6th Edition

Asian Philosophies

By John M. Koller Copyright 2012
    352 Pages
    by Routledge

    With an inside view from an expert in the field, solid scholarship, and a clear and engaging writing style, Asian Philosophies invites students and professors to think along with the great thinkers of the Asian traditions. John M. Koller is a scholar and teacher who has devoted his life to understanding Asian thought and practice. He wrote this text to give students and professors access to the rich philosophical and religious ideas of both South and East Asia.

    1: South Asian Philosophies; 1: Historical Perspectives; 2: Vedas and Upanishads; 3: The Jain Vision; 4: Buddhism: The Basic Teachings; 5: Interdependent Arising and the Development of Mahayana; 6: Madhyamaka and Yogacara; 7: Society and the Individual; 8: Self and the World: Sankhya-Yoga; 9: Knowledge and Reality: Nyaya-Vaisheshika; 10: Self and Reality: Mimamsa and Vedanta; 11: Theistic Developments; 12: Islam; 13: Tradition and Modernity; 2: Philosophies of East Asia; 14: Historical Overview of East Asian Philosophies; 15: Yinyang Philosophy in the Book of Changes; 16: Confucianism: The Thought of Confucius; 17: Development of Confucianism: Mengzi, Xunzi, and Dong Zhongshu; 18: Daoism: The Daodejing; 19: Zhuangzi's Daoism; 20: Chinese Buddhism; 21: Neo-Confucianism: The Grand Harmony; 22: Korean Philosophy; 23: Japanese Philosophy; 24: Recent Thought


    John M. Koller