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An Introduction to World Politics

ISBN 9781138186033
Published September 27, 2016 by Routledge
614 Pages

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Book Description

Originally published in 1922, An Introduction to World Politics, was published at a particularly interesting time in international relations, just a few short years after the first world war. With this in mind, Gibbons has approached this text as a general introduction to world politics, both examining causes of recent events in his lifetime as well as exploring what he refers to as ‘the beginning’ of World Politics. This study delves into various aspects of world politics throughout history including the colonialism of the British and the French and several wars and treaties with analysis on how this impacted on relations between nations. This title will be of interest to students of Political History and International Relations.

Table of Contents

 1. The Beginnings of World Politics  2. Nationalism and Steam Power (1789-1848)  3. The Rise of World Powers (1848-1878)  4. French Colonial Expansion (1830-1900)  5. British Colonial Expansion  6. Consolidation of British Power in the Near East (1878-1885)  7. The Near Eastern Question (1879-1908)  8. Russian Colonial Expansion (1829-1878)  9. Consolidation of Russian Power in the Far East (1879-1903)  10. Japan’s First Challenge to Europe: The War with China (1894-1895)  11. The Attempt to Partition China (1895-1902)   12. Japan’s Second Challenge to Europe: The War with Russia  13. The Revival of British Imperialism (1895-1902) 14. Persia and the Anglo-Russian Agreement of 1907  15. Egypt, Morocco, and the Anglo-French Agreement of 1904  16. The Development of the German Weltpolitik  17. The Franco-German Dispute over Morocco (1905-1911)  18. The Young Turk Revolution and Its Reactions (1908-1911) 19. Italian Expansion in Africa (1882-1911)  20. The Reopening of the Near Eastern Question by Italy (1911-1912)  21. Intrigues of the Great Powers in the Balkans (1903-1912)  22. The Balkan War Against Turkey (1912-1913)  23. The Balkan Tangle (1913-1914)  24. The Triple Entente Against the Central Empires (1914)  25. Italy’s Entrance into the Triple Entrente  26. The Alinement of the Balkan States in the European War (1914-1917) 27. China as a Republic (1906-1917)  28. Japan’s Third Challenge to Europe: The War with Germany and the Twenty One Demands on China (1914-1916)  29. The United States in World Politics (1893-1917)  30. The United States and the Latin-American Republics (1893-1917)  31. The United States in the Coalition against the Central Empires (1917-1918)  32. The Disintegration of the Romanoff, Hapsburg, and Ottoman Empires through Self-determination Propaganda  33. The Attempt to Create a League of Nations at Paris after the Defeat of Germany (1919)  34. The Refusal of the United States to Ratify the Treaties and the Enter the League (1919-1921)  35. World Politics and the Treaty of Versailles (1919-1922)  36. World Politics and the Treaty of St. Germain  37. World Politics and the Treaty of Trianon  38. World Politics and the Treaty of Neuilly  39.World Politics and the Treaty of Sevres (1920-1922)  40. The Reestablishment of Peace Prevented by Unsatisfied Nationalist Aspirations and Divergent Policies of the Victors (1918-1922)  41. The Russian Revolution and Its Aftermath (1917-1922)  42. Overseas Possessions of "Secondary States" (1815-1922)  43. French Colonial Problems (1901-1922)  44. British Imperial Problems (1903-1922)  45. The Foreign Policy of Post-Bellum Japan (1919-1922)  46. The Place of the United States in the World (1920-1922)  47. Bases of Solidarity Among English-Speaking Peoples (1922)  48. The Continuation Conferences: From London to Genoa (1919-1922)  49. The Washington Conference and the Limitation of Armaments (1921-1922);  Bibliography;  Index

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