1st Edition

Anglo-American Relations in the Twentieth Century The Policy and Diplomacy of Friendly Superpowers

By Alan Dobson Copyright 1995
    208 Pages
    by Routledge

    208 Pages
    by Routledge

    The relationship between Britain and America has been the most important bilateral relationship the world has ever seen. Dobson's concise and readable book covers the whole of this century and employs selected historical detail to expose the special relationship in its true light and in all its complexity.
    Dobson rejects tha claim that the US was ever hegemonical. Its realtionship with Britain - over the Suez Crisis and Iran in the 1960s and grenada in 1983 - clearly demonstrates that it had to bargain and did not always get its way. However, the two nations co-operated in every major crisis from the Great to the Gulf war, and together promoted liberal democracy and capitalism. The story reveals both more interdependence and conflict than has been recognised in the past.
    Nuclear, intelligence defence and other links betwen the USA and Britain continue to this day, but the importance of the `special relationship' has diminished for both countries. Have common interests disappeard to an extent that the scope for bilateral cooperation has diminished to insignificince ? It is in addressing this question that Dobson draws his conclusions. Coverning defence, economic, political and personal aspects of Anglo-US realtions, this book will be indispensible for students of twentieth century American and British history and international relations.

    1 The lion and the eagle: of twisted tails and plucked feathers 2 Assertion and response 1900–19 3 Stability and change 1919–39 4 In war and Cold War 1939–51 5 Conservatively special 1951–61 6 Years of transition 1961–79 7 Interests and sentiment 1980–95, and beyond


    Alan P.Dobson is a Senior Lecturer in Politics at the University of Wales, Swansea. He has written extensively on the subject of Anglo-American relations and the diplomacy of civil aviation. His most recent book, Flying in the Face of Competition, was published in 1995.

    An excellent book, with a vast amount of snippets of world affairs during the century, collated with dexterity by the author. His comments make it a valuable book on international affairs, both for the scholar and the layman - The Journal of the United Service Institution of India (USI Journal)