1st Edition

Angry Adolescents

By Ronald Goldman Copyright 1969

    First published in 1969, Angry Adolescents is the story of unruly adolescents and of how a Youth Club with such an unpromising membership developed in a village in the Home Counties, some forty miles from London, just outside normal commuter territory. The book intends to fill an academic gap in adolescent literature by providing case studies of individual adolescents from difficult home backgrounds and how they behaved in a certain situation in the years of the mid-sixties. The first section of the book provides a description of how young people work and spend their leisure, along with a sociological assessment of the district. It is followed by a discussion on the birth and the development of the youth club. The remaining sections deal with varying behaviour patterns in relation to money, sex, employment and other aspects.

    The book has been made readable to the general reader who is interested in young people, not only to those engaged in youth work, without compromising on any aspect of educational psychology.

    Introduction 1. Berrocfield in its Social Setting 2. How the Youth Club Began 3. The First Year is always the Worst 4. The Second Year – Widening Horizons 5. The Third Year – The Crest of the Wave 6. How Unlike the Home Life of Our Dear Queen 7. The Litmus Paper of Society


    Ronald Goldman