Applications of Machine intelligence in Engineering : Proceedings of 2nd Global Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Applications (GCAIA, 2021), September 8-10, 2021, Jaipur, India book cover
1st Edition

Applications of Machine intelligence in Engineering
Proceedings of 2nd Global Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Applications (GCAIA, 2021), September 8-10, 2021, Jaipur, India

ISBN 9781003269793
Published April 21, 2022 by CRC Press
654 Pages 204 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

The Global Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Applications (GCAIA 2021) provides a prominent venue for researchers, engineers, entrepreneurs, and scholar students to share their research ideas in the area of AI. Academic researchers would reveal the results and conclusions of laboratory based investigations via the GCAIA 21 platform, which bridges the gap between academia, industry, and government ethics. The GCAIA 21 platform will also bring together regional and worldwide issues to explore current advancements in contemporary Computation Intelligence.

This Conference Proceedings volume contains the written versions of most of the contributions presented during the conference of GCAIA 2021. The conference has provided an excellent chance for researchers from diverse locations to present and debate their work in the field of artificial intelligence and its applications. It includes a selection of 62 papers. All accepted papers were subjected to strict peer-review by 2–4 expert referees. The papers have been selected for this volume because of their quality and their relevance to the theme of the conference.

Table of Contents

1 An Enhanced Implementation of Security Management System (SSMS) using UEBA in Smart Grid based SCADA Systems

by Abdul Wahid Mir and K. R. Ram Kumar

2 An Analysis to Understand Various Image Steganography Techniques

by Jyoti Khandelwal and Vijay Kumar Sharma

3 Review on Collaboration and Coordination Between NPU, Artificial Neural Network & Deep Learning

by Dushyant Dubey and Jyoti Khandelwal

4 An Efficient Solution for Choosing a Reliable Pathway in Wireless Body Area Networks

by Jyoti Anand and Jyoti Khandelwal

5 The Capteur: IoT based Device used for Real-time Scenario Analyzing

by Antara Sarkar, Moumita Roy Choudhury, Afaq Ahmed, Amna Rahman, Nikki Niketa and Somen Nayak

6 A Survey on Parallel Clustering Techniques for Big Data Framework

by Moksud Alam Mallik, Nurul Fariza Zulkurnain, Jamil Ahmed Sk and Mohammed Khaja Nizamuddin

7 Message Authentication over Network using IoT Architecture

by Ms. Shweta Singh and Ms. Malvika Gupta

8 Relationship between Independent and Dependent Variables and Calculating the Accuracy of Predicted and Actual Values using Linear Regression Method of Machine Learning

by Ms. Payal Malik and Ms. Malvika Gupta

9 Comparative Study of IoT Protocols: RPL vs LIBP and its Thwarting Issues

by Ms. Payal Malik and Ms. Shweta Singh

10 Prediction of Liver Disorders Using Simple Logistic Technique of Machine Learning

by Arshdeep Kaur and Anil Kumar

11 IoT based Alcohol Detection System for Small Organization

by Arshdeep Kaur Loveleen Kaur and Anil Kumar

12 Cognition of UnQL Queries in Context Database using Decision Tree

by Shivakumar. C, Dr. Siddhaling Urolagin and Dr. Poonam Ghuli

13 Indoor Navigation System using Augmented Reality

by Jyotirmoy Saha, Tiasha Pal and Prof. Dipta Mukherjee

14 Optical Character Recognition using Deep Learning Techniques

by M Sri Hari Prasath, R Manimegalai and A Sheeba

15 Deep Learning In Medical Imaging: A Review

by Rguibi Zakaria, Hajami Abdelmajid and Dya Zitouni

16 An Intelligent Chatbot for Admission System of an Educational Institute and Prediction of User Interest in Taking Admission

by Sauvik Bal, Ashish Kumar Singh, Suramya Prakash, Saurabh Kumar, Bikash Ghosh, Priyodarshini Roy and Lopa Mandal

