1st Edition

Artificial Intelligence in Cyber-Physical Systems Principles and Applications

    332 Pages 121 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) are growing rapidly in today’s business world. In today's era, 25 billion devices, including machines, sensors, and cameras, are connected and continue to grow steadily. It is assumed that in 2025, 41.6 billion IoT devices will be connected, generating around 79.4 zettabytes of data.

    IoT and AI are intersecting in various scenarios. IoT-enabled devices are generating a huge amount of data, and with the help of AI, this data is used to build various intelligent models. These intelligent models are helpful in our daily lives and make the world smarter.

    Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Physical Systems: Principles and Applications addresses issues related to system safety, security, reliability, and deployment strategies in healthcare, military, transportation, energy, infrastructure, smart homes, and smart cities.

    1. Mood-Detection Based Media Recommendation
    Prashant Singh, Dhyanendra Jain, Ashu Jain, Pratul Arvind,Anil Kumar Sagar, and Sanjoy Das

    2. AI- and IoT- Based Body Sensor Network for Healthcare System: A Systematic Review
    Divya Gangwani

    3. On the Convergence of Blockchain and IoT for Enhanced Security
    Pranav Gangwani, Tushar Bhardwaj, Alexander Perez-Pons, Himanshu Upadhyay, and Leonel Lagos

    4. Artificial Intelligence in Cloud Computing
    Dinesh Soni and Neetesh Kumar

    5. Current and Future Trends in Intelligent Transportation System with Applications of AI
    Atif Saeed,Abdul Basit Aftab, Faraz Junejo, and Imran Amin

    6. Intelligent 5G Networks and Augmented Virtual Reality in Smart Transportation
    Anusha Bamini. A. M , G R Gnana King, and J H Jensha Haennah

    7. Cyber-Physical Security Issues and Challenges Using Machine Learning and Deep Learning Technologies
    Sima Das, Ajay Kumar Balmiki, Kaushik Mazumdar, and Parijat Bhowmick

    8. Brain MRI Image Active Contour Segmentation for Healthcare Systems
    Kiranmai Babburu, Gurucharan Kapila, S S Kiran, and Mallavarapu Rajan Babu

    9. Machine Learning Techniques Applied to Extract Object from Images: Research Issues Challenges and a Case Study
    Reena Thakur, Pradnya Borkar and Parul Bhanarkar, and Prashant Panse

    10. AI and IoT-Enabled Technologies and Applications for Smart City
    Shailesh Kumar Gupta and Neha Singh

    11. Blood Cancer Classification with Gene Expression Using Modified Convolutional Neural Network Approach
    Nidhi Gupta, Akhilesh Latoria, and Akash Goel

    12. An Introspective Approach to Fathom Human-Inspired Bipedal Walk Using Gait Analysis for the Matrix of Cyber-Physical System
    Manoj Kumar, Pratiksha Gautam, and Vijay Bhaskar Semwal

    13. Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem Using Algebraic Particle Swarm Optimization with Simulated Annealing Algorithm

    Mohammad Sajid, Jagendra Singh, and Ranjit Rajak

    14. An Innovative Smart IoT Device to Measure and Monitor Patient’s Critical Parameters in Hospitals.
    Naveen Rathee, Jaishanker Prasad Keshari, Imran Ahmed Khan, Sandeep Kumar, Monika Singh, Varnika Rathee, and Gaurav Sinha

    15. Health Analysis by Digital Doctor Using Deep Neural Network
    Amruta Khot

    16. AI and IoT in Supply Chain Management and Disaster Management
    Kaljot Sharma and Darpan Anand

    17. Cyborgs: A Coming Era
    Anushka Purwar, Nidhi


    Anil Kumar Sagar, Sanjoy Das