1st Edition

Art in Psychoanalysis A Contemporary Approach to Creativity and Analytic Practice

By Gabriela Goldstein Copyright 2013

    A revolution is brewing in psychoanalysis: after a century of struggle to define psychoanalysis as a science, the concept of psychoanalysis as an art is finding expression in an unconventional 'return to Freud' that reformulates the relationship between art and psychoanalysis and in this process, discovers and explores uncharted routes through art to re-think problems in contemporary clinical work. This book explores recent contributions to the status of psychoanalytic thought in relation to art and creativity and the implications of these investigations for todays analytic practice. The title, 'Art in Psychoanalysis', reflects its double perspective: art and its contributions to theory and clinical practice on the one hand, and the response from psychoanalysis and its "interpretation" of art. These essays expose the "aesthetic value of analytic work when it is able to 'create' something new in the relation with the patient". The authors surprise the reader with an immense array of fresh and stimulating hypotheses which reflect the originality of their own creative process that has overturned ideas including the 'application of psychoanalysis' to art and the entity of the object of art.

    CHAPTER ONE Form and content in the visual arts: a psychoanalytic Perspective CHAPTER TWO Implicit motion in non-verbal art: transmission and transformation of affect, CHAPTER THREE Picasso’s prolonged adolescence, his Blue Period, and blind figures CHAPTER FOUR Psychoanalysis and art: from applied analysis to interdisciplinary dialogue CHAPTER FIVE From a source to a fountain, or from the sublime to the uncanny CHAPTER SIX Creative processes in art and psychoanalysis: moving towards an expanded metapsychology CHAPTER SEVEN In between and across CHAPTER EIGHT A fragment of the complex world: resorting to creation in the midst of negation, disavowal, and working through CHAPTER NINE Living creatively: the concept of a sound-minded individual and the healing phenomena CHAPTER TEN To heal or create, to create and heal: in search of their author CHAPTER ELEVEN The greatest love of all


    Gabriela Goldstein is a practicing psychoanalyst, a full member and training analyst of the Argentine Psychoanalytic Association and representative on the Board, and a past member of the Publications Committee. She is also a member of the Psychoanalysis and Culture Committee of the IPA, and the author of 'The Aesthetic Experience: Writings on Art and Psychoanalysis', as well as various articles and book chapters on the subjects of art, love and sexuality. She received the Baranger-Mom award in 2003, and the Storni award in 2004. She is also an architect and a painter.