2nd Edition

An Introduction to Teaching A Handbook for Primary and Secondary School Teachers

Edited By Gill Nicholls Copyright 2004

    The expectations of what it is to be a teacher are as high as ever. An Introduction to Teaching, which is the second edition of the well-established textbook Learning to Teach, provides a fully up-to-date introduction to the process and practice of teaching, and the personal and professional skills that successful teaching requires.
    This comprehensive update of the first edition is written in accordance with the Teacher Training Association and DfES guidelines, and provides in-depth coverage of all the modules included in the teacher training programme. Taking into account recent developments in policy and practice, contributors have incorporated new material covering teaching and classroom management, new approaches to planning, targeting effective learning, introduction to professional requirements and continuing professional development.
    The book also includes key chapters on the following:

    • the National Curriculum
    • children's learning
    • the use of IT
    • planning and preparation
    • teaching and classroom management
    • special educational needs
    • working with parents.


    1. An Introduction to Teaching 2. The National Curriculum  3. Children's Learning 4. Using Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for Pupils' Learning 5. Planning, Expectations and Targets for Effective Learning and Teaching 6. Teaching and Class Management 7. Assessment 8. Special Needs in the 'Mainstream' 9. The Inspection Process 10. Working with Parents 11. Professional Values and Practice 12. Continuing Professional Development 13. Induction for Newly Qualified Teachers


    Professor Gill Nicholls has taught in secondary schools for 12 years. She is currently Director of King's Institute of Learning and Teaching at King's College, London. Individual contributions come from leading experts in the field.