1st Edition

Animal Models of Human Related Calcium Metabolic Disorders

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ISBN 9780849360244
Published September 25, 1995 by CRC Press
256 Pages

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Book Description

This book presents the available experimental models for common human calcium metabolic disorders. It provides valuable information for those planning animal experimental models for common and rare human bone diseases.
Animal Models of Human Related Calcium Metabolic Disorders opens with a description of the major events of bone formation, growth, and remodeling in the human fetus. This is compared to bone formation in rats and mice. Both the normal and abnormal mineralization processes in man and in laboratory animals are described.
Unique to this book are the descriptions of all major skeletal dysplasias known in man and animal experimental models. Of special importance are the detailed experimental models in mice and rats where a variety of hormones and drugs transplacentally induce different types of skeletal injuries which mimic skeletal dysplasias.
The effects of bone-seeking hormones on the skeleton are presented in later chapters as well as a comparison of the effects on human and animal bones, and the relation of the animal models to human growth and osteoporosis. Existing models of osteoporosis, disuse, and senescence osteoporosis are presented in depth. The effects of newly synthesized active bisphosphonates and their potential use in the treatment of human bone diseases are also discussed.
The last chapter describes several animal models of renal bone disease and includes original data on the bone structure in rats with acute and chronic renal failure, and the relevance to the situation in man. Animal Models of Human Related Calcium Metabolic Disorders will prove to be a useful reference to both students and scientists interested in all major aspects of calcium-related disorders.

Table of Contents

Comparative Aspects of Cartilage and Bone Formation in Man, Rats, and Mice, A. Ornoy
Normal and Abnormal Primary Mineralization, J. Sela and A. Ornoy
The Congenital Chondrodysplasias: Human Disorders and Related Animal Models, Z. Borochowitz
Osteochondrodysplasias: Clinical Findings in Man and Experimental Animal Models, A. Ornoy
Osteoporosis: Animal Models for the Human Disease, A. Ornoy and S. Katzburg
Glucocorticoid-Induced Bone Changes (Osteopenia), A. Ornoy and S. Katzburg
Estrogen Regulation of Endochondral Bone Formation, Z. Schwartz, J. Meincke, E. Nasatzky, D.D. Dean, and B.D. Boyan
Regulation of Endochondral Bone Formation by Testosterone, Z. Schwartz, E. Nasatzky, J. Meincke, D.D. Dean, and B.D. Boyan
The Evaluation of Bisphosphonates as Potential Drugs for the Treatment of Calcium-Related Disorders, J.M. Van Gelder and G. Golomb
Animal Models of Renal Bone Disease, A. Moskovici, D. Rubiner, M.M. Friedlaender, and M.M. Popovtzer

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