1st Edition

Aristotle Critical Assessments

Edited By Lloyd P. Gerson
    1624 Pages
    by Routledge

    The works of Aristotle are central to the Western philosophical tradition, and scholarship on Aristotle, especially in English, has burgeoned enormously in the last forty years. Aristotle: Critical Assessments collects together articles on Aristotle's philosophy otherwise scattered over many philosophical, classical and historical scientific journals. The set thus provides a significant resource for those approaching the literature for the first time and for those already studying Aristotle in a professional capacity. Aristotle has been so influential and remains so in so many distinct areas that it is often the case that, say, a reader is acquainted with the literature on metaphysics or ethics but knows nothing about the literature on psychology or the philosophy of biology.
    Guided by new editorial introductions, this set guides the researcher, teacher or student through the issues of major concern in contemporary Aristotelian scholarship in the English-speaking world. The articles are arranged as follows:
    * Volume I covers Logic and Metaphysics
    * Volume II covers Physics, Cosmology and Biology
    * Volume III covers Psychology and Ethics
    * Volume IV covers Politics, Rhetoric and Aesthetics