17 Naari: A Women Safety Application

by Aryan Veturekar, Danish Shaikh and Himanshu Singh

18 A Virtual Book based on Human Anatomy

by Ankur Rane, Riya Jain, Vaidarbhi Bherde, Pratap Nair and Poulami Das

19 Crime by Crowd is Not Crime any More: A Predictive Analysis of Riot and Radicalization Oriented Text of Social Media

by Koushik Deb, Arpita Konar, Kousheya Das, Shreya Guha, Mrityunjoy Sen and Avik Mukherjee

20 Computer Aided Segmentation of Oral Mucosa to Detect Cancer

by Mithun Majumdar and Tirthankar Gayen

21 Assessing the Concerns of People in the Pandemic Situation: An Analytical Approach on the Social Media Data

by Ankita Roy, Simran Agarwal and Koushik Deb

22 Sentiment Analysis of Online Reviews for Educational Institutions

by Sauvik Bal, Avinash Kumar Choudhary. Sagorika Majumdar, Devsmita Pal and Lopa Mandal

23 IoT based Automated Vehicle Parking System

by Hriday Banerjee, Afaq Ahmad and Pratibha Mitharwal

24 Employopedia: Bridge the Gap of Employability

by Prithviraj Biswas, Rohan Chakraborty, Purushottam Thakur, Pallabi Das and Sourish Mitra

25 The River Cleaning Trash Bot

by Amrita Dey, Nikhil Bhargav, Zeeshan Mohammed Isahak Karajagi and Dr. Denis Ashok

26 Progressive Cleaning and Mining of Uncertain Smart Water Meter Data

by Milad Khaki

27 Spatial Domain Least Significant Bit Method Latest Improvement’s

by Jyoti Khandelwal and Jyoti Anand

28 Comparative Study of Bagging Ensemble and ARIMA model for prediction of Covid-19 in India

by Suyash Kumar, Prabhjot Kaur and Anjana Gosain

29 FPGA Based MAC Units for Signal Processing Algorithms with Non-Binary Numeral System: An Effective Analysis

by Aniruddha Ghosh, Subhalaxmi Chakraborty and Amitabha Sinha

30 Using Data from In-Vehicle Recommender Systems to Predict Traveler Characteristics

by Sudarshan S. Chawathe

31 An Artificial Intelligence Based Path Estimation of Heterogeneous Droplets in Digital Microfluidic Biochip

by Rupam Bhattacharya

32 The Prediction of Coronavirus using the Logistic Regression Technique of Machine Learning

by Ms. Malvika Gupta and Ms. Payal Malik

33 A Modified Backoff Algorithm for Performance Improvement of MANETs

by Dhirendra Kumar Sharma and Devashish Choudhary

34 Contactless Attendance and Temperature Monitoring System

by Rishabh Srivastava, Afaq Ahmad, Hriday Banerjee and Itisha Varshney

35 MASKA: Mutual Authentication and Session Key Agreement Protocol in Global Mobility Networks

by Sudip Kumar Palit, Mohuya Chakraborty and Subhalaxmi Chakraborty

36 Patient Adaptive Heart Beat Classification System Using Kernel Based Feature Extraction Method

by Santanu Ghorai, Pradip Saha, Udita Dev Roy, Diptarup Mukherjee, Akash Mondal and Aniket Bhaumik

