1st Edition

Androgen Deficiency in The Adult Male Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment

By Malcolm Carruthers Copyright 2004
    280 Pages
    by CRC Press

    280 Pages 13 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Just what is the andropause? Although acceptance of the andropause concept by the medical community is growing, it is still a hotly debated issue. But as a busy clinician you have patients to treat and you need information. So where can you find the information you need to understand, diagnose, and treat this condition? Androgen Deficiency in the Adult Male: Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment distills the knowledge acquired by author Dr. Malcolm Carruthers in his 25 years of research and clinical experience in diagnosing and treating the andropause into a comprehensive, detailed clinical resource.

    Dr. Carruthers documents the history of the search for testosterone treatment from antiquity to the awarding of the Nobel Prize to Adolf Butenandt and Leopold Ruzicka for synthesizing testosterone and patenting its production some 4,000 years later. He discusses the causes of androgen deficiency, the male menopause or andropause, and recent advances in its diagnosis. The text includes reviews of the literature in each section and a fund of bibliographic references gleaned from the author's years of research in this field. This combination of features makes Androgen Deficiency in the Adult Male: Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment an invaluable and practical clinical guide, a complete and detailed reference volume, and a cohesive and readable textbook.

    History of Testosterone. Causes of Androgen Deficiency. The Diagnosis of Androgen Deficiency. Androgen Replacement Therapy. Sex Steroids and the Brain
    Appendix 1:Guidelines for Testosterone treatment from the International Society for the Study of the Aging Male (ISSAM) and The Second Annual Consensus Committee of The Endocrine Society
    Testosterone pellet implantation
    Appendix 2: Aging Male Symptom (AMS) questionnaire,
    Andropause Clinic Questionnaires, including Andropause Check-List (ACL)
    Appendix 3: The UK Andropause Study (UKAS)Index.


    Carruthers, Malcolm