Applied Mathematics in Engineering and Reliability : Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Applied Mathematics in Engineering and Reliability (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, 4-6 May 2016) book cover
1st Edition

Applied Mathematics in Engineering and Reliability
Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Applied Mathematics in Engineering and Reliability (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, 4-6 May 2016)

ISBN 9781138029286
Published March 31, 2016 by CRC Press
352 Pages

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Book Description

Applied Mathematics in Engineering and Reliability contains papers presented at the International Conference on Applied Mathematics in Engineering and Reliability (ICAMER 2016, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam, 4-6 May 2016). The book covers a wide range of topics within mathematics applied in reliability, risk and engineering, including:

- Risk and Reliability Analysis Methods

- Maintenance Optimization

- Bayesian Methods

- Monte Carlo Methods for Parallel Computing of Reliability and Risk

- Advanced Mathematical Methods in Engineering

- Methods for solutions of Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations

- Statistics and Applied Statistics, etc.

The application areas range from Nuclear, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering to Information Technology and Communication, Safety Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Finance or Health and Medicine. The papers cover both theory and applications, which are focused to a wide range of sectors and problem areas. Integral demonstrations of the use of reliability and engineering mathematics are provided in many practical applications concerning major technological systems and structures.


Table of Contents

I - Applied Mathematics in Reliability Engineering 

Bayesian methods, Bayesian reliability

A conjugate prior distribution for Bayesian analysis of the Power-Law Process
V. C. Do & E. Gouno

Bayesian approach to estimate the mixture of failure rate model
R. Bris, T. T. Thach

Cost oriented statistical decision problem in acceptance sampling and quality control
R. Briš 

High-dimensional simulation experiments with particle filter and ensemble Kalman filter
P. Bui Quang & V.-D. Tran

The prior probability in classifying two populations by Bayesian method
Tai V. V, Ha C. N, Thao N. T

Efficient Methods to Solve Optimization Problems

Estimation of parameters of Rikitake systems by SOMA
T.D. Nguyen, T.T.D. Phan

Clustering for probability density functions based on Genetic Algorithm
Tai V. V, Thao N. T, Ha C. N

Optimization of truss structures with reliability-based frequency constraints under uncertainties of loadings and material properties
V. Ho-Huu, T. Vo-Duy, T. Nguyen-Thoi, L. Ho-Nhat

Optimum revenue calculation method to generate competitive hydroelectric power on Hua Na hydropower
Phan T.H Long, L.Q. Hung, Phan Dao

Maintenance Modelling and Optimization

A dynamic grouping model for the maintenance planning of complex structure systems with consideration of maintenance durations
H.C. Vu, A. Barros, M.A. Lundteigen & P. Do

A parametric predictive maintenance decision framework considering the system health prognosis accuracy
K.T. Huynh & A. Grall, C. Berenguer

Condition-based maintenance by minimax criteria
O. Abramov & D. Nazarov

Impact of cost uncertainty on periodic replacement policy with budget constraint: Application to water pipe renovation
Khanh T. P. Nguyen, Do T. Tran, Bang Minh Nguyen 

Monte Carlo Methods for Parallel Computing of Reliability and Risk

Acceleration of multi-factor Merton model Monte Carlo simulation via Importance Sampling and GPU parallelization
M. Béreš & R. Briš

Highly reliable systems simulation accelerated using CPU and GPU parallel computing
S. Domesová & R. Briš

Network and Wireless Network Reliability

Advanced protocol for wireless information and power transfer in full fuplex DF relaying networks
Xuan-Xinh Nguyen, Duy-Thanh Pham, Thu-Quyen Nguyen, Dinh-Thuan Do

A performance analysis in energy harvesting full-duplex relay
Tam Nguyen Kieu, Tuan Nguyen Hoang, Thu-Quyen T. Nguyen, Hung Ha Duy, D. T. Do, M. Vozňák

A stochastic model for performance analysis of powered wireless networks
Nhi Dang Ut, Dinh-Thuan Do

Energy harvesting in amplify-and-forward relaying systems with interference at the relay
Thanh-Luan Nguyen & Dinh-Thuan Do

On a tandem queueing network with breakdowns
A. Aissani

Risk and Hazard Analysis

Risk assessment of biogas plants
K. Derychova & A. Bernatik

Verification of the design for forced smoke and heat removal from a sports hall
P. Kučera, H. Dvorská

Stochastic Reliability Modelling, Applications of Stochastic Processes

The methods of parametric synthesis on the basis of acceptability region discrete approximation
Y. Katueva & D. Nazarov

Inference for an one-memory self-exciting point process
E. Gouno & R. Damaj

System Reliability Analysis

House events matrix for application in shutdown probabilistic safety assessment
M. Čepin

Imprecise system reliability using the survival signature
Frank P.A. Coolen, Tahani Coolen-Maturi, Louis J.M. Aslett, Gero Walter

Parallel algorithms of system availability evaluation
M. Kvassay, V. Levashenko & E. Zaitseva


II - Advanced Mathematical Methods for Engineering

Advanced Methods to Solve Partial Differential Equations

A note on the Cauchy-Riemann equation on a class of convex domains of finite and infinite type in C2
L. K. Ha

A review on global and non-global existence of solutions of source types of degenerate parabolic equations with a singular absorption: complete quenching phenomenon
D. N. Anh, K. H. Van, J. I. Dıaz

A spectral decomposition in vector spherical harmonics for Stokes equations
M.-P. Tran, T.-N. Nguyen

On convergence result for a finite element scheme of Landau-Lifschitz-Gilbert equation
M.-P. Tran

Some results on the viscous Cahn-Hilliard equation in RN
L. T. T. Bui, N. A. Dao

Inverse Problems

On a multi-dimensional initial inverse heat problem with a time-dependent coefficient
C.D. Khanh, N.H. Tuan

Advanced Numerical Methods 

A study of Boundary Element Method for 3D homogeneous Helmholtz equation with Dirichlet boundary condition
M.-P. Tran & V.-K. Huynh 

A study of stochastic FEM method for porous media flow problem
R. Blaheta, M. Béreš & S. Domesová

Parallel resolution of the Schur interface problem using the Conjugate gradient method
M.-P. Tran

Statistics and Applied Statistics

Determining results of the Phadiatop test using logistic regression and contingency tables based on a patient’s anamnesis
P. Kuráňová 

On the distortion risk measure using copulas
S. Ly, U. H. Pham, R. Bris

On the Performance of Sequential Procedures for Detecting a Change, and Information Quality (InfoQ)
Ron S. Kenett

Two-Factor Hypothesis Testing Using the Gamma Model
Nabendu Pal, Nuong Thi Thuy Tran & Minh-Phuong Tran

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Radim Briš is research worker and university professor in applied mathematics and technical cybernetics in the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science of the VŠB-Technical University of Ostrava, Czech Republic. He is also senior researcher in applied statistics and operational research at the Centrum Excelence IT4Innovations at the same university, and team leader for the Stochastic reliability modelling and risk management group. 
Dr. Briš recently became Vice-President of European Safety and Reliability Association, and is a member of ESRA Management Board. Previously, he spent one year as invited research professor at the Laboratoire de modélisation et de Sureté des Systemes, at the Université de Technologie de Troyes, France. He also spent 5 years in the position of Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, VŠB TU Ostrava.