of American cities.

    This seventh edition examines the ability of highly autonomous local governments to grapple with the serious challenges of recent years, challenges such as the stresses of the lingering economic crisis, and a series of recent natural disasters.


    • Each chapter is introduced by an editor's essay that places the readings into context and highlights their central ideas and findings.
    • Division into three historical periods emphasizes both the changes and continuities in American urban politics over time.
    • The reader is the perfect complement for Judd & Swanstrom's City Politics: The Political Economy of Urban American, 7/e, also available in a new edition (ISBN 0-205-03246-X)

    Preface  INTRODUCTORY ESSAY: Governing the Metropolis in the Global Era  PART ONE Globalization and the Economic Imperative  CHAPTER 1 Studying Urban Governance in a Global Age  READING 1 The Interests of the Limited City, Paul E. Peterson READING 2 Urban Regimes, Clarence N. Stone READING 3  The Regime Moment, Dennis R. Judd and David Laslo  CHAPTER 2 The New Urban Economy and Local Politics READING 4 Cities in the International Marketplace, H. V. Savitch and Paul Kantor READING 5 Globalization and Leadership in American Cities, Royce Hanson, Harold Wolman, David Connolly, Katherine Pearson, Robert McManmon  READING 6 Rethinking the Politics of Downtown Development, Elizabeth Strom  CHAPTER 3 The Politics of Urban Development  READING 7 Why Do Cities Decline?, Edward Glaeser  READING 8 Culture, Art, and Downtown Development, Elizabeth Strom READING 9 Can Politicians Bargain with Business?, Paul Kantor and H. V. Savitch READING 10  "Re-stating" Theories of Urban Development, James M. Smith  PART TWO  Governing the Multiethnic Metropolis  CHAPTER 4 The Cities: Governing Factional Polities READING 11 Minority Groups and Coalitional Politics, Reuel R. Rogers READING 12 Black Incumbents and a Declining Racial Divide, Zoltan L. Hajnal  READING 13  The Paradoxes of Integration, J. Eric Oliver READING 14  As Mayors Take Charge: School Politics in the City, Michael J. Kirst  CHAPTER 5 The Suburbs: Politics in a Changing Political Landscape  READING 15  Immigration and the New Metropolitan Geography, Michael B. Katz, Mathew J. Creighton, Daniel Amsterdam, and Merlin  Chowkwanyun READING 16  Right to the Suburb?, Genevieve Carpio, Clara Irazabal, and Laura Pulido  READING 17 The Ethnic Diversity of Boomburgs, Robert E. Lang and Jennifer B. LeFurgy  READING 18 Fear and Fantasy in Suburban Los Angeles, Eric Avila  PART THREE  The Politics of Urban Resilience  CHAPTER 6  Fiscal Strain and Reform in a Federal System READING 19  City Futures: Economic Crisis and the American Model of Urban Development, Paul Kantor READING 20 "Fiscal Stress Faced by Local Governments", Congressional Budget Office READING 21 City Fiscal Conditions in 2011, Christopher W. Hoene and Michael A. Pagano  CHAPTER 7  Sprawl and Regional Solutions  Reading 22 Building Consensus, Myron Orfield Reading 23 Growth Management, David Rusk Reading 24 Is Urban Sprawl a Problem?, Fred Siegel  CHAPTER 8 The Politics of Urban Resilience  READING 25 Cities in a Time of Terror, H. V. Savitch READING 26 The Political Economy of Disaster Assistance, Stephen D. Stehr READING 27 Politics, Federalism and the Recovery Process in New Orleans, Peter F. Burns and Matthew O. Thomas


    Paul Kantor is Professor Emeritus of Political Science at Fordham University in New York City. His teaching and research interests include American and comparative politics, public policy, urban politics and economic development in the United States and Western Europe, and urban political economy.

    Dennis Judd is Professor and Head of the Department of Political Science, University of Illinois at Chicago. He is a leading contributor to the literature on urban political economy, urban economic development, national urban policy, and urban revitalization.