1st Edition

Applied Linguistics in Action: A Reader

Edited By Guy Cook, Sarah North Copyright 2010
    296 Pages 15 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    292 Pages 15 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Applied Linguistics in Action: A Reader presents students with an applied linguistics framework for the analysis of real-world problems in which language is a central issue. The reader allows students to develop both the theoretical and empirical skills crucial to the practicalities of language teaching and other language-related professional practices.

    Part One brings together seven key discussions of the nature and direction of contemporary applied linguistics, relating theory and description of language in use to educational and other professional contexts. Issues include the politics of applied linguistics, its responses to globalisation, and its relation to social theory.

    While the discussions in Part One are largely theoretical, Part Two, through abridged versions of thirteen case studies, demonstrates at a much more practical level how general principles formulated in Part One, can be applied to a range of specific real-world problems. While the majority of studies are from educational settings, the breadth of current applied linguistic enquiry is illustrated by others relating to legal forensics, literary analysis, translation, language therapy, lexicography, and workplace communication.

    The editors’ introductions, both to the volume as a whole and to each individual part, guide the student through the difficult transition from general discussion to specific application, highlighting the most significant issues, and helping the student to see the relevance of both general theory and specific applications to the needs of their own studies, and their professional practice beyond. Applied Linguistics in Action: A Reader is essential reading for advanced level undergraduates and postgraduates on Applied Linguistics, English Language, and TESOL/TEFL courses.



    Part One: Applied linguistics in theory

    Introduction to Part One

    1. The theory of practice
    2. H.G. Widdowson

    3. Language, linguistics, and education
    4. Christopher Brumfit

    5. Continuity and change in views of society in applied linguistics
    6. Ben Rampton

    7. Making connections: Some key issues in social theory and applied linguistics
    8. Alison Sealey and Bob Carter

      Part Two: English in the world

      Introduction to Part Two

    9. Why a Global Language?
    10. David Crystal

    11. The ownership of English
    12. H.G. Widdowson

    7. English in the world/The world in English

    Alastair Pennycook

    8. The (Re-) framing process as a collaborative locus for change
    Branca F. Fabrício and Denise Santos

    9. A sociolinguistically based, empirically researched pronunciation syllabus for English as an international language

    Jennifer Jenkins

    Part Three: Applied linguistics in action

    Introduction to Part Three

    1. Interpreting inexplicit language during courtroom examination
    2. Jieun Lee

    3. One word or two? Psycholinguistic and sociolinguistic interpretations of meaning in a civil court case
    4. Alison Wray and John J. Staczek

    5. My recaller is on vacation: Discourse analysis of nursing-home residents with dementia Katinka Dijkstra, Michelle Bourgeois, Geoffrey Petrie, Lou Burgio and Rebecca Allen-Burge
    6. Transforming research on morphology into teacher practice
    7. Jane Hurry, Terezinha Nunes, Peter Bryant, Ursula Pretzlik, Mary Parker, Tamsin Curno

      and Lucinda Midgley

    8. Sources, methods and triangulation in needs analysis: A critical perspective in a case study of
    9. Waikiki hotel maids

      Rebeca Jasso-Aguilar

    10. The Grammar of conversation
    11. S. Thornbury and D. Slade

    12. Idioms in everyday use and in language teaching
    13. A. O'Keefe, M. McCarthy and R. Carter

    14. Bumping into creative idiomaticity
    15. Luke Prodromou

    16. Time, tense and perception in the narrative voice of Bret Easton Ellis’s Lunar Park
    17. Philip Seargeant

    18. Applied linguists and institutions of opinion

    Greg Myers


    Guy Cook, Sarah North

    'This is an expertly put-together collection of articles that represent some of the most important and exciting work in applied linguistics. It offers the reader a comprehensive and up-to-date survey of the key areas of the field today. It is an excellent resource for students and instructors alike.' - Li Wei, University of London, Birkbeck College

    'This is an excellent volume...a must for anybody who is pursuing a higher degree in the field.' - Amy B M Tsui, The University of Hong Kong