1st Edition

Anglo-Saxon Art to A.D. 900

By T.D. Kendrick Copyright 1938

    Anglo-Saxon Art to A.D. 900 (1972) was the first account to be written of art in England in the period of Celtic, Romano-British and Anglo-Saxon styles. Famous illuminated manuscripts, the best of the sculptured stone crosses, and many splendid pieces early metalwork are examined in this extensively-illustrated survey.

    1. Early British Art  2. Roman Britain  3. Arthurian Britain  4. Pagan Saxons  5. The Early Church  6. The Anglo-Saxon Renaissance  7. Early Northumbrian Crosses  8. Carolingian Influences  9. The Canterbury School  10. Early Mercian and Anglian Styles  11. Wessex Under Egbert and Ethelwulf  12. Later Northumbrian Sculpture  13. Mercia Before the Danes  14. Wessex in the Time of Alfred


    T.D. Kendrick