1st Edition

Applications of Computational Mechanics in Geotechnical Engineering

Edited By R.F. Azevedo, E.A. Vargas, et al Copyright 1997

    The development of constitutive relations for geotechnical materials, with the help of numerical models, have increased notably the ability to predict and to interpret mechanical behaviour of geotechnical works. These proceedings cover the applications of computational mechanics in this area.

    1 Foundations -- Identification of the deformability of an arch dam foundation using back-analysis techniques /ATavares de Castro -- Strain-hardening and strain-softening in soils numerical approach /C Santos Pereira -- Numerical analysis of pressuremeter tests and its application to the design of shallow foundations /NC Consoli, F.Schnaid & F.MMantaras -- 2 Dams -- Collapse settlement - Some developments /DJ.Naylor -- Modelling collapse effects /I.Marcelino & E.Maranha das Neves -- Numerical modelling of erosion phenomena in fractured rock masses downstream of spillways /G. F. Simoes, E.do A Vargas Jr & R. Taylor de Lima -- On the failure of Carsington dam /M.MFarias -- 3 Computational systems -- Solid discrete element modeling using nonmanifold topological data structures /L.F.Martha, P.C.Pinto Carvalho, P.R.Cavalcanti, B.Castier & J.L.E.Campos -- Comparison of coupled stress-flow numerical simulations to experimental data from shear permeability tests /J.E.Gale, G.Dillabough & S.Butt -- Strain localisation in granular media using multilaminate framework /M.Karstunen & G.N.Pande -- An algorithm for limit analysis in soils /LD.S.Pontes Fo., LABorges, N.Zouain & RR.Lopes -- Implicit integration scheme applied to a multi-surface constitutive model /E.J.Macari, P.Arduino & S.Weihe -- Deterministic and probabilistic back analysis in rock mechanics /A.Cividini & G.Gioda -- 4 Slopes, soil excavations and retaining structures -- Geotechnical-geological appraisal of the Marlim submarine slope /A Maia da Costa, Cdos Santos Amaral & R. Q Kowsmann -- The inclusion density and geometry and the behaviour of walls reinforced with geosynthetics - A numerical analysis /M.L.Lopes &A.S.Cardoso -- Behaviour of excavations supported by nailing /A.S.Cardoso & M.Gonralves -- Utilization of the Lade plastic-elasticity model in the numerical simulation of the driving of a railway tunnel /J.Almeida e Sousa, M Matos Fernandes & AS. Cardoso -- Coupled analysis of excavations /CL Nogueira & R.F.Azevedo -- A reappraisal of arching around braced excavations in soft ground /M.Matos Fernandes, E.Fortunato & A.S.Cardoso -- 5 Rock excavations -- Numerical simulation of the evolution of subsidence in mining areas /C Dinis da Gama & A Curi -- Interpretation of the monitored behaviour of a large underground powerhouse using back analysis techniques /A.Tavares de Castro & L.Ribeiro e Sousa -- Interpretation of long term testing in rocksalt cavities /J.E.Quintanilha de Menezes, D.Nguyen-Minh, P.Berest, J.G.Durup & L. Ribeiro e Sousa -- Analysis of deep tunnels and shafts driven at constant rate /D.Nguyen-Minh & CGuo -- Interpretation of the monitored behaviour of underground structures using computational methods /L.Ribeiro e Sousa, A Tavares de Castro, N. S. Leitao & J.Almeida e Sousa -- Author index.


    Department of Civil Engineering, Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Department of Civil Engineering, Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Laborat6rio Nacional de Engenharia Civil, Lisbon, Portugal. Laborat6rio Nacional de Engenharia Civil, Lisbon, Portugal.