1st Edition

Applied Speech Technology

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ISBN 9780849394560
Published October 18, 1994 by CRC Press
656 Pages

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Book Description

Written by the world's top experts in the field, this multidisciplinary book explores all phases of speech technology. Topics covered include:

  • Conversion of computerized (keyboarded) text into synthesized speech, aimed at developing "talking computers"
  • Development of automatic speech recognition, allowing electronic devices to process verbal commands
  • Speech training and the use of synthesized speech for the hearing- and speech-impaired

  • In-depth discussions of specific speech technologies are included, as well as a treatment of the issues and challenges of human-computer interfaces. Oriented toward state-of-the-art applications, the book emphasizes the practical utilization of emerging technologies and includes numerous case studies.
  • Table of Contents

    Speech: Articulatory, Linguistic, Acoustic, and Perceptual Descriptions, S.M. Marcus and A.K. Syrdal
    Speech Technology, D. O'Shaughnessy
    Text-to-Speech Systems, A.K. Syrdal
    Using Speech Recognition Systems: Issues in Cognitive Engineering, H.C. Nusbaum, J. DeGroot, and L. Lee
    Intelligibility and Acceptability Testing for Speech Technology, A. Schmidt-Nielsen
    Perception and Comprehension of Speech, J.V. Ralston, D.B. Pisoni, and J.W. Mullennix
    Human Factors in Lifecycle Development, J.C. Thomas
    Technical Issues Underlying the Development and Use of a Speech Research Laboratory, H.S. Gopal
    Speech Recognition, D. Kewley-Port
    Psychological and Human Factors Issues in the Design of Speech Recognition Systems, D. Karis and K.M. Dobroth
    Voiced Mail: Speech Synthesis of Electronic Mail, C. Schmandt
    The Design of Spoken Language Interfaces, A.I. Rudnicky
    Synthetic Spoken Driving Instructions by Telephone and While Driving: Implications for Interfaces, J.R. Davis
    Human Factors Contributions to the Development of a Speech Recognition Cellular Telephone, E.C. Schwab, C.A. Ball, and B.L. Lively
    Voice Quality Assessment of Digital Network Technologies, D.O. Bowker
    Behavioral Aspects of Speech Technology: Industrial Systems, J. Peckham
    Toys That Talk: Two Case Studies, G.A. Frantz
    HADES: A Case Study of the Development of a Signal Analysis System, P.E. Rubin
    The Perceptual and Acoustic Assessment of the Speech of Hearing-Impaired Talkers, R. Goldhor
    The Development of Text-to-Speech Technology for Use in Communication Aids, S. Hunnicutt
    Computer Assisted Speech Training: Practical Considerations, D. Kewley-Port and C.S. Watson
    What Computerized Speech Can Add to Remedial Reading, B.W. Wise and R.K. Olson
    Design of a Hearing Screening Test Using Synthetic Speech, C. Bickley and G. Kidd, Jr.
    Speech Technology in Interactive Instruction, D.G. Bouwhuis

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