1st Edition

Applied Informatics for Industry 4.0

    337 Pages 24 B/W Illustrations
    by Chapman & Hall

    337 Pages 24 B/W Illustrations
    by Chapman & Hall

    Applied Informatics for Industry 4.0 combines the technologies of computer science and information science to assist in the management and processing of data to provide different types of services. Due to the adaptation of 4.0 IR-related technologies, applied informatics is playing a vital role in different sectors such as healthcare, complex system design and privacy-related issues. This book focuses on cutting edge research from the fields of informatics and complex industrial systems, and will cover topics including health informatics, bioinformatics, brain informatics, genomics and proteomics, data and network security and more. The text will appeal to beginners and advanced researchers in the fields of computer science, information sciences, electrical and electronic engineering and robotics.




    Chapter 1 ■ Cloud-based Smart Parking Systems Using IoT

    Abhijit Pathak, Abrar Hossain Tasin, Md. Shahid Uddin Rahat, Vicky Barua,

    Munna Das, and Sudarshan Das

    Chapter 2 ■ Empirical Study on Dimensionality Reduction Approach for F-Commerce

    Dataset by Principal Component Analysis

    Shahadat Hossain, Md. Manzurul Hasan , and Tanvir Hossain

    Chapter 3 ■ Analysis of Online Purchase Intentions of Young Bangladeshi

    Social Network Users

    Aslam Sikder, Md. Waliur Rahman Miah, Bimal Chandra Das, and Md. Mijanur


    Chapter 4 ■ An Ethereum Blockchain-Based Healthcare System Using

    Smart Contract

    Tamanna Tabassum, Fatema Akter, and Mohammed Nasir Uddin

    Chapter 5 ■ Bangla Fake News Detection Using Hybrid Deep Learning


    Md. Rakibul Hasan Shezan, Mohammed Nasif Zawad, Yeasir Arafat Shahed, and

    Shamim Ripon

    Chapter 6 ■ Adaptive Decay and Radius-Based Evolving Clustering Approach

    for Data Stream

    Sathi Rani Pal, Md Manjur Ahmed, K. M. Azharul Hasan , and Rahat Hossain Faisal

    Chapter 7 ■ Solar-Powered Smart Street Light and Surveillance System

    Using IoT

    Sadika Sultana Meem and Nusrath Tabassum

    Chapter 8 ■ Analysis of Aquaculture for Cultivating Different Types of Fish

    Nayeem Abdullah, Ahnaf Shahriyar Chowdhury, Md. Mehedi Hossain, Orko

    Dutta , and Jia Uddin

    Chapter 9 ■ Crime-finder: A System for Extraction and Visualization of

    Crime Data from Bengali Online Newspaper Articles

    Md Abdulla Al Mamun, Md Abul Kalam Azad , and Md Ileas Pramanik

    Chapter 10 ■ BERT-Based Emotion Classification Approach with Analysis

    of COVID-19 Pandemic Tweets

    Md. Shahad Mahmud Chowdhury and Biprodip Pal

    Chapter 11 ■ Emotion Detection from Natural Text using Embedding Techniques

    Samariya Nawrin and K. M. Azharul Hasan

    Chapter 12 ■ Performance Analysis of Energy-Aware DTN Routing Protocols

    in Opportunistic Networks

    Taslima Akhter and Md. Sharif Hossen

    Chapter 13 ■ Performance Investigation among Heterogeneous Routing

    Techniques in Wireless Sensor Networks

    Taspia Salam and Md. Sharif Hossen

    Chapter 14 ■ Analysis of Physical and Psychological Impacts to Predict

    Satisfaction of Students towards E-Learning during COVID-

    19 Pandemic

    Sudipta Nath

    Chapter 15 ■ SeniorsAid: Requirements, Elicitation, and Development of a

    Mobile App for Seniors

    Maliha Sultana, Akash Poddar, Muhammad Nazrul Islam , and Tasmiah Tamzid Anannya

    Chapter 16 ■ Comparative Study of Big Data Visualization Tools and Techniques

    Khadija Begum, Md Mamunur Rashid , and Mohammad Arafath Uddin Shariff

    Chapter 17 ■ Low-cost IoT-based Power Interruption Monitoring System

    Deepak Chandra Roy, Md Shazzad Hossain, Amit Kumar Das, Md. Ashraf Ali ,

    and Mohammad Azam Khan

    Chapter 18 ■ Multilevel Voting Models in Cyber Aggression Detection for

    Bangla Texts

    Samin Yasar, Md. Mahfuzul Haque Gazi and Kazi Saeed Alam

    Chapter 19 ■ A Cognitive Approach for Load Adaptive MAC Protocol in

    Wireless Body Area Networks

    Md. Mortuza Hossain, Md. Monirul Islam , and Md. Obaidur Rahman

    Chapter 20 ■ Discrete Tone Driven Directional Rate Controlled Communication

    System for Wireless Networks

    Sweety Mondal, Md. Tareq Mahmud, and Md. Obaidur Rahman

    Chapter 21 ■ Blockchain-Based Secure Medical Data Management with

    Enabling IoT

    Naymul Ekram, Md. Nazmul Hasan, Muhammad Sheikh Sadi , and Mohammad

    Shahriar Rahman

    Chapter 22 ■ Bio-Inspired Meta-Heuristic Techniques for DC-DC Boost

    Converter with LQR Controller in a DC Microgrid

    Md. Hassanul Karim Roni and M. S. Rana

    Chapter 23 ■ Mining Significant Pre-diabetes Features of Diabetes Mellitus:

    A Case Study of Noakhali, Bangladesh

    Md. Shahriare Satu, Koushik Chandra Howlader, Avijit Barua , and Mohammad

    Ali Moni

    Chapter 24 ■ IoT-Based Smart Kitchen Security System

    Al-Akhir Nayan, Joyeta Saha, Jannatul Ferdaous , and Muhammad Golam Kibria



    Nazmul Siddique, M Shamim Kaiser