1st Edition

Amplifying Activities for Great Experiential Learning 37 Practical and Proven Strategies

By Sam Moore, Tim Hudson Copyright 2022
    100 Pages 47 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    100 Pages 47 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This book provides proven practical strategies and approaches to help you run your existing learning activities in new and more effective ways. It shows how by using distinct and deliberate strategies, teachers and trainers can guide and maximise the learning and development that their activity provides.

    The 37 ideas can all be used independently and are appropriate for children and young people of different ages and abilities and can be used in many different environments including outside, inside, classrooms, sports pitches and wilderness, and more. Each strategy is presented on a double page spread with illustrations and includes:

    • Issues this strategy will help address
    • How to implement this strategy
    • The strategy in action, with examples from a wide selection of educational fields
    • How this strategy helps maximise learning
    • Any pitfalls to be wary of
    • Other similar strategies to consider

    Aimed at teachers, outdoor and adventure instructors, sports coaches, drama and music teachers and science educators, this is valuable reading for all educators wanting to deliver exciting experiential learning activities.

    Introduction  Choosing the Right Strategy  The Strategies  1. Abandon  2. Charge  3. Cheerleader  4. Delegate  5. Devil on the Shoulder  6. Devil’s Advocate  7. Drag and Drop  8. Fish Bowl  9. Free Rein  10. Help for Sale  11. Hidden Agendas  12. How High  13. In the Picture  14. Instruction Manual  15. Islands of Safety  16. Iterative Goals  17. Leg Up  18. Lifelines  19. Listen Very Carefully  20. Mime Artist  21. Mysterious Voice  22. Peer Expert  23. Playtime  24. Plot Spoiler  25. Pulling Strings  26. Questioner  27. Saviour  28. Secret Agent  29. Shifting Sands  30. Souvenir  31. Storyteller  32. Sum of the Whole  33. The Bigger Picture  34. Train Tracks  35. Wind Up and Let Go  36. Wizard  37. Written Brief   Let’s  Carry on the Conversation   About the Authors


    Sam Moore, having spent twenty years in adventure education and personal development in corporate, educational and youth settings, specialises in helping people develop themselves through challenge.

    Tim Hudson is a creative thinker who loves working with people. The programmes he designs and delivers always have one overarching theme; helping people become the very best versions of themselves.

    "Many books on experiential learning are strongly theory-led, whereas the writers' approach here, informed by years of practice, is much more direct - so it's an intelligent 'how-to' book, useful for those engaged in the daily struggles of experiential learning. There aren't enough such books yet..."

    Bill Krouwel, Senior Lecturer at Trinity College, Carmarthen