2nd Edition

Annual Survey of Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union: 1998 Holding the Course

By Peter Rutland, Gale Stokes Copyright 2000
    352 Pages
    by Routledge

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    Annual Survey at Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union 1998 provides an overview of developments in one of the most rapidly changing regions of the world. It covers useful historical background, as well as foreign policy issues, and profiles of key personalities in these regions.

    I: Introduction 1. Waiting for the Next Step II: Regional Issues 2. Central and East European Economies: Slow Growth, Slower Reform 3. Russia Casts a Long Shadow over Cis Economies 4. Nato's Ostpolitik: Consolidation, but Kosovo Looms 5. European Union Faces East 6. The European Union Opens the Door 7. Vestiges of Visegrad 8. Xenophobia in Central and Eastern Europe III: Central Europe 9. Between Stagnation and integration 10. Mea Culpa 11. A Year of Dramatic Change 12. The Right Returns to Power 13. Forging Ahead, but Strains Show 14. Look East, Face West 15. Rural Reckoning IV: Eastern Europe 16. The Year of the President 17. Twelve Months on a Roller Coaster 18. On the Streets with Latvia's Language Patrol 19. Struggling to Remain the Reform Leader 20. Bottomed Out? 21. Widening Cracks in the Wall 22. Treadmill Politics 23. Speaker Oleksandr Tkachenko: A New Old Planet 24. Dynamic foreign Policy Constrained by Slow Domestic Reform V: Southeastern Europe 25. Success Story Continues 26. The Rise of the Opposition 27. In Memoriam 28. A Year of Mixed Results 29. Dayton and Democracy 30. Heading for the Abyss 31. Milosevics Shrinking influence in Montenegro 32. Defying the Odds by Remaining Stable 33. Ljubco Georgievski: Poet Turned Premier 34. An Open Wound 35. A Kind of Stability 36. "Parliament of Thieves" 37. A Year of Consolidation 38. Institutional Tug of War 39. The Perils of Coalition Politics 40. "A Disgrace" 41. The Shadow of Securitate 42. From Left to Right, but Not Quite 43. Cultural Awareness VI: Russian Federation 44. Economic Crisis Yields Massive Political Fallout 45. The Communists and the Jewish Question 46. Governors Emerge Stronger 47. Murder Silences Starovoitova and Rokhlin 48. A Rear-Guard Action: Foreign and Military Policies in 1998 49. Discharge of the Light Brigade 50. Farewell to Orthodox Market Transition 51. Social Fall-Out from August Crash 52. Bringing the Money in VII: Transcaucasus and Central Asia 53. A Difficult Year 54. Abkhazia: Peace Postponed 55. A Time for Patience 56. A Nation's Dignity 57. Uncertainty Hangs over Future of Nagorno-Karabakh 58. Change of Leadership without Political Reform 59. Nazarbaev Gears up for Life Presidency 60. Cracks in the Monolith 61. Peace Does Not Bring an End to the Fighting 62. Waiting for the Gold Rush 63. The Faltering Oil State 64. Building Democracy the Eastern Way 65. Contributors