37 Data Management Framework for Resource Constrained IoT Applications

by Omar Farooq and Dr. Parminder Singh

38 Using Machine Learning for Obesity Level Estimation

by Dr. Soumadip Ghosh, Dr. Anjan Pal and Dr. Prithwineel Paul

39 Multiclass Semantic Segmentation of COVID-19 CT Scan Images using Deep Learning

by Jaswant Singh Jothe and Punit Kumar Johari

40 Sentiment Analysis using Machine Translation

by Sainik Kumar Mahata, Anupam Mondal, Monalisa Dey and Darothi Sarkar

41 An Automatic Summarization System to Understand the Impact of COVID-19 on Education

by Anupam Mondal, Monalisa Dey, Sainik Kumar Mahata and Darothi Sarkar

42 A Message Encryption Technology using Matrix

by Aditya Mallik and Dipta Mukherjee

43 A Comparative Analysis of Copy-Move Forgery Detection Algorithms

by Mohassin Ahmad and Farida Khursheed

44 Fruit Quality Assessment using VGG16 and ImageNet Based Transfer Learning Technique

by Amit Chatterjee and Sujay Biswas

45 Industry 4.0 in Dairy: Application of Machine Learning for Product Classification

by Amit Chatterjee and Sujay Biswas

46 Real-Time Facial Expression Recognition using CNN

by Praneeth Purini and Rahul Kumar Chaurasiya

47 Human Identification by Gait using Body-Worn Sensors

by Sudarshan S. Chawathe

48 Android Malware Detector Based on Hybrid Features

by Vinisha Malik, Sandip Kumar Goyal and Naveen Malik

49 Green IoT for Intelligent Cyber-Physical Systems in Industry 4.0: A Review of Enabling Technologies, and Solutions

by Kuntala Das and Jyoti Sekhar Banerjee

50 AI Algorithm-based Triangulation Modelling in Aerospace Vehicular Applications

by Bibhorr Bibhorr and Chirag R. Anand

51 Conversational Question Answering System using RASA Framework

by Vijay Kumari, Ayush Jain, Yashvardhan Sharma and Lavika Goel

52 On Analyzing the Twitter Usage and Sentiment in India During the Second Wave of COVID-19

by Amartya Chakraborty, Asif Iqbal, Subhankar Guha, Surendra Nath Bhagat, Stobak Dutta, Parnava Roy and Ankur Biswas

53 Comparative Analysis of Various Text Summarization Techniques via Leveraging Transformer Model for the Fake News Detection

by Sakshi Kalra, Ameya Pathak, Abhishek Agarwal, Yashvardhan Sharma and Gajendra Singh Chauhan

54 A Comparative Review on Machine Learning Based Algorithms to Convert Handwritten Document to English Characters

by Suparna Sadhu, Atreyee Mukherjee and Bipasha Mukhopadhyay

55 Iris Recognition Using Transfer Learning of Inception V3

by Kirti Sonkar, Dr. Rajneesh Rani and Dr Renu Dhir

56 Cognitive Radio-Enabled Internet of Things (CR-IoT): An Integrated Approach towards Smarter World

by Kuntala Das and Jyoti Sekhar Banerjee

57 Analyzing Challenges in Adoption of SIOT System by using Fuzzy AHP Methodology

by Shweta Garg and Vinod Kumar

58 Intelligent Vehicle Accident Detection and Smart Rescue System

by Arpita Chakraborty, Biswajeet Singh, Arnab Sau, Debolina Sanyal, Baisakhi Sarkar, Sreejita Basu and Jyoti Sekhar Banerjee

59 A Review on Topological Data Analysis in Human Activity Recognition

by Sunil Chaudhari, Sanjay Kumar Singh and Milan Joshi

60 Hydrone : IoT enabled Autonomous Underwater Vehicle for Aquatic Ecosystem Monitoring

by Shatabdi Basu, Afaq Ahmed and Amitav Debnath

61 IoT-Based Smart City for the Post COVID-19 World: A Child-Centric Implementation Emphasis on Social Distancing

by Rishav Majumder, Mitadru Dasgupta, Abhishek Biswas and Jyoti Sekhar Banerjee

62 Infrared Gait Recognition using Point Light Animation and Spatio-Temporal Features

by Ashish Ramayee Asokan, Chandratop Chakraborty and Shylaja S S

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Jyotsna Kumar Mandal is Professor, Computer Science & Engineering, University of Kalyani, Kalyani, West Bengal, India

Sanjay Misra is Professor, Computer (Software) Engineering, Covenant University, Ota, Nigeria

Jyoti Sekhar Banerjee is Assistant Professor, Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering, Bengal Institute of Technology, Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Somen Nayak is Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Application, University of Engineering & Management, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India