1st Edition

Architecture and the Environment

By Maxwell Fry, Jane Drew Copyright 1976

    First published in 1976 Architecture and the Environment is based on the authors very successful Architecture of Children. The original book has been completely revised and new illustrations have been specially drawn. This book gives a comprehensive account of the role of architecture in the environment of a constantly developing world. It traces the history of building from its most primitive origins to the complex architecture of the current times. The book takes as a starting- point ideas that will be familiar to all its readers, then leads them on to an examination of the attitudes and approaches of architects and planners, so that they can follow the creative process step by step. The style of the book is direct and very readable, with a minimum of technological language and will be useful for general readers interested in architecture.

    Acknowledgements 1. Environment in a Changing World 2. Building Needs: The History of Shelter 3. Living, Working, and Moving: The Arrangement of Space 4. How Buildings are Made 5. The Art of Architecture 6. How are Forefathers Built Glossary of Architectural and Technical Terms Index


    Maxwell Fry and Jane Drew