1st Edition

An Aesthetics Anthology

By ZONG Baihua Copyright 2023
    276 Pages 21 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This book is a collection of insightful writings on aesthetics and Chinese and Western art by ZONG Baihua, one of the most esteemed scholars of aesthetics in China.

    The 22 essays in the book dive deep into a variety of topics, including the aesthetic theory and aesthetic thoughts in ancient China and the West, history of Chinese art, Western classical art, and art theory, as well as Chinese poetics. The book explores different types of art in the Chinese and Western culture, ranging from the painting, Chinese calligraphy, sculpture, ancient architecture, and music to Chinese classic and modern poetry. Taking a comparative approach, the author expounds on the key elements of traditional Chinese aesthetic thinking and artistic conception and also elucidates the art theory in ancient Greek and Kant’s aesthetics.

    Presented in an engaging way and written in poetic prose, this title will be a must-read for both academic and general readers interested in aesthetics, Chinese ancient art, and art theory.

    1. An Aesthetics Anthology: My Stroll in the Beautiful Land 

    2. Where Can We Find Beauty?

    3. On the Ethereal Emptiness and Substantiality of Literature and Art 

    4. An Exploration Into Some Important Issues of Chinese Aesthetics History 

    5. On the Birth of Chinese Artistic Conception  

    6. On Void and Substantiality that Presented in Various Chinese Art Forms  

    7. Space Consciousness Presented in Chinese Painting and Poetry 

    8. On Source and Basis of Western and Chinese Painting Methods 

    9. Space Consciousness Presented in Chinese and Western Painting Methods 

    10. An Introduction to Two Books about Chinese Painting 

    11. On the Significance and Value of Dunhuang Art  

    12. On Sketch: Preface to Sun Duoci’s Sketch Collection 

    13. Aesthetics Ideology Presented in Chinese Calligraphy 

    14. Music Allegories and Music Thoughts in Ancient China 

    15. On A New Account of the Tales of the World and the Beauty of Jin People  

    16. The Greek Philosophers’ Theory of Art 

    17. A Review of Kant’s Aesthetics Ideology  

    18. After Seeing Rodin’s Sculpture  

    19. Form and Shadow: Notes on the Study of Rodin’s Works 

    20. Poetry and Me 

    21. A Brief Discussion about Modern Poetry 

    22. The National Spirit Presented in Tang Poetry




    ZONG Baihua (1897–1986) was a modern Chinese philosopher, master of aesthetics, and poet who taught at Nanjing University and Peking University, China. His major works also include The Complete Works of Zong Baihua and The Realm of Art.