1st Edition

Arabic Culture Through its Language and Literature

By M.H. Bakalla Copyright 1984

    First published in 1981 and this edition in 1984, Arabic Culture: Through its Language and Literature aims to present a bird’s eye view of its subject. It is intended for non-specialist student of Arabic, especially those who have not yet mastered the language and are therefore not able to read about Arabic literature in its original sources. It covers the linguistic origins of Arabic dialects and history and includes chapters on Arab linguistic scholarship and the development of the Arabic script. It also deals with all aspects of Arabic literature, from pre-Islamic poetry to major Arab literary figures, from the Arabian Nights to modern Arab Poetesses, from proverbs to literary criticism.

    Introduction Key to Symbols of Transcription and Transliteration List of Symbols and Abbreviations List of Illustrations, Maps and Figures Part I: About the Arabic Language 1. Arabic as a Semitic Language 2. The Role of Arabic in the Modern Age 3. The Modernization of Arabic 4. The Role of Arabic in Africa 5. Arabic Linguistic Scholarship 6. Some Phonetic Observations in Sibawaihi’s Book of Arabic Grammar 7. The Treatment of Nasal Elements by Early Arab and Muslim Phoneticians 8. The Influence of Arabic on Other Languages 9. Loan-Words in Arabic 10. The Situation of Arabic in the Arabic Speaking World 11. Diglossia in Arabic 12. The Arabic Dialects of the Maghrib 13. Eastern Arabian Dialects 14. The Origin and Development of the Arabic Script Part II: About Arabic Literature 15. An Overview of Arabic Literature 16. The Literature of the Heroic Age 17. The Themes of Pre-Islamic Poetry 18. The Pre-Islamic Ode 19. Islamic Literature 20. The Characteristics of Arabic Literature in the Golden Age 21. Al-Mutanabbi in Arabic Language 22. Al-Mutanabbi in Persia 23. The Place of Bashshar and al -Ma’arri in Arabic Literature 24. The Silver Age in Arabic Literature 25. Arabic Literature during the Mamluk Period 26. The Renaissance of Modern Arabic Literature 27. The Characteristics of Modern Arabic Literature 28. Women’s Poetry in Arabic Literature 29. Modern Arabic Poetesses I 30. Modern Arabic Poetesses II 31. Arabic Short Stories 32. Arabic Folktales 33. The Arabian Nights 34. Arabic Proverbs: Their Cultural Implications 35. Stylistic Innovations in Arabic 36. Arabic Literary Criticism 37. Arabic Travel Literature Classified Select Bibliography Index Arabic Introduction


    M. H. Bakalla