1st Edition

Anti-Racist Practice in the Early Years A Holistic Framework for the Wellbeing of All Children

By Valerie Daniel Copyright 2023
    150 Pages 16 Color & 1 B/W Illustrations
    by Speechmark

    150 Pages 16 Color & 1 B/W Illustrations
    by Speechmark

    150 Pages 16 Color & 1 B/W Illustrations
    by Speechmark

    Are all children treated equally in your class? Are you aware if you are displaying unconscious bias? How might this be playing out in your setting? These conversations need to take place if we are ever to shift systemic racism, for the wellbeing of all children in the early years and beyond.

    This essential guide addresses diversity and inclusion in a meaningful and constructive way. The holistic approach explores a range of pertinent topics for the early years and demonstrates the positive impact educators can make by developing their knowledge of systemic racism, critically reflecting upon their provision, and embedding anti-racist practice within their settings.

    This book includes:

    • A framework to embed and sustain anti-racist practice in early years education.
    • Case studies to explore constructions of racism in early childhood and the experiences of black children and their families.
    • Reflective questions to encourage readers to consider their own practices and to drive change.
    • A brief history of racism to create a sense of understanding and awareness of how we got to where we are today.
    • Practical strategies to equip those who work in the early years and to gain confidence in their anti-racist practice.
    • A focus on the power of professional love and co-creation to shift the dynamic and build the best outcomes for all children.

    By making anti-racism real in our learning environments and reflecting upon and reviewing provision, early years educators can ensure they are committed to their remit of advocacy for the children and communities whose lives they touch. This powerful book is a vital read for all trainee and practising early years professionals, reception teachers, nursery teachers, and managers.


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    Valerie Daniel is a qualified teacher with over 30 years’ experience, with the last 14 years in the role of a Maintained Nursery School headteacher. Valerie is a Doctor of Education, a trained systems leader and leadership mentor for other headteachers and leaders in the Early Years Sector. She can be found on twitter @Valerie_JKD.

    "Dr Valerie Daniel is a shining light for our sector. A must read for all early years professionals and those training to enter into the early years sector. The way in which Valerie has written this book, firstly, speaks from the heart and secondly takes you on a journey, one in which you feel engrossed to continue to read, learn and reflect on why anti racism is an important aspect which truly needs embedding into our practices." – Aaron Bradbury, Principal Lecturer - Early Childhood and Childhood, Nottingham Trent University 

    "Dr Valerie Daniel introduces her book on antiracist practice as ‘a journey we can walk together’ and she delivers.  Unafraid to challenge the reader, she does so with compassion.  Her warmth, wisdom and passion for equity in educational settings shine through the text creating the safe space needed for anti-racist reflection and action to take place.  Dr Valerie draws upon personal insight and diverse sources to create something unique and refreshing in educational theory." – Alice Ndiaye, Local Authority Inclusion Adviser

    "Dr Daniel presents a real depth of understanding in this book. She opens up her thoughts, skills and experiences as an informative guide, highlighting issues of race and anti-racism. Her animation infused and contextualised approach to the complexity of race and racism within the early years features her proficiency to untangle and decipher a convoluted moment in time. The book engages the reader by balancing the uncomfortable with a rich lived experience. The need to effectively become changemakers is a powerful call for all of us to action as reflective practitioners." – Sharon Curtis, CEO, Emosi – Transcultural Therapeutic Care (TTC)