1st Edition

Artificial Life
Proceedings Of An Interdisciplinary Workshop On The Synthesis And Simulation Of Living Systems

ISBN 9780367152772
Published May 31, 2021 by Routledge
700 Pages

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Book Description

This book is an outcome of workshop on Artificial Life held at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in 1987. It focuses on the general theme of Artificial Life, its history, techniques, and various associated methodological issues. It describes simulation systems for studying various aspects of life.

Table of Contents

1. Artificial Life 2. Artificial Organisms: History, Problems, and Directions 3. Simulations, Realizations, and Theories of Life 4. Towards a Quantitative Theory of the Origin of Life 5. Cellular Automata, Reaction-Diffusion Systems, and the Origin of Life 6. Precipitation Membranes, Osmotic Growths, and Synthetic Biology 7. Evolving Bugs in a Simulated Ecosystem 8. The Genetic Algorithm and Simulated Evolution 9. Human Culture: A Genetic Takeover Underway 10. The Evolution of Evolvability 11. Developmental Models of Multicellular Organisms: A Computer Graphics Perspective 12. The Artificial Menagerie 13. RAM: Artificial Life for the Exploration of Complex Biological Systems 14. Mirror Beyond Mirror: Puddles of Life 15. Movable Finite Automata (MFA): A New Tool for Computer Modeling of Living Systems 16. Computational Metabolism: Towards Biological Geometries for Computing 17. Typogenetics: A Logic for Artificial Life 18. Lego, Logo, and Life 19. Modeling Behavior in Petworld 20. Animal Construction Kits 21. Nanotechnology with Feynman Machines: Scanning Tunneling Engineering and Artificial Life 22. Biological and Nanomechanical Systems: Contrasts in Evolutionary Capacity 23. Molecular Automata in Microtubules: Basic Computational Logic of the Living State? 24. Some Types of Movements

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