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Ashgate New Critical Thinking in Philosophy: Ashgate New Critical Thinking in Philosophy

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The Ashgate New Critical Thinking in Philosophy series brings high quality research monograph publishing into focus for authors, the international library market, and student, academic and research readers. Headed by an international editorial advisory board of acclaimed scholars from across the philosophical spectrum, this monograph series presents cutting-edge research from established as well as exciting new authors in the field. Spanning the breadth of philosophy and related disciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives Ashgate New Critical Thinking in Philosophy takes contemporary philosophical research into new directions and debate.

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Logic & Natural Language On Plural Reference and Its Semantic and Logical Significance

Logic & Natural Language: On Plural Reference and Its Semantic and Logical Significance

1st Edition

By Hanoch Ben-Yami
February 28, 2004

Frege's invention of the predicate calculus has been the most influential event in the history of modern logic. The calculus’ place in logic is so central that many philosophers think, in fact, of it when they think of logic. This book challenges the position in contemporary logic and philosophy of...

Dieter Henrich and Contemporary Philosophy The Return to Subjectivity

Dieter Henrich and Contemporary Philosophy: The Return to Subjectivity

1st Edition

By Dieter Freundlieb
October 27, 2017

Dieter Henrich is one of the most respected and frequently cited philosophers in Germany today. His extensive and highly innovative studies of German Idealism and his systematic analyses of subjectivity have significantly impacted on advanced German philosophical and theological debates. Dieter ...

Virtue Ethics and Moral Knowledge Philosophy of Language after MacIntyre and Hauerwas

Virtue Ethics and Moral Knowledge: Philosophy of Language after MacIntyre and Hauerwas

1st Edition

By R. Scott Smith
May 16, 2017

We live in a time of moral confusion: many believe there are no overarching moral norms, and we have lost an accepted body of moral knowledge. Alasdair MacIntyre addresses this problem in his much-heralded restatement of Aristotelian and Thomistic virtue ethics; Stanley Hauerwas does so through ...

Action and Ethics in Aristotle and Hegel Escaping the Malign Influence of Kant

Action and Ethics in Aristotle and Hegel: Escaping the Malign Influence of Kant

1st Edition

By Gary Pendlebury
May 16, 2017

Pendlebury alleges that abstraction and rationalization have had a strong and malign influence on normative moral philosophy in the 20th century. Criticizing writers such as Hare, Rawls and Scanlon for pursuing a conception of moral philosophy that bears little resemblance to the way in which human...

Hume's Scepticism and the Science of Human Nature

Hume's Scepticism and the Science of Human Nature

1st Edition

By Paul Stanistreet
May 16, 2017

This book explores the relationship between Hume's sceptical philosophy and his Newtonian ambition of founding a science of human nature. Assessing both received and 'new' readings of Hume's philosophy, Stanistreet offers a line of interpretation which, he argues, makes sense of many of the ...

Liberty, Property and Markets A Critique of Libertarianism

Liberty, Property and Markets: A Critique of Libertarianism

1st Edition

By Daniel Attas
May 16, 2017

Libertarianism attempts to establish a set of property rights as a complete political morality, its argument proceeding from liberty tout court, as the unique foundational aspect of well being that grounds rights. In this book, Attas presents a sympathetic reconstruction of the libertarian argument...

Negotiating the Good Life Aristotle and the Civil Society

Negotiating the Good Life: Aristotle and the Civil Society

1st Edition

By Mark A. Young
May 16, 2017

For centuries philosophers have wrestled with the dichotomy between individual freedom on the one hand and collective solidarity on the other. Yet today there is a growing realization that this template is fundamentally flawed. In this book, Mark Young embraces and advocates a more holistic concept...

On Thinking and the World John McDowell's Mind and World

On Thinking and the World: John McDowell's Mind and World

1st Edition

By Sandra M. Dingli
May 16, 2017

John McDowell's Mind and World has, since its publication in 1994, become a seminal text, putting forward many new ideas on the manner in which concepts mediate the relation between minds and the world. Yet McDowell's ideas are not easy to comprehend. In this book Sandra Dingli both elaborates and ...

Dispositional Theories of Knowledge A Defence of Aetiological Foundationalism

Dispositional Theories of Knowledge: A Defence of Aetiological Foundationalism

1st Edition

By Lars Bo Gundersen
August 20, 2003

This book offers an original examination of human cognition, arguing that cognitive skills are dispositional in nature. Opposing influential views in modern Anglo-American philosophy, Gundersen starts from the received premis that knowledge is analyzable in terms of belief, justification and truth,...

Incommensurability and Cross-Language Communication

Incommensurability and Cross-Language Communication

1st Edition

By Xinli Wang
December 07, 2016

A dominant epistemological assumption behind Western philosophy is that it is possible to locate some form of commonality between languages, traditions, or cultures - such as a common language or lexicon, or a common notion of rationality - which makes full linguistic communication between them ...

Slavoj Žižek A Little Piece of the Real

Slavoj Žižek: A Little Piece of the Real

1st Edition

By Matthew Sharpe
March 31, 2017

Slavoj Zizek has emerged as the pre-eminent European cultural theorist of the last decade and has been described as the ultimate Marxist/Lacanian cultural studies scholar. His large and growing body of work has generated considerable controversy, yet his texts are not structured as standard ...

Davidson and Spinoza Mind, Matter and Morality

Davidson and Spinoza: Mind, Matter and Morality

1st Edition

By Floris van der Burg
March 02, 2017

Baruch Spinoza a Dutch rationalist philosopher of the 17th century and Donald Davidson one of the most distinguished contemporary American analytic philosophers, are two thinkers not usually analysed in conjunction with each other in the philosophical literature yet there are remarkable parallels ...

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