1st Edition

Animals and the Environment Advocacy, activism, and the quest for common ground

Edited By Lisa Kemmerer Copyright 2015
    364 Pages 3 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    364 Pages 3 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Contemporary Earth and animal activists rarely collaborate, perhaps because environmentalists focus on species and ecosystems, while animal advocates look to the individual, and neither seems to have much respect for the other. This diverse collection of essays highlights common ground between earth and animal advocates, most notably the protection of wildlife and personal dietary choice. 

    If earth and animal advocates move beyond philosophical differences and resultant divergent priorities, turning attention to shared goals, both will be more effective – and both animals and the environment will benefit. Given the undeniable seriousness of the environmental problems that we face, including climate change and species extinction, it is essential that activists join forces. Drawing on a wide range of issues and disciplines, ranging from wildlife management, hunting, and the work of NGOs to ethics, ecofeminism, religion and animal welfare, this volume provides a stimulating collection of ideas and challenges for anyone else who cares about the environment or animals.


    Lisa Kemmerer 

    Part 1: Establishing and Exploring Common Ground 

    A. Foundations: Theoretical Connections 

    Poem: The Pika and the Desert Boot 

    Randall Gloege 

    1. Conflict and Accord: A Critical Review of Relations between Earth and Animal Advocacy 

    Lisa Kemmerer and Daniel Kirjner 

    2. Beyond Intersectionality to Total Liberation 

    Carol L. Glasser 

    3. Earthlings Seeking Justice: Integrity, Consistency, and Collaboration 

    Carrie P. Freeman 

    4. Caring for Earth and Her Creatures 

    Josephine Donovan 

    B. Common Ground: Wildlife an Wilderness 

    Poem: Bison Sculptures 

    Cara Chamberlain 

    5. Activism and Asian Wisdom: Oneness, Interdependence, Harmony 

    Lisa Kemmerer 

    6. Hunting Delusions 

    Lisa Kemmerer 

    7. Essential Elements for Elephants: Problems and Solutions 

    Valerie J. Chalcraft 

    8. Trapped: Individuals, Species, and Ecosystems at Risk 

    Lisa Kemmerer and Anja Heister 

    9. Seeing is Believing: Nature Films in a Patriarchal Culture 

    Melanie J. Martin 

    C. Common Ground: Dietary Choice 

    Poem: The Cicada Killer 

    Bernard Quetchenbach 

    10. So You Want to Stop Devouring Ecosystems? Do the Math! 

    John M. Halley 

    11. A Fishy Business 

    Lisa Kemmerer and Bethany Dopp 

    12. Farm Gone Factory: Industrial Animal Agriculture, Animal Welfare, and the Environment 

    Chris Hunt 

    13. Eating Ecosystems 

    Lisa Kemmerer 

    D. Common Ground: Raising Questions, Pondering Connections 

    Poem: Laridae 

    Cara Chamberlain 

    14. The Many and the One 

    Randall Gloege 

    15. A Better Balance for Wildlife: Conservation Research and Animal Activism 

    Jon E. Swenson 

    16. Plague 

    Bernard Quetchenbach 

    17. The Morning of the World 

    Cara Chamberlain 

    Part 2: Politics, Organized Activism, and Personal Encounters 

    A: Foundations: Community and Politics 

    Poem: Breathtaking Bit of Being 

    Lisa Kemmerer 

    18. Enforcing Human Rights for People, Animals, and the Planet 

    Debra Erenberg 

    19. Recipe for Cooperation: Omniocracy and the Definitional Good 

    Charlotte Laws 

    20. Deeper than Numbers: Consumers, Cows, and Condoms 

    Lisa Kemmerer, Daniel Kirjner, Jennifer Gross and Nathan Baillet 

    B. Bringing Change: Activists and NGOs 

    Poem: An Absurd Design 

    Randall Gloege 

    21. Hunting for a Trophy Hunting Ethic: Big Bears and Little Men (with Big Guns) 

    Chris Darimont, Chris Genovali, Christina Service and Paul Paquet 

    22. Camp Uganda 

    Haida Bolton 

    23. Preserving Earth is Protecting Animals 

    Phaik Kee Lim 

    C. Bringing Change: Personal Encounters and Reflections 

    Poem: Goldeneye, Vole 

    Tami Haaland 

    24. Keeping Caged Animals, Keepings Secrets: Working as a Zoo Keeper 

    Bethany Dopp 

    25. Intersections: Activism and the Natural Sciences 

    Xylem T. Galadhon 

    26. Ecology, Food and Holistic Politics 

    Deric Shannon


    Lisa Kemmerer is Professor of Philosophy and Religion at Montana State University, Billings, USA. She is the author or editor of a number of books on animal ethics, ecofeminism, animals and religion, and the environment.