2nd Edition

Antiperspirants and Deodorants

Edited By Karl Laden Copyright 1999

    Provides a review of the most recent advances in the science and technology of controlling odour and wetness. This edition includes two new chapters on antiperspirant and deodorant formulations; two new chapters on relevant patent technologies of recent years; discussions on the chemistry of aluminium/zirconium antiperspirant salts; and a modernized chapter on the structure and function of the human eccrine sweat glands.

    Antiperspirants and deodorants - history of major HBA market; structure and function of human sweat glands; axillary odor - determination, formation and control; chemistry of aluminum chlorohydrate and activated aluminum chlorohydrate and activated aluminum chlorohydrates; chemistry of aluminum-zirconium-glycine (AZG) complexes; deodorant ingredients; safety of antiperspirant salts; a guide to understanding antiperspirant formulations; a guide to understanding deodorant formulations; regulations of underarm antiperspirants and deodorants; clinical evaluations of antiperspirants and deodorants; antiperspirant technology trends from the patent literature; deodorant technology trends from the patent literature.


    Karl Laden

    "Praise for the First Edition of Antiperspirants and Deodorants . . .an excellent collaborative text [that] is worthy of a place on the desks of those involved with the scientific disciplines of antiperspirants/deodorants. "
    ---Cosmetics & Toiletries
    ". . .answers most of the questions which arise about our present knowledge of this complex and multidisciplinary subject. It should be of considerable use to cosmetic chemists and to research workers in this field and would not be out of place in medical libraries or on a dermatologist's bookshelf. "
    ---Journal of the Australian Medical